RMT was sanctioned before that for GTC trading, and there were official methods of doing that.

I think you can lay part of the blame for the profileration of supercaps and titans in EVE on official RMT.

Not sure if it's system lag or network lag, but when I first log on if my toon is deployed on island it  can take up to ten minutes for the client to load the island. I have three active accounts, but this is regardless of whether I have one, two or three clients running. If my toon is in station it can take between 5-10 minutes, on average, for my character to undock. After I click the undock button I have a black screen which, if I click on it, goes to a white screen which displays NOT RESPONDING in the title bar. The worst I have experienced was an approximately 15 minute lag between hitting undock and the client updating. Note, when the client updates with my character outside terminal, the undock and molecular instability timers are still running, so it's not as if they've undocked and I've just had a black screen.

I'm running Vista 32bit on an Intel dual core E4600 2.4G system with 3g RAM and a Radeon HD 5570 with all settings on all three clients as low as they go. I have two monitors and play with two clients in full screen windows and one floating window.  The problems occur when I have one client open and logged in, as well as when I have all three client windows open.

Lucius Marcellus wrote:

Celebro pretty much covered most important things in his post, but one thing I'd like to add is a brief discussion on how to improve the population. I'd also consider co-hosting.

I'd also love to see some STC guy on the show to talk about their experience so far and expectations.

But don't you know we're all alts of existing players? Apart from Nim Rodel. I don't know who that guy is.


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That guide is fairly awesome.

Will recommend it to our new starts.

Despite the trolling, some decent info.

Thanks to Inda for proving once again he's the nicest guy on the server.

So I've been driving, and losing, the Kain for a while now, but I've recently started shifting EP into another race because the Kain is fundamentally the weakest of the three available tier 1 mechs. It desperately needs some love to balance it.

Here are my main issues:

1) the Kain's bonuses suggest that it should be a back-of-the-pack bot, sniping from distance and retreating to cover to repair any damage. With a falloff bonus and med EM guns, it should be able to outrange same-skill med HCLs, albeit with the reduced damage you'll get in falloff. At my current skill level, falloff on a T1 medium EM gun is 107m. With only Improved Falloff skill affecting it, med HCL, falloff is 112m, and in fact the HCL has higher base optimal and falloff than the equivalent magnetic weapon.

2) The armour repair bonus is useless in both PvE and PvP. The Kain has the lowest base HP of the three mechs and isn't able to run a shield effectively, nor does it have the Artemis' resistence bonuses. In any fight, it's going to have the lowest effective HP of any mech on the field, and the medium armour repairer is so woefully inefficient in terms of accu used to HP repaired (1.83:1 base on a T1 repper and my current skills, 1.35:1 when fitted on a Kain, whereas a small repper has a 1.083:1 base). Even fitting  two med plates and two universal hardeners, which does bring EHP up considerably wont give the Kain anywhere near the EHP levels of a single-plated Artemis with 1 universal hardener. This would also negates the Kain's nominal speed advantage over the other two mechs. - coupled with its shorter range, it'd be useless for anything other than static battles where no one moves.

The Kain doesn't have a defined role. The Tyrannos is effective because it has a dual layer tank, can shoot over the scenery you're hiding behind, and because it can be used as an energy warfare platform. The Artemis has the best overall tank of the three, has a longer range than the Kain and does more damage than the Tyr. The Kain turns up and dies, because everyone else is driving Artemis' and are hitting it hard in the resistance hole.

What I would like to see is something like this:

1) Swap the damage characteristics of the Gauss and EM guns, giving the gauss guns the higher damage bonus. As gauss guns are the lighter of the two, this will increase overall speed and allow Kain pilots to close range more quickly, somewhat negating the lower overall range

2) Change the armour repairer amount bonus to an armour repairer accumulator bonus, and increase base HP by 500-750. The Tyrannos can run a dual tank, and the Artemis has higher resists, so the Kain should have most base armour HP.

3) ????

4) Happier Kain pilots


1) Change the increased falloff bonus to increased optimal, without changing damage, and increase the base range of magnetic weapons to give the Kain the ability to snipe at distance and retreat out of enemy lock range to repair.

Obviously all of the above is affected by my relatively low overall EP (~130K on this character) - I've dumped what I hope is the relevant info below for anyone who is interested - but even with increased EP, the differences between the mechs would only become greater.

