Thats because the open server project is taking place outside of the official game client and forum and is rather taking place on the community discord server and other new community run methods currently.


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This is where the community will be, and this is where most of the discussions and community stuff in regards to the standalone server and open-source will take place, people of all walks of corps and alliances are here, everyone is welcome, should join up to this server!


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DEV Zoom wrote:

I wanted to do this in a blog post but yeah we've been silent for too long, so in short this is how things are now:

I'm sorry to say that Perpetuum is not actively developed anymore, but you probably noticed that.

Me and Gargaj officially left the company a while ago and Avatar Creations (the development company) is not worth to keep for the remaining developers. So yes, Avatar Creations is being shut down.

That said, the game is and has always been published and run by its sister company, Gamestorm Ltd., which is still alive. Thus, Steam distribution and running the server are not affected by the closure of Avatar Creations.

Nevertheless, we didn't want the game just simply die and fade into nothingness, so in our free time all of us have been working on a standalone server for Perpetuum that you can run on your own. Most of the work is done and it will be ready for testing soon.

The official server will still be around for an undetermined time, but since we won't be able to control the standalone servers, the game will practically become DRM-free.

Once the standalone server is ready I will do a more detailed blog post about it.

tl;dr - Perpetuum is not shutting down, but is not being actively developed.

Thank you for confirming, and thank you very much for your hard work, thanks to this game, these last 5 years of gaming have so far been the best I have had and Perpetuum opened my eyes to multiple things within gaming and MMOs that I shall carry on in games that I play in the future.

Thanks for your hard work in continuing to try to do what you thought was right for the game, even when the majority of us in the community were barking non-stop about every little thing.

Thanks for holding out alongside the game as long as you did considering that the game admittedly did suffer from low overall population for long periods of time, that is determination on its own.

And most important... thank you VERY MUCH, for creating this game for people to enjoy it to begin with, I doubt I will ever be able to have a Sandbox MMO experience as good as the experiences, memories, and killmails created here.

Godspeed wherever the winds may carry you from Nia fellow devs and agents of the Perpetuum project! Best of wishes in your future endeavors to the devs who will be gone after the liquidation of the company!

Once you bring about the gift of the standalone server, those of us who still care will strive to revive the game in the same way the Supreme Commander community saved Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance! The fact that this happened there gives me the hope that the remnant of our community will be able to carry the torch, it is only a matter of you providing us all the possible tools and the means to continue onward.

P.S. I nominate NullPointer and Anni as lead devs of the community revival project! xD


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Broker wrote:

But I've thought it's dead already.
And what you see is the ghosts.

Just so happens to be only ghosts asking for it to be shut down. smile


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For people who no longer care about a dead game, you sure do love posting about it. smile


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"Press F to pay respects"



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Is it possible for someone to make an archive version of the killboard of what we have right now at least even if we cant bring back the full thing?

I am reading through killmail comments and there is a level of cancerous gold that EVE online can't even provide, that must not go to waste!


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Don't you have access to that killboard stuff since you did the killboard stats at the beginning each year for the community Ludlow? If we are not able to get the stuff from Mitix, would it be possible for you to help implement a new killboard to replace and if it comes to it?


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Inda wrote:
Gwyndor wrote:

No one is going to buy the game because zoom is never going to sell. Maybe they will default on loans and the game will have to be sold but if they can manage it they will keep the game going even if not a single new player joins in a year

Why would you do that? Without anyone to play its a bit pointless to sustain(The servers not that cheap).  Also they would need to do something thats my opinion, dont really need to sell, but change some strategy, or get a partner or so.

Welp Inda, the fact they have already been doing it for 2 years after steam influx died should be self explanatory, lol.


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Em, I do hope you mean June smile


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Khetar wrote:

Perpkill is shutting down. One announcement per year, we reached the limit sad

Well its not an official perpetuum announcement so there is still hope! (I hope)


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ADFormer wrote:

ADFormer wrote:
See you guys are trying to get new players to come in, but I would much rather old players come back...
No, you wouldn't.

So your saying that I wouldn't want old players to come back? Welllll I'm pretty sure I do.

He says we wouldn't because some of us older players tend to be really toxic when enough of us are active, and he is saying that it would be generally more healthy if you got fresh blood in rather then having nothing but bitter vets running about.


