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I'd assume having a standalone server would bypass any character creation system of this website. Otherwise it wouldn't really be standalone.

Character creation was never on this website in the first place - there is of course a gateway that creates you a forum avatar, but that is just something we did to sync your accounts between the forum and the game for convenience.

On a standalone server, character creation would work exactly like it does now, except of course the character will be local to that server.

Sorry, account creation was what I meant.

Since you're reading and answering (thanks for that btw smile ):
Can you give us an idea of what will be needed to run the perp standalone? Or one or two islands at once? Just a rough estimate, no specific number needed.

Another question: As new robots/modules have always been a problem to be introduced to the game: Will we get the ability to do so? If so, could you do a quick explanation how it works, when you're done?

I'd assume having a standalone server would bypass any character creation system of this website. Otherwise it wouldn't really be standalone.

New Players will have to be gained by word of mouth - which will be quite the task!

Looking forward to the test and/or official post

Thank you for endless hours of awesome conversation, explosions, sand castle building and all the effort that you put into this game. I'd love to run into you on a private server, once they are available and ready to run.

Also thanks to the community. Although you/we haven't always been nice, it was one of the coolest gaming community to play with/against and I'll probably remember the names of a few of you guys for the rest of my life. Be safe o7


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Good fight all around! We got a total of more than 27 Kills, if I'm not entirely wrong, spread among 9 unique Killers and more than 12 participating agents. (It appears that the killboard ran into issues as a few kills don't show sad )


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To get a little traffic over the steamsale weekend, I'll post the Domhalarn SAP times for this weekend here:

Hey: 24_06 23:52:26
Koy: 24_06 18:26:56
Moy: 24_06 21:41:47

Come and enjoy explosions! Any newbie who wants to join will be provided a bot for free if you contact either me, nullpointer or Inda. (You're welcome guys!)


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Perpkill is shutting down. One announcement per year, we reached the limit sad


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ADFormer wrote:

Now that I think about it, why do we have to shut the game down, write something up while leaving the game running and send out the mother of all updates? I mean storage and function wise that may not be a good idea, but at least people will still be able to play and keep their progress right? Or maybe even just bring perpetuum 2.0 alive small update by small update, also technically wouldn't we be making perpetuum 4.0 or even 5.0 because right now it is at 3.0 (more specifically 3.8.3) I mean right?

Keeping the progress is half the issue.

Due to several different patches, fixes and exploits that were not exploits, old corps have massive stashs of resources and people have hit the 3m EP.

If we were ever to get a bunch of new guys in, old corps would always have a giant advantage, especially if we roll back the massive industrial boosts (which we definitely should, the amount of minerals you can get in a very short time make every piece of equipment pretty much worthless, except for the prototype-fragments)


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You could say the same for eve though. Minmatar, Gallente and Amarr weapons are exactly the same, different RoF, Range and damage, as well as visuals. Pretty much exactly the same as in Perp. Goes for other MMOs as well btw, all spells are the same, all ranged attacks are the same, all melee attacks are the same.. Kind of a useless argument.

hmm, i remember eve having different damage types, and no weapon beeing able to deal ALL of them at the same time,
also, i dont remember eve lasers using ammo
in perpetuum, over the time, all the defining difference between the weapon systems, which are the defining differences of the three fraction - got equalized.

Amarr uses lenses and they break, if I remember correctly. So basically longer lasting / forever lasting ammo. Besides a skin I don't see a lot of difference, still just a straight shooting gun. But with lights. (different skin again).

I think in Perp everyone who actually plays (;)) uses either the primary weapon ammo of each faction or chemo. Or PvP ammo. So it doesn't really matter, that I could use other faction's damage types, because no one who I faced over the past few days actually did.


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Jita wrote:
Rugerx wrote:

At least they pay attention to the *** game and how things are going


Does zoom even know a waspish will two shot another assault with just two tunings? That a gropho which is supposed to be weak to blue can do the same to a double plated mesmer in like three shots?

