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*whew* Necro'ing the heck out of this thread from the past... Was away from the game for a good long, long time (18ish months) and dropped in to see what had changed, improved, ect.
Nothing to speak of new except some extensions, syndicate bots, island shifting and such... Front page media is *still* the old stuff from the date of Eve Online's monocle debacle.

So I get my two accounts up and toodle out to blow up some red things - but every time I turned on my remote recharger my assister would just... stop moving and pop up this 'cannot follow in pvp' flag.  Darn near got the assist bot blown up as I was suddenly forced to juggle 'stay close enough to support' and 'blow those things up!' screens.
Came to the forums and looked around, found this thread.  Apparently this follow-termination thing was intentional?

Yup, just uninstalled the game again.  Eliminating the ability of a support character of following their corp mates or friends ... destroys the playability entirely.   Bye.

It's called 'money', not loyalty or any other smarmy ideal.

The Devs are out to make it, and if selling bulk quantities of EP up to a certain limit or even limitless will make the mo money at this early stage when they're barely scraping by...  they should jump on it and go.

As the game becomes established and the user base grows enough to support the game on subs, they should lower the EP 'purchase' ceiling... But yes, IMO, the 'vets' who stayed subbed (for whatever reason) should always have the EP advantage that $$$ can't buy into.

Mind you, purchasing EP only gets you EP, it doesn't get you ANYTHING that was, is, and could have been earned during the accrual of EP through the normal act of simply playing the game.

IMO allowing peeps to buy bulk EP for $$$ or ICE would be ideal - many games are doing it and it's profitable as heck for them (crap like 'candy crush' has capitalized on this microtransaction trend and made fat bucks).

BUT there should be a limit of 75% of the current top EP.
For example, if the top EP that could have been earned by an unbroken submission from day 1 is two million the most anyone should be able to top up using ICE or straight $$$ would be one and a half mil.


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Ahh, a working like, finally..

Unfortunately the app has not been updated since 2011 and is lacking all of the gamma islands entirely.


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3 minutes?
There is zero point.  Creating an instant 'scarab from gamma limits directly to alpha core' will certainly not help the game.

But then, I think this game is pretty much beyond help at this point.


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Certainly won't motivate me (and other PvE centered players) to remain in the game.

The goal should be to retain players, not make it more difficult for the industrial types to exist.


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Underlying message:

Send more ill equipped nuubs to beta for us to destroy.

Cassius wrote:
Whorum Post Alt wrote:

So, let's say that a character that started, day 1, and has kept active has 2 million EP  (I don't know the total, so that's just an example number).  Any current or new account can buy EP in packages up to 1.5m after which no further EP can be applied and they'll have to progress based on time as normal.

The EP package would be exactly the same as it would cost for a 1, 6, or 12 month subscription, but all applied immediately.  No other benefits are given (thus standings and goods have to be worked for).  They would, of course, need to purchase subscriptions thereafter as normal (or not, if they go the free-to-play route).

So I pay twice for the same EP I already paid for?

No, no. Not at all, no.
In the above example, let's say in it's duration Perp's peak EP is 2 million.  That's not gonna change, if you have that much EP you have that much... and you can't buy more.  But, on the same token, you wouldn't loose any EP or items because there would be no wipe.

But I have 1m, 100k, or none, and would like to invest some of my wallet to make myself somewhat competitive... so I can purchase blocks of EP up to 75% of the current cap - 1.5 million EP - and no more than that, per account.  All I get is EP, nothing else.  You already have the garage full of bots, tier 4, gamma, research that I will still have to work for.

Y'know... everyone's terrified about a wipe-all or other changes that will impact all the filthy lucre they've amassed during the slow months of peace... but other people have grave concerns about attracting and keeping nuubs...

How about this suggestion:  Pay to Compete
In other words:  EP packages; 1, 6, and 12 month.  To a maximum EP available on a given account of no more than 75% of the current maximum EP.

So, let's say that a character that started, day 1, and has kept active has 2 million EP  (I don't know the total, so that's just an example number).  Any current or new account can buy EP in packages up to 1.5m after which no further EP can be applied and they'll have to progress based on time as normal.

The EP package would be exactly the same as it would cost for a 1, 6, or 12 month subscription, but all applied immediately.  No other benefits are given (thus standings and goods have to be worked for).  They would, of course, need to purchase subscriptions thereafter as normal (or not, if they go the free-to-play route).

