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A easily returnable Home point plus 2 other places to spark, and remove the extension.   Problem solved.


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I still don't get whats broken/unbalanced about detection or masking.  I get we want to improve things, but there are better things to fix/nerf/buff IMO.  Is there really some giant out cry for change on this? Every one I talk to thinks this is a dumb issue compared with so many others.  Please Dev Alf Tell me why you want to change it. So i can understand this controversy.


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I know right, People cant win on the battle field because of their derpies and they start crying the other team is hacking/exploiting/abusing some game mechanic that gives them a victory.  So sad...


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Scyylla wrote:
Scyylla wrote:

*edit: Yeah, let's not create drama based on false accusations again, thanks. - DEV Zoom

Oh c'mon zoom...... wasn't bringing up the thread just the spin and back peddling in this one!

The comments I brought in are certainly valid when certain members of certain groups reverse the course on certain issues. Especially when the comments are a word for word copy of the stance of the leader of a certain coalition.....

Bottom line-- every time an issue like this comes up CIR cries M2S all over again unless they are the ones benefiting....

OH, and Scyylla how about the "CIR said it so it must be wrong" which is repeated over and over in this forum.  OH and yes I do agree with syndic and many of us do agree with him also, because we are like minded.  Thats what a real corp is. Not just a rag tag bunch of Derpies giving out kill mails whenever they undock, but like minded individuals that work toward common goals for the betterment of their organization. It is not our fault you guys dont know how to pvp or farm/industry properly. It is not our fault that you get beat when you should be winning for whatever reasons.  Yet we are put down because we defend our holdings and we attack others.  We show up for pvp while other dock up, and we are the ones you hate and disagree with on every topic for our name sake. Not because you disagree, but because you cant stand to agree with us even when its a good thing to agree on.


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Scyylla wrote:
Mastablasta wrote:

Finally, Its something that is available to everyone, but others chose not to do it for what every reasons.  Its not an exploit if everyone has access to it.

So was duping and the insurance exploit.....

Yeah it was and it wasn't an exploit. It was economically dangerous for the server.  Even still for them to wipe whole corporations is just stupid and so knee jerk.  To be honest its stuff like this that are reason for the servers being dead especially when the devs themselves said that insurance fraud would never happen.  Duping shouldn't be allowed period, but it shouldn't of been left in the game to start with.

Beacon are available to everyone.  Just because you chose not to invest your money and time is not grounds to remove game mechanics.


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I agree. I dont know why this isnt on the market. Any reason is stupid.  It should be there.


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Why the *** is this a problem? Its super *** complicated and super *** hard to pull off correctly.  If you mess up you lose bots with expensive *** in it.  Which is really easy if you dont know what your doing.  You have to have the perfect spot for it.  Also, everyone has access to it. They arnt doing it, for some stupid reason, but everyone can.  Its not an exploit or abuse. Its correct use of game mechanics to maximize profit vs time management.   Furthermore, Why the *** would the devs "fix" this.  The only knee jerk reactions is to stop all npc to npc explosion damage.  I mean who the *** thinks thats a good idea.  Jita only complains about it because he doesnt know how to pull it off properly yet.   If he did know how, he wouldnt be here posting about its abuse. 

I ask the devs to come out and see us doing it some time and see how complicated and how much money and time is involved before they do some hatchet job on game mechanics that have been in since the beginning of the game.  Let them see how easy it is to mess up and the loss involved in messing up and make the call then.

The way I see it. Its risk vs reward.  First it has to be done on a pvp island. So the whole operation has to be protected and is vulnerable to attack and total loss of everything being fronted for it. Second, The parties have to be skilled enough to do the steps in the right order several times in a row for it to come off without a glitch or loss of profit. Third,  The Cost involved is high.  I dont want to get into it, but you can lose hundreds of millions fast. Finally, Its something that is available to everyone, but others chose not to do it for what every reasons.  Its not an exploit if everyone has access to it.  Its not abuse if the cost of failure is high and the skill required great.


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You haven't got yours back yet?  Hmm I talked with a guy that lost one mining a week ago and he got it back already cause the server crapped out.


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Ghorasia wrote:

Unfortunately if they reset it all and gave lifetime boosts to the existing player base they would then have 0 income unless it gave them a new surge of players which is a gamble at best.

The boat for this action from a business model point of view has sailed once it went live on steam.

Having and empty game is way worse than having people that you cant make money off of, but that play every day.  At least with the people playing you can sell them something new in a cash shop or something.  If nobody is playing new people will just leave once they get on as there is no one to play with.  Thats why I think a full wipe on gamma to help new people, but it must have a ad campaign to get people in.