Your game balance is irrevocably broken. SHut the servers down already, you have no *** clue how to balance.

how is any bot supposed to be weak against any other? all weapons deal all damage types and all heavies have resists against all damage types.

and effectively there are just two weapon systems ingame. straight LoS and ballistic LoS.  there are only different flavors in RoF and Dmg per shot.

You could say the same for eve though. Minmatar, Gallente and Amarr weapons are exactly the same, different RoF, Range and damage, as well as visuals. Pretty much exactly the same as in Perp. Goes for other MMOs as well btw, all spells are the same, all ranged attacks are the same, all melee attacks are the same.. Kind of a useless argument.


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Looking to buy Assault Cortexes to supply the conflict in the north with new mk2 assault bots.

Prices negotiable, will buy in bulk or exchange for material/equipment.

Contact me ingame (Khetar) or via the RvB chat channel.


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Annihilator wrote:
CCP Larrikin wrote:

As you may have seen in the May Monthly Economy Report, there is a significant upward trend in the Money Supply. This is primarily due to NPC Bounties.
This trend is unsustainable. Having such a large ISK faucet is bad for the economy, and this ISK faucet is concentrated to a relatively small number of players.

i am baffled. these sentences contain so much truth... you could easily translate that to both Perpetuum and Elite.
its no wonder EVE was successfull for such a long time - they do track their economy

And the guy tracking their economy apparently is really stupid and doesn't know anything about it: … n/diovza9/

Takes the highest (most likely impossible) possible tick as the general average, says that more than 1000 people are the 1% of the 1% in his game (quick comparison: 1% of 1% of 50k (currently the double amount of agents online) would be 5 players... so.. yea).

With comments like that they'd have a first semester in business doing a better job than that guy does by publishing his opinions on reddit..


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ADFormer wrote:

So back to the original topic, one thing that was suggested was make static ore spawns so people could just sit there and wait for a miner to show up and put reds on alpha 2, I strongly disagree with that for the industrials sake. I have 6 characters running around 4 of which I have them drive mk2 scarabs loaded with mk2 rivelers and symbionts with their fits. If those changes were implemented idk about other industrials, but I like to not have to worry of being blown up so I would just say bye to the rare ore and mine on alpha 1, I would not care.

And this is exactly what's wrong with the current system. The way you explain it is how it should be. There should be a LOT more risk on beta and you should not be able to afk mine anywhere once you figured out the NPC routes.

I have 10 riv mk2 - able characters and would rather only see 2 in the field than play with the hello kitty world that it is now, rendering any kind of material worthless.

Back then epriton actually meant something to our new corp, now it means 2 hours of play for 2 days of production - especially with the insane tuning boost and small miner abuse.


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Thought I'd disagree with Jita as his suggested actions seemed a bit extreme, but the only thing I can really disagree on with him is 100% drop in loot.

I'd like more red spawns, and especially more observers. Observers are about the only big challenge in PvE in this game and they are REALLY hard to find, unless your gamma outpost is right on their route.

Removing gamma (and even closing beta 2 for a while?) will bring back more pvp, as well as all his other suggestions.

In my opinion one of the biggest issues was unlimited epriton respawn with random locations. Fixed locations gave you a hunting ground. Not sure if you need to put a limit on the epriton amount, if you limit it to certain locations it will increase risk already and you will have to defend miners again.

Also yes, please remove the balance patch. While I personally am a BIG fan of diminishing returns and love to see diverse fitting ideas, having to drive a gropho because it dominates in DPS, alpha, range and accumulator efficiency is just.. very irritating!

Take your time, ask for our input and work on it.

Also please let us know about financial needs and think about crowdfunding ideas. I'd be happy to throw in extra €€ if I see communication+results


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Yea.. let's introduce titans into a game that can't even bring 10 people to the field. Brilliant idea.

Aye Pod wrote:
Rolafen Azec wrote:

Any kind of special charge that costs high nic and can pop but not make collectible artifacts far away?

The 100 charge? Not sure what you asking exactly.

He means that you use a charge which "activates" an artifact that's way out of range (example 2000m away) which you can't reach for example because a hostile base is on top. This way you wouldn't get the loot, but a new artifact would spawn, if I got that correctly Rolafen?

