Just waiting for POS. Everything is meaningless in the meantime.

Although the blogs have been great and I'm liking some of the new featurs being brought into the game, the devs are doing a nice job. smile


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The game is still young, so the time is still very ripe to join now. Also, the dev blogs are awesome too !


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Just as well there isn't much land mass. I'm waiting for the real reason to play/PVP, player structures.


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Bastian Croft wrote:

Why are you shooting drones?

Lol. Next question?

Annihilator and Lege got it spot on. I couldn't touch Nexus right now with its high EP costs knowing there's so many other extensions which will benefit my squad more (EWAR, DPS, self sufficiency). I'd develop my combat effectiveness first before touching Nexus.

One (wo)man's trash is another (wo)man's treasure.

WAIT... If new players get accelerated EP, what about the older players? We've had to wait weeks to learn up basic skills, I don't see why new players should be able to skip all that with their accelerated EP. That makes no sense at all.

As EVE has done, newer players were given more starting skillpoints which the older players never got. EVE still continues to grow despite this "I'll never catch up with the vets" mentality. You attract new players by offering new content.

Oh, and sandbox... You play it your way, you don't need to have as much EP as the vets to accomplish things. For a game of this type, I didn't feel useless with my 20k EP and I had tons of fun grouping with corp mates.

This would make sense, making the modules look bigger on the Mechs would be a nice change.


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Jasdemi wrote:

Go back to WoW.

Terrible response.

Reminds me of Red Vs Blue in EVE Online, they made 2 Corps, Red Federation and Blue Republic and they were always at war with eachother. This lead to some very good controlled fights without the ganking or smacktalk.

You're late to the tea party, I already play Perpetuum on my IPad.

Nice one Avatar Creations. Some fun updates in the future.

Nothing's gonna happen until the devs flesh out PVP and PVE.


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In my Arkhe M2 with Light Frame, went to Beta Isles to see if there was much activity, seems pretty quiet. Although I did laugh at seeing a whole group (5+) chase me across half the continent, guess you lot are desperate for some PVP. Instead of blobbing teleporters, why not leave alliances and fight eachother instead, surely that will net you PVPers more action?

Thankyou. Some really good responses here, and a definate nod towards the maturity and helpful nature of Perp's community.

Some food for thought. I definately do not want to get a 2nd/3rd/etc account as that just seems like a chore, a job outside of my real job, not sure how some folks can stomach that. I remember once having a second account in EVE Online as a hauler for my main back in 2003, I found it worsened my EVE experience, so I dropped the second account and stuck with my main, EVE has been great to this very day with no regrets sticking with one character.

As for my indy character, I'd want him to mine and refine very efficiently to support my future Corps manufactoring, basically to secure my spot for an extra income outside of Combat farming. And as Gerrick suggested, I'll use PerpPlanner to learn how much EP I'd need to get my main to mine and refine, I just preferred to make him strong combat-wise for PVP and hope it won't dip into my EP pool too much! big_smile

Again, thanks for the responses.


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Ah, thankyou! big_smile


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Just don't delete your character.

So, I made a pure combat spec for my main and I'm thinking to myself, a couple months down the line once I have beefed up all the combat related skills, would it be more beneficial to make a pure indy character and spend the EP's on him rather then spending more EP's to train indy skills on my pure combat character?

Or would people rather just have a single character, be a jack of all trades and spend longer developing the indy skills on their pure combat character?


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The information is there Rodo, sorry fella, but you've made an error and lost your EP. sad


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Oh, the drama.


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Can't even log into the game, I is sad. sad


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Yep, true. But then why allow multiboxing? A player then becomes a scientist commando economist. But that's probably for another discussion.


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So, they say it will take 25 years to learn all the skills in the game, with that in mind, 1 EP a minute suddenly doesn't seem enough. sad

I'm loving my 80ms ping thankyou very much. A server move to US would end my interest in this game.

1280x1024, maxed out graphics but AA disabled, around 30-50 fps.

AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition
Radeon 4870 Black Edition
4GB Ram
OS Win 7 x64

I'm impressed Gobla, nice job.