150P MK2 CTs
15mil  Prometheus (2)
  8mil  Riveler
  6mil  Lithus
  4mil  Symbiont
  4mil  Gargoyle (2)
  4mil  Termis
  4mil  Argano

100P MK2 CTs
16mil  Ictus (3)
10mil  Waspish (2)
  4mil  Riveler (3)
  4mil  Lithus (8)
  2mil  Termis (6)
  2mil  Gargoyle (7)
  2mil  Sequer (2)
  2mil  Symbiont (7)
  2mil  Laird (4)
  2mil  Argano (4)

50P MK2 CTs
  2mil  Lithus (14)
  1mil  Argano (22)
  1mil  Laird (15)
  1mil  Sequer (12)
  1mil  Termis (13)
  1mil  Gargoyle (23)
  1mil  Riveler (14)
  1mil  Symbiont (16)

Stored at Shinjalar

Please message 'Sasaki' in game. Thanks.


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1. Dock with Terminal or after initial login to game
2. Open Private Storage
3. Select Equip from Menu bar
4. Select and drag equipped item to Private Storage.

Now the item is no longer equipped or in storage.

Close and re-open Private Storage will show the item.

Subsequent drag and drop attempts will not have an issue until re-docked from a deployment.

Right-click Equip of robot within Private Storage will not cause this issue.

Not that important but I sold a couple robot prototypes on Shinjalar last week but they don't show in Rates.


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Rovoc wrote:

Indi Beacons now spawn a random faction of heavies usually 3 i think.

Wow. Doing beacons solo is really worthless now. Another no fun thing in this game.


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I went out on Shinjalar to initiate a level 1 indy beacon (2 chevrons with a star) but the first wave of bots were blue.

Of course I wasn't fitted correctly so I bailed.

Is this 'as designed' or bug?

Not enjoying slips either...

I've procured three gold slips so far and nothing of worth yet. Two items were T3 and another T4. Thats 30mil NIC and 18000 tokens for total market value of 3mil NIC.

For 10mil NIC alone I could have bought four T4 items of an asset I could use not considering the 6000 tokens per slip.


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I think there might be an issue with assignment time causing a mission result of 'Not Complete'.

I initiated 'The Secret Den' assignment with a start time of 04:05:30 then proceeded to the field. After completing the first leg of tasks was then required to scan in a marked area. At that point I stepped away for 30 minutes. When I returned, the location was now not listed in my scan results and my active assignment was clear. I then docked to evaluate my Assignment Log and found the mission result was 'Not Completed' with a finish time of 04:23:02.

I can understand a limited time when active in combat but not for scanning a marked area.

Can this logic be confirmed or is this an issue? Thanks!

I am an active corporate member trying to purchase items from the 'Internal Corporation Adverts' on Shinjalar.

My attempt is prompted with the System Message 'You have to be a member of a private corporation'.

I am able to sell items to corporate Demand but not purchase.

This only happens on Shinjalar. I make the same purchase on Hershfield and am successful.

I'm using the Agent named 'Sasaki' with the corporation 'Ethos'.

All good now!

The test file download is performing at 1.48mb\sec.
My in-game lag is back to the regular 215ms.
Login performance is back to normal.

Thanks very much at looking into and resolving my issue!

No issues beforehand and was actively online 16 hours ago without issue.

Today I'm having login issues.

Bringing up the server status\login screen is approx. 30 sec. Login, select profile, and stalls at 25% loading bar.

This website is also performing poorly for me.

I did a speed test and am running optimal 25/5 and connecting from west coast North America.

I'm suspecting new colo issue. Thoughts?


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'Artifact Charge' radius information isn't correctly reported consistently when on the field.

The 'Radius of scanned area' information is reported with your extension bonus in blue text when looking at 'information - ammo'. This is correct.

Perform a 'reload' of the same charges and the information is also reported correctly.

If you 'unload ammo\charges', then load (same or different values - doesn't matter), the extension bonus information no longer is reported. Both 'Radius of scanned area' parameters report only base values.

The bonus information is unavailable until you re-dock.


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I've always believed the Delta represents the wasted raw material when refining.

If you had a higher Material Ratio that the Delta decreases.


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Updated list.


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Doek wrote:

I'll take a Waspish CT (100P).

I'll have one put aside and will message you in game. Thanks.


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Hey Sadari,

I'll buy your Yagel mk2 50p CT for 5mil if you still have it.

Message me. Thanks!


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Bad stuff happens to me only when I go to Tellesis.

It's like the bad part of town where you'd be looking for trouble.

Never gonna leave Shinjalar from now on.

Its safe there. Like a home where a person is loved.


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I could pay attention to my kids but...    I'll wait a little longer. Maybe it'll be a quick fix.


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Just tried again and same issue but...

Once every couple times it'll kick back to the character selection screen but is unresponsive to a selection.


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I'm able to login and select a profile. It'll load 75% then hangs.

I see notifications appear regarding my factory but never gets to terminal.

Rebooted and have been waiting 15 minutes now.

This occurred after roaming Tellesis but noticed the dynamic information like character status pages, no npcs, and teleporter didn't work. I did a safe logout (wait 1 minute) and can't get back in.

Anyone else having this experience?


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Issue resolved.

No change on my side. I have all the game graphic settings to max and my lag in under 200ms.

The problem was only on some yellow islands. I was able to roam New Virginia fine.

Developer magic perhaps. TY.


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still unresolved.

I have resorted to spending time with family because I couldn't play this weekend.


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I've also performed a full clean install of the Perpetuum client.


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Noticed this issue on Shinjalar and Daoden but not when on New Virginia for the last two days.

The LAG value is generally 'N/A' or '188043ms' when it does show.

I do not see Landmarks, Scan Results, and entering a terminal until at least 5 minutes later.

Once inside the Terminal performance seems fine. Sometimes moving items in Private Storage has lag.