Ready for this to be shot down in flames now smile

(improved falloff 4/sharpshooting 5/advanced robotics 6/nuimquol robot control 5/thelodica robot control 5)


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-1 to save password

+1 to having dropdown with saved email address to make account switching on the same client easier.


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Jelan wrote:

I predicted all these nerfs as soon as the walls came out, the simple fact is that the devs didnt implement these very well and rushed out something because of people whining.

The walls are useless now and were OP before.  When you have something that broken you admit your mistakes, remove it and re-introduce when its better thought out, if you two cant figure that out then more pity you if you cant understand what i'm saying

I liked the idea of walls but they should have been attached to the PBS patch as a whole package

I agree with with Jelan here - anyone with half a brain would have seen that firstly probes, then walls were overpowered to begin with. Both were launched with no real limits, and even in a sandbox game there must be limits to what players are allowed to do, otherwise players will eventually break the game.

Arga: you've argued incessantly for walls to remain as originally launched. Would you still be for them if a corp with the numbers, the NIC and the willpower filled every possible landspace with wall, five deep around your beta outpost? That's an extreme, I know, but it was also a possibility. Unlimited walls led to unlimited wall spam, and there has never been a bright side to that. Those of you who wasted time and NIC on placing the walls as you did, well, I've no sympathy. You should have seen the nerfs coming the way the rest of us did, and planned accordingly.

Walls as they are now, and as they will be after the patch, are not useless, but at last they will be limited. There's still plenty of space within that belt to design chokes and mazes to slow down intruders - all it takes is imagination.  It may take some effort and planning, but that's as it should be. In any sandbox game - be it Perp or EVE - nothing worth doing should be easy. Everything should be a struggle, because it's the struggles that you win that you'll tell other people about, and it's those stories that attract others to the game, and this game is badly in need of a population explosion right now.

On that note: for all those moaning about their precious walls, just think how many more you would have to replace if this game had a few hundred more active PvPers, looking to get to your SAPs.


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Okay, I'm gonna feed the troll before this gets out of hand.

1) Lemon was told repeatedly that we neither wanted, nor needed his "help". His self appointed role as Lord Protector of Newbs and Waifs came across to us as incredibly patronising. Yes, we're new to Perpetuum. That doesn't mean we're children.

2) We were the current owners of Danarchov when he logged back on. When we got to 50 stab he still had the ability to dock and undock as he pleased. If he really wanted to move, he could have. We wouldn't have stopped him. Instead he shoots up a mining group - 8 players - because no one would talk to him. Oh boo hoo. I think we quite fairly took this as a hostile act, and we set Danarchov entry access to friendlies only. Lemon was therefore locked out.

3) We scout a Troiar and Mesmer combo coming into Nova. The Mesmer logs off, the Troiar doesn't. Looks like a log on trap to us. Regardless, we see targets. Lemon holds back firing, telling us "DO NOT SHOOT ME! YOU WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!". We shoot him, he shoots us. A couple of us die, one of his characters die. Oh wait, PvP just happened. Lemon says shooting newbies isn't fun. We say, we don't care if you're not having fun. We're not here for your enjoyment, we're here for ours.

Whatever your reasons for coming back to the game, your presumption was that we would just make way and let you do what you wanted because you're Lemon, Lord Protector and Most Awesome, completely forgetting that we might have a differing opinion. Don't *** and moan because things didn't turn out exactly as you planned, because you come across as immature; don't tell us that your plans would have improved the game, because you come across as arrogant.

Answer me this: if shooting new players isn't fun, then why did you start the whole thing off by shooting a group of new players - in mining bots, no less - and then decide that it was all our fault?

Statecorp are in this game for our own ends. We've had some help from the existing factions, and it's been appreciated, but we've never asked anyone for help, outwith general gameplay advice. The Hokkogang attack on Lemon the other night was as much of a surprise to us as it was to him. We're not after an alliance because we want to make our way on our own, and I refuse to let some arrogant powergamer slight our name because he's not getting everything his own way. The "ego" thrown in his face came when he spoke to me, because I don't suffer fools easily. He was told to speak to our CEO about a standings reset which, as far as I am aware, he has never done.

Last night I offered Lemon the opportunity to come to Danarchov, dock up and remove all his assets without hindrance. He didn't take it.

That's all I've got to say on the matter.