Not too bad of an idea, actually, as long as it is limited and you can't just pop them until you got your desired artifact sites


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Gwyndor wrote:

I'd like to see a skill that would raise the slope capability of a scarab per level so that it could fly over terrain even lights can't go on

which would make you ungankable, depending what route you chose. No risk = terrible idea!

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Jita wrote:

1)    Hyper inflation: Epriton as an example has risen from 9 per unit to 40 – 60 in a few weeks
2)    Scarcity: The only reason to sell goods is to gain NIC. As people get NIC rich the market is stripped bare of goods and people are not motivated to sell more

The fault in your logic is that inflation doesn't affect only Epriton. If there is inflation it affects everything, including the items that you want to buy, because sellers will see that items sell fast and they can increase their asking prices.

It's all the same, just at a higher scale.

edit: Celebro beat me to it.

Issue is that new PVE players will not be able to afford bots/equipment in the early stages as low level missions do not generate money equivalent to the price of items they would need to do higher level missions.

I have talked to several producer newbies who were amazed by how much money they can charge for simple items like T2. I have talked to several PvE players who were outraged by how expensive T3 and T4 modules were compared to how little money they made with their low level missions.

Inflation is not a problem for vets, but for newbies, which are the most valuable resource to this game as it will inevitably die if you don't keep them ingame. Is that so hard to understand?

Do we vetplayers have to create funds to keep new players ingame now, instead of letting the game handle it in a proper way?

Edit: Before you say "Eve can handle it, too"; think about something else: Eve is so famous among sandbox fans due to massive community content, newbie corps (EVE UNI, Pandemic Horde, Karmafleet, you name it) and tons of videos with cool space videos on youtube, that people just bite through.

Perpetuum on the other hand lacks on the graphic front, there is no equivalent to videos like 'Clarion Call' or 'This is Eve' and has a populationbase that basically can not afford the loss of newbies due such stupidities like inflation.


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Annihilator wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:
Annihilator wrote:

you can tighten time limits too.

Maybe later, balancing that would be really something else.


Harvest missions are currently so lucrative, that i am threatened by my alliance members for harvesting plants down to zero.

[21:03:58] <****> if you kill all the plants I'll start shooting you on sight
[21:04:01] <****> or ECMing

I stand by my word! I will harass everyone who will harvest my mission farms down to 0 with mighty ECM!

Rolafen Azec wrote:

I am in a situation that I have the game open on the other screen and check up on it every 5 or 10 minutes. However this results in some bots just simply being lost.

You should check up on it more often.

Rolafen Azec wrote:

Also there is a big attention assymmetry when it comes to haulers vs gankers. A ganker needs to pay attention only one gank trip. A hauler typically makes only a fraction of the value of their cargo and spends a lot more on the road than any bandits. If you have a loss rate of 1 bot per 10 trips and you make only a tenth of your cargo value each trip (10% profit rate is quite optimistic) you only break even.

If a ganker sees you, a warning sound won't help. Either you avoid him by planning smart and using help of other people (scouts), or you will get ganked anyway, with or without a scout.

Rolafen Azec wrote:

It is also pretty stupid looking when the dreadded posibility of a hauler and a bandit meeting in the field results in the bandit shooting the hauler to death without the hauler reacting or noticing. Given that it's a pretty rare occasion having it be more dramatic could easily be more fun.

If you look at the screen and PLAY the game, instead of going afk, you will be able to react.

A game is meant to be played, if you do not like the profession you are doing ingame, look for a different profession that you enjoy.

Even if I haul a lot more than gank (I don't think I've ever made it onto a transport killmail), I am 100% against this measure.

-1 this will promote afk-gate scouts. If you want to play, be active and watch your monitor. Otherwise there is a nice indicator of hostile action, quickly followed by more powerful gunsounds smile

-1. Gamma is supposed to be wild lands and you are supposed to supply yourself. Also prevents you from shutting yourself in in your fortress.


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make the module expensive as hell and make bots flag on use


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Ville wrote: is down.  I want it back up so we can see chemist cry about people being too mean.

I think that kinda backfired tonight..

404 Not found. How fitting sad