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@Zoom. I am for them wiping the servers completely when gamma comes out.  I would do a big ad campaign of getting in on the ground floor for Time based game system.  The only caveat I would give is to give boosts to people who have paid for them previously.  Same boost would be for new people, but they would have to pay for it.  I know every one would hate it, but we have to get more people playing and not scared to death to undock every *** day.

Are you guys still pissy about that loss? I mean dam it STC lost that several times and they still poking around.  I have watched the fight linked and the reason you lost was a tactical decision in the fight.  Sure you did get a few dc's and I am sure you will be reimbursed, but to act as if it was the one thing that screwed you over is a bold face lie. 

Also, Why are you complaining? You *** knew what you were risking whenever you undocked. Its why we play this game. For meaningful pvp. You knew the wages of that fight before it even started and now here you are complaining. Now your guys wont undock and come to fights, because you have poisoned them with lies that it was the server or some stupid *** that CIR did to you when you had more people. You had access to everything CIR had in the fight.  You have people that can undock all the crazy stuff. If you didn't bring the perfect combinations that we seem to always have at every fight, Its your own fault for not fielding it. 

The real reason you guys are complaining here and went inactive is that you were on the winning side, Jumped to the enemy to try to poop on us, and Now are on the losing side.  That is the reason your upset and wanting to leave the game.  fuuu

I agree this sounds reasonable. I think it might balance pvp finally for cry babies.

We definitely need a lot more islands. I think more than  19 gamma islands. I am thinking of like 30 more islands. World is just so small when you teleport back and forth in seconds, then having 10 Spark Teleport Points would makes sense.

OK so after reading all of this and analyzing the current condition of the pvp landscape of the game. I think:
A. We need a lot more islands
B. We need less teleport sparks or less points to set
C. we need a return to home command for blood spark without killing bots.
D. For the new guys, we need the ep sink to be removed from spark teleports.

I would also add a timer of 30 min before you can teleport out of a station again after teleporting somewhere.  That would be a shared cool down with the return home option. Its just too easy to cover every inch of the world map as it is now.

I feel this would allow people to find their niche and prosper in a pvp zone.  It would also create a smaller projection of power for large corps and allow newer/smaller corps to thrive in a multitude of free areas.

I think your championing a cause thats not winnable.  Sure games that constantly cater to players whims, giving them the best stuff with little effort and no risk involved, are very popular.  The same way the free cheese line is always full.  The point of FFA PVP is not the hurting of the other player, but the risk and loss possible every time you undock.  Sure its great rewards too, but what makes FFA PVP interesting and engaging is that nervous voice in the back of your head gnawing at your mind about how much this bot costs to lose.  That inner dialog alone makes more MEANINGFUL PVP.   Why go take the castle in a battle ground, if you just took the same castle 300 times today in previous instances of battlegrounds.  Wouldn't you like to go in and take the base of arathi bason in WoW and subjugate and tax the populace that work there.  Put your flag on the stone arch and fortify it against all invaders.  Yeah it would be amazing. Yeah it would, but you cant have that because the next guy in line has to get his free cheese.  So if you take the base away, he cant go in and get his BS marks or whatever crypto currency they are pimping you out for.  Besides game like Wow are steadily dropping in popularity. The only reason they start off good is because of the sheer numbers of players that are looking for the right experience.

I approve of this podcast, hehehe


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You know now that i think about it the timer is kinda crazy short.  You would think at least a few minutes like a flag timer.

Interesting, Hate to necro this, but it does bring up the source of power projection.  Very interesting indeed.

Thats a lot of things to do. I am thinking of quick changes that can easily be made in the game with little effort that will improve the game.


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Mark Zima wrote:

Ville's life is hard. Thr devs should make it easier!

Ah yes the old," I DISAGREE BECAUSE YOUR WITH CIR", routine.  Try again please. This time with more common sense.

The system would be the same for the number required to set a target teleports, but you would get 10 without having the extension. I that this is a barrier for new players to get into pvp.  Like many extensions, mandatory skills have to high of a complexity.   This would help people get into pvp much faster and be able to travel across the map easier.  Travel would  still entail the moving of the bot into the station, but at least you would have the option to put a bot in there and come back to it.  This can only improve pvp. I know teleportation was nerfed to this system and I feel that, from what I know 10 any stations, but the answer was the price change for outposts. Not give it an extenstion to make a ceiling for new players to attain.  Honestly that's what it does is limit new people. Vets all have 10 in and teleport where they want easily. I feel that teleportation is like the old navigation skill that was taken away because it was  a barrier for new players to even just start playing the game in pvp.

I also think there should be more islands and at least 3 stations on every island maybe 4-5 on a larger island.  I think we need to start working on stuff like this and extension complexity to help newer players get into competitive fights faster.


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Needs to happen NAO!


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Game unplayable.  Please fix or the boost in pop will dissolve fast.