I have the same issue although, oddly, it's more prevelant on one of my clients than it is on the other.

Tele jumps or undocking take longer than usual, and the client will crash on one out of every three jump/dock attempts.

Arga wrote:


With decay, I think the devs have shown why they didn't put in gates. Walls are now just for tactical use. Decay isn't relevant since they aren't meant to keep out the invading barbarians.

If the PBS system doesn't have some type of Empire building, as you call it, then that's an indication that Perp wants to just be a persistant World of Tank type of game, with small instant gratification encounters.

Unfortunetly, I don't think those 2 generes will mix well. Personally I'm not going to grind and build so players can just blow up bots in meaningless combat, so the player base will have to be more like Lupus, PVP players with indy alts producing for self-gratification.

Note to Devs: If you can tell me now which way your going, I may be able to save 3 or 4 months of wasted effort. Thanks.

That's an incredibly arrogant statement to make. I don't know if you've noticed, but Perpetuum wasn't built solely for you.

Jita wrote:

Well first of all fit for the job, not the roam. You can fit for wall breaking, operate close to the teleports and as your shooting at rats never flag. That means your enemy has to hold every external or basically they will lose all walls in running distance to the teleport.

Its an adapt or die situation really. Look at the situation and make it work, dont make excuses.

So you're advocating a tactic that is, when all is said and done, an exploit? Right.

Arga wrote:

There is LESS PVP without going through or TP'ing around walls, but it hasn't reduced it to 0.

This isn't a good thing - this is a game that needs PvP to stimulate the economy and keep miners and builders in business. Otherwise, who are you mining and building for? Ratters shouldn't be losing bots against NPCs, unless they're new and/or stupid, and less PvP means less bots and modules being bought, slowly stalling the economy and driving players away.

As I've said above, I'm all for walls in some form, but uncontrolled wallspam and methods of removal that are uneconomical compared to the cost of building are not a good combination.

Jita wrote:

Could you not drop a beacon on the wall and shoot the rats that spawn on the other side?

Alternatively do the same with something else deployable

What do you do when your beacon spawns six escalating waves, half the gang has no local rep and and you end up  being outnumbered by the hostile force on the other side of the wall, who saw you coming because you couldn't kill their walled in probe and had all the time in the world to form up bigger and harder than your gang because you had to stop and rat to get through a wall?

It's not really a practical solution, is it?

Jita wrote:

Fit two sensor amps, target rats behind wall in distance, shoot

Not really rocket science :-)

That's handy if there's a rat spawn behind the wall. Unfortunately, not every wall comes with it's own rat spawn.

Take the walls surrounding, say, Brightstone, with their maze-gate. Not a rat in sight. We had to use bombs on the wall - must have done, oooh a million NICs worth of damage? Shame it cost us 5 mil. Not exactly going to hurt ToG in the wallet.

Annihilator wrote:
M Piquet wrote:

Just wondering how you manage this when walls are non-targetable?

Uh, someone has blocked my path
8 Minutes later

total cost of the experiment: ~300K NIC, most of it Ammo.
According the whining it would need 6 plasmabombs to get through all three walls. They had enough hitpoints to sustain 1 bomb and the distance was bigger then the explosion radius of Bombs

Disclaimer: no bombs have been exploited, and no NPC have been harmed or killed for this experiment

Sorry - perhaps I'm just thick, but your pictures don't actually explain anything.

Annihilator wrote:

Mechs are enough to get through walls... Dunno about Tyrannos... but Kains can cut through walls like through (niani)butter, Artemis has it a bit harder.

well trained and t4 fit yagel and arbalests can do it too.

Just wondering how you manage this when walls are non-targetable?

Wallspam is bad, m'kay?

Trying to work a route through beta islands, only to discover that your ingate is completely walled off from the rest of the island (I'm looking at you Urria Bellil) is kind of heartbreaking.

Defensive structures are fine, I'm okay with that, and they open up some really interesting PvP avenues (in my head, I'm already constructing switchbacks and mazes), but walls should not be allowed to cut off all access to an island. Regardless of whether or not these walls can be breached, regardless of whether or not breaching them requires a fleet of sequers stuffed to the brim with plasma bombs, they need to have some limit to their maximum length, and free standing (i.e. non PBS attached) walls should be breachable in some way by an ordinary mech gang without the need for siege weaponry.

Either that, or give me a gorram jump button.