It's certainly not 'pay to win' or even 'get ahead', but can buff them enough to feel a little more competitive than a nuub in his arkhebot.  Since nothing other than EP is provided there is no direct 'I win' correlation from premium purchase items or such.

This will very possibly attract new players, give them a means to become more established than a 0-EP nuub and give them an incentive to stay with just a bit more money up front which will fatten the developer's pockets perhaps enough to allow for some expansion?


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Merkle wrote:

...This is a sandbox...not some "hold my hand online".

Take a step back here...

We want to attract new players and keep them - so if a little handholding is necessary, we damn well better do it or down the toilet Perp will go.


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Actually... how about a newbie zone, complete with a PvP island or two that can't be accessed if you have more than 100k EP or a certain number of days in game (90) on an account, not just a toon.  It's still on the main server, the center of the newb zone would still be the three primary alphas, but the vets would be effectively limited from stomping in and crushing the newbs at every turn.
After they've spent a couple of months learning, or even from day one, there's nothing barring them from jumping to alpha 2, beta, or even gamma save for TP mobs.


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Another indy sorta thing:

Factories should draw from containers - there should be an option to point at one in your hangar.
I throw everything into containers, it's an OCD.  Having a storage area heaped with building materials drives me to distraction.

I'd be game with a wipe-all, since the current 1.5m EP players will gobble up gammma, or at least blockade the entry points so that no newbs have half a chance because they'll never achieve parity with the beta players (us).

The problem that the devs face is how to attract, and /keep/, new players (removal of the mind numbing time sinks would go a LONG way) without driving the established players away so badly that they kill the game through word-of-mouth and flame posts wherever it's mentioned.

I'm not a 'new' player, but nor am I an established vet with all of the perks and overwhelming power the vets have amassed, so find myself wondering... what's here to keep me in the game?
I used to enjoy artifacting but that's become a dead horse without a market because the vets already have all that they need and then some.  Mining is mind numbing (strange - on Alpha2 every ore field my scanner points to is under a static red spawn) and harvesting just as bad.
Researching and building is okay - but there's no market to sell to.
Missions?  Alpha... okay.  Boring as sin and laughably limited.
Beta - undocked twice, made it 300m before some yuts goes after me with a MK2 Kain the first time, MK2 Waspish the second in a different terminal on a different island.

So... yeah... nothing to keep new, low EP players in the game whatsoever.


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Artifact 1 sites provide a sum total of nothing = A wasteful time sink.  It's simply not worth my time to do anything other than infest/obs.  The rest get ignored, so all of the alpha 1 & 2 islands have nothing but sal/ind/sci I sites left for me now.

Artifact II sites provide *MAYBE* enough to pay half of the cost for the scan charges.  I only pop them to clear them, I CBA what most contain (trash).

Artifact III sites may provide something of worth, but seldom as much as mining or NPC grinding for 1/4 the time.  But does provide certain things more often than NPC grinding - (cortexes, beacons).  With sci II/III sites dropping nothing but industrial CTs the only reason to hunt them down is parts.

Without accruing EP?  HTF do you expect to keep players if they cannot advance beyond arkhebot level?  That's pretty stupid.

Give a bonus to EP generation for paid subs, OFC, but let the freebies accrue enough to advance without that ever present 'buy tokens/diamonds/coins' popup that so many other games rely on like street buskers.

The complexities involved with setting a server up for yourself is mind boggling.  Joining one is relatively simple.

Importing/exporting blueprints defies the technically unsavvy, I can only imagine that modding will be all the more.  Just wish I could figure out how to 'save' configurations for rapid building components for a larger item.  (a stock cannon structure with power, shield, armor, and guns assembled with a single mouseclick, ect).


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Maybe not occupied, but certainly hands down inconvenient.
Of four I explored I was unable to progress very far because the teleporters were trenched off.  On the one I use are two 'inactive' base structures - one of which I cannot fathom the construction of because a large portion of it is completely inaccessable to even light bots by slope... I'm not about to slog around a terraforming bot just to find an artifact hit.
And then there's having to haul back the goods, without dying, once my hauler is full.

Especially since it seems that the only MK2 CTs that spawn now are industrial - I've found 45 in two weeks, not a single one is combat mech.  And now I'm down to 4 accessable contacts until they, too, end up spawning inside of those structures  (1/3 of them are inside of physical barriers - walls/slopes put in place by terraforming).

