what are these police towers??

no different then you guys continually blowing up there walls and probes on kent. Then you have to do a *** move and use a spy to pop probes and replace them down on DOM behind a billion wall.

only allow director level roles to even put them out for corp. Also state on the probe properties who placed it.

you people are ridicules really. I have to say this game has the worst community then any game I have played previously. I think xbox live with a bunch of 12yr. playing a match of gears of war as little more self control and tact.

Lets all give a warm welcome to the Perpetuum Credits farmers.

I know I am talking out my ***, but it is something to think about when doing a micro transaction market.

Just get it over with and turn the server off.

Sure a not manditory reset with a 25% ep lose.

I am ok with that.


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I am not receiving any Aura's on Alsbale Nebs outpost.

They need to take a break from BF4, and fix the bug.


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Dev's should just go into the database and turn Spark Teleport = False.


http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … he-island/

Seems like a simple fix.


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This year you will need to run mission to get the special CT to make the anniversary Artifact changers in order to participate this artifact hunt.

I can careless about public beta terminals. so remove sparks in them all together and only give spark teleport locatons on beta islands only to terminal owners.


change bloodsparking to only be set to alpha terminals.

I really don't understand how this would benefit anyone, other then the ones that don't own anything so they can attack a terminal and hope they don't get defenders. Seems to be not in the best interest of pvp but rather the reverse.

To be honest people only have sparks issue with beta terminals, I dont think people have any issue with alpha's or gamma's.

I personally pointed it up to lvl 9 so I can split sparks between pvp and non-pvp locations

but to be completely honest I used bloodspark for pvp locations.


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So does anyone know the result of what I am asking above?


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what happens to the stuff in Transport containers, if the assignment was never accepted before the pickup location terminal was either deconstructed or destroyed?

do those containers drop when it was deconstructed or destroyed? or do they just disappear? or do they drop when the assignment expires?

because I see a couple of personal assignment that have a N/A for the pickup terminal.

this need to be changed, requesting should not just give you the assignment without the ability to review it first.

Farm worker wrote:
Xadhoom wrote:

We had so much fun raising our relations before so we can do it all over again.

Good job devs.


Need a Tissue?

The devs did fine with assignments, don't be a crying noob

I do admit the revamp could have been done better

maybe when you reach more then 10 hours played you can justify calling people noobs. ***

when removing someone from contact gives you the dialog box to confirm, but the person stays in contact list. Trying to remove them again produces an error "error_SQLDeleteError.

They only leave the list if I remove another, closing the relation window or switch to another category under agent profile does not refresh the list.


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I passed 1.6 13 days ago.

I need mine up to 2.0 to finish all the skills I wanted.

We had so much fun raising our relations before so we can do it all over again.

Good job devs.



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I seriously don't think it is going to set thing that far back if the Dev's or Dev took a week to put a tournament together.


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tournament would be nice and I am sure there will be allot of 1 day activations if people are given enough time to plan.


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1. increase the number of sparks 20, create advance spark teleport skill.
2. allow to sparking with your active bot.

I wants these, zoom make it happen