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Rowboat wrote:

Didn't peanut offer him a sum of money?

There were a few who did I think, the price for perp was a million dollars if I remember correctly.


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What I am curious about is how missile damage apparently got so powerful, they only changed the rate of fire and should not have changed the damage capacity as far as I am aware.


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Simple solution, revert diminishing returns changes and find a better method of balancing for diminishing returns, like decreasing damage percentage gained per tuning equipped instead of ruining the cap stability of the majority of bots in-game.


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Annihilator wrote:
CCP Larrikin wrote:

As you may have seen in the May Monthly Economy Report, there is a significant upward trend in the Money Supply. This is primarily due to NPC Bounties.
This trend is unsustainable. Having such a large ISK faucet is bad for the economy, and this ISK faucet is concentrated to a relatively small number of players.

i am baffled. these sentences contain so much truth... you could easily translate that to both Perpetuum and Elite.
its no wonder EVE was successfull for such a long time - they do track their economy

The problem is if they do this nerf, then the Ishtar which is a tech 2 cruiser that costs no more then 300 mil isk to fit up will be able to make the same amount of isk as a carrier which costs 1.4bil isk and up fully fitted as a result of this change.

Plus with the cruiser the rats are less likely to shoot at normal drones and you dont have to recall drones except on the few occasions where they are shot which is much less compared to fighters.

See anything wrong with that?


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Chemist wrote:

WTS Roraqual & 5 Excavators. big_smile

WTS PvE carrier now ._.
WTB Pirate battleships … ;m=6968205 … p;t=521614

Also I take it back Rovoc, now "EVE is dying" couldn't be anymore relevant. roll


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Rowboat wrote:

So, Eve is dying now?

Everyone knows "EVE is dying" is an overused dying meme on Reddit!


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Ya know, when I look at the changes that were made here in perp by Zoom and I look at the changes/nerfs Fozzie announces in EVE, I can't help but feel like Fozzie has had words with Zoom at some point in the past and as a result balances under perpetuum quality dev influence.

RIP Roraqual being decent.


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Line wrote:
Inda wrote:
Line wrote:

E-Corp CEO, don't remember the nick

Probably Gambit.

Wasn't that Martha Stuart or whatever?

Martha Stuart was one of the oldest active members of STC and are one of the people who joined perpetuum when STC was created via Rock, Paper, Shotgun if I remember correctly, and was one of the last few original members in leadership who were still active in their later days and wallet size wise was compared to Blackomen for a while

logicalNegation wrote:

I would very much like to hear what the Devs have to say.

Thats the trouble, there have only been 2 posts from Dev zoom since the release of the last batch of syndicate robots 3 months ago, and that was mainly helping someone out with something on the perp wikia.

For whatever reason, we basically have not heard a single word from the devs about whats next in 3 months or more.


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This game one way or another is definitely one of the best online community/gameplay experiences I have had in online gaming for better or for worse. Plenty of PvP action, for me there will always be a satisfaction that comes from this game's PvP that I just wont ever be able to get from EVE.

However the population after the final syndicate robot release and the diminishing returns update mostly killed it for me personally, it would take a miracle similar to the Steam release and the devs caring any amount again for there to be anything remotely considered a decent pop and activity level again.

It seems that it may finally be in dead water but until the day the server is finally shutdown, I will just hold low hopes, enough not to be disappointed if nothing happens but enough to have even the smallest belief that theres still a small glimmer of hope for the game.


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I am curious what gaming community you are from? I have not played much in the last few weeks but I don't mind hoping on if it helps the game.


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Wish I could say I know, I personally never used the twitch streaming feature and usually just record with something like Open Broadcast Software. If you can't get the ingame feature to work, maybe just record with that?

BeastmodeGuNs wrote:
Line wrote:

Still think that we also need a dedicated Nexus bot

That could be put into the heavy mech as the term "support" is not defined quite yet for it, so maybe it could get some nexus love there, or give some nexus love to currently existing indies. idk.

I may or may not have caused a thing via suggestion without realizing it considering Nexuses now are set in a way that they only work effectively while equiped to heavies. lol

"Little did Beastmode know that his random suggestion was not a bad one and that it may or may not have influenced a dev decision."

Apologies if it seems like I am bragging, I just started scrolling back through old posts and found this and could not help but realize the fact that this is basically what we have now. big_smile