Tried it for a time - couldn't figure out how to create my own 'server', or find another server to occupy.

NPCs were murder - swarms of 5 to 8 *vastly* outclassing my shoddy attempts at construction.

Limited 'weapon' types - a single pea shooter and four missile types none of which could hit anything that moved in the slightest.

Speed cap that is achievable by anything - no scaling beyond how fast you attain that speed.  Have not found any third-party mods that add more items.

It feels like a rough alpha offering rather than beta.


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Well, Zoom, consider this:

Artifacts only 'spawn' when scanned for - no need to have every artifact recorded for me on every island until I go to that island and initiate a scan.  That would then populate that particular island for me.

If I haven't 'scanned' an island in 48 hours [using that duration as an example] the scans on that island should depopulate until I initiate another scan.

This would reduce the DB population on artifacts considerably for each player?  [Mind you, I have no idea how it's handled internally, but still, it does seem logical].

If I am actively scanning an island the results should have timers - no need to keep an immediate running tab.  Just a DB cell that gives 'time of artifact placement'.  After 48 hours the DB deletes it and populates another (providing I scan on that island again, otherwise nothing happens, the artifact is not even 'despawned', until I do.  That initiates a DB call and wipes all 'older than 48 hour' results and repopulates new ones).

Also, perhaps a 'stability' score could be implemented.  Stable contacts are relatively fresh - 36 hours or less.  Unstable contacts are 36-46 hours old.  Weak contacts are older than 46 hours and could collapse at any time.

Doek wrote:

I would approach this as such:
And well, considering the gamma terrain (this happens on alpha too though), would a couple of imagefill functions considering coastlines and unpassable terrain, originating from incoming teleports (so fill from all incoming teleports) not reasonable result in the areas you can drop artifacts and new ore fields?

Using the terrain map for the current bot?  IMO it would need to use the light bot terrain map - otherwise I could just do an initial scan in something with the lowest slope tolerance, then switch to a smaller bot, reducing the geographic limitations considerably.

But what you say is certainly valid.


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Then they need to go with option B - unaccessed artifact signals disappear after 24 to 48 hours and refresh elsewhere on the same island.


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One of two things needs to be done -

A:  Artifacts will not spawn inside of terraformed structures - They're not worth terraforming through a stupid wall to get at (particularly:  Structures that have been abandoned)

B:  Artifacts despawn after 24 or 48 hours and respawn elsewhere.

Right now I'm pretty much tapped out because all of my remaining locations are inside of 2 defunct bases that have been constructed to *MINDLESS* complexity and size.

No, they disconnected the TPs and stopped roads short of anything because they want their players to piss away time trying to get anywhere.

Which, of course, is the biggest detraction in the entire game.

Eve may have forced you to spend hours getting anywhere, but at least there was autopilot, [finally] Warp-to-zero, and so many other things you could do while waiting to arrive on autopilot; in game and out of it.
Not so with Perp.  Travel will kill this game before anything else, even STC gobbling up all of gamma and eliminating all access, or all PvP by becoming the elephant in the china shop... well, yeah, the 'Alliance' can kill the game just as quickly.


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Watch your step, STC -

We all know what you're going to do when any new players show up with the Steam release -  Sit on beta gates and WTFOMGBBQ!!111oneone pwn any new ignorant enough to pop through the teleport in their arkhe, just for the easy LOLs and backslapping each other because your 10 mk2 mechs just pwnt an arkhe.

Being big, having gotten there when there was essentially zero conflict in the entire game, only gives you a solid foundation, it does not mitigate the rot that will begin at the core rather than being whittled away from without.  In every game one entity, one group, always attains dominance - and when it does, it always falls apart from within.

See:  Russia, 1980s.
See:  USA, now.

BoB, Goonswarm, Northern Coalition....


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Actually, my concern wasn't for hidey gankbots but for exploration bots that won't get hammered the moment they make a move on beta/gamma.


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Celebro wrote:
Shadowmine wrote:

is shift clicking the radar not autopilot?

More like zombie pilot. It does not work all the time.

There's no navigational pathing in minimap click - one plant, one gradient angle too steep and the bot stops.

Highways should be one-click destination without worry that you'll actually get there.  Off-highway should require a bit more robust pathfinding to ever be effective.