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It actually wasn't a troll question sad Player interaction would seem to be the major selling point of an MMORPG over a Single player RPG. I understand some players prefer the NPC side of things, but this is presumably because its different from PvP or other forms of player interaction. What I'm asking is why would you then want the AI to be more human like, when it seems the reason to enjoy it is that its not human like?

Also confirming RL ganking is bad smile

Someone's trying to do a game without npc's. Interesting to see how that goes.


"Like Dofus, Wakfu is a tactical RPG, with a job system and creatures to fight but unlike Dofus, there is an emphasis on an open, player-driven world, lending a sandbox feel to the game. There will be no NPCs in Wakfu, and the entire economy will be player-controlled."

Game seems really interesting. It's just the *** community which consists of 12 year old girls what drives me off.

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HKO pretty much fits all your criteria.