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Azyrex wrote:

Also Villie, I am amazed you could be offended about this after all you have done.  From exposing beast to nudity, namely my personal pictures as your teamspeak avatar, to your foul mouth, disgusting narratives (I won't even cite the horrid things you'd said while drunk, including adultery stories).  You should be ashamed of yourself to scold beast for this.

Ha ha, the ball gags only used in times of war.  I'm so glad you reminded me of how awesome team speak used to be.  I need to get drunk again.

No!!!!111. It can't be plants causing lag.....


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You only get a small radius from maskers too.  It's OP we know.  We said it in gamma 1.0 and by We I mean Lemon.


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Annihilator wrote:
Kayin Prime wrote:

It's clearly not the server causing lag?  Why?  because there are only 4 people on the server at any given time.
It's clearly not the code causing lag.  Why?  because there are approx 4 lines of code.

It's the host.  So let's use a little brainpower:

Is AWS perfect?  Absolutely not. But *** netflix manages to deliver a decent fight scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer without rubber banding her sexy behind all over my television screen - while I'm hosting a minecraft server locally - while playing space engineers - while posting this very post.   And i think that deserves a little attention. Maybe even a drink in their honor.

God forbid we place our servers on an infrastructure that allows us to distribute to different data centers in different availability zones all over the world at essentially the click of a button.  Cloud is evil. Let's not do that.

Why am I saying we?  What am I doing here?

More beer!

all that babble about cloud servers... can you please tell me a f2p mmo that has a single-shard, non-instanced gameworld that is hosted on a cloud server. I would really like to try it out and ask the DEVs of that game how they solved the dynamic scaling to allow 1 to 1k player from all across the world beeing in the same region ingame, but beeing connected to the closest server to their real world location.


This is going to be good.


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Kayin Prime wrote:

- People arguing that it's not really X people playing the game but Y.  Where both X and Y are less than the number of people you will see at an IHop at 3am on a Wednesday.



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Burial wrote:
Perpetuum wrote:
Burial wrote:

Look how small the world is. Anyone seriously wanting to siege anything at the other side of the map won't mind the 15 min travel.

What a terrible defense to do nothing about this matter at all.

Hey guys they can do it in 15 min, so instant is just as the same....right?

It should be a 23 hour CD.

About a year ago.

Dude, siegers doing the 15 min travel every so weeks isn't a problem. Anyone else doing other mundane content being constantly forced to do the 15 min travel is.

That would make the game world even smaller


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It's that way on beta too.

We are in the middle of April when's testing?


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I'm used to 60 people in one TS.  So seeing 29 in GC makes me feel sad.


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It is bad.


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I noticed it has 7 hops for me instead of 45.  Loading times between the islands seems faster and I'm not seeing crazy spiking.  I'm interested in seeing pvp.

I still can get maxed standings in a few days.  It's quite simple.


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Rotterdam sounds nice.


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GL Pete.

You apparently know nothing.

Egh, doesn't really bother me much.

This would be a massive luxury for botters.



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I would like upgradable turrets on Beta from the outposts themselves.


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I couldn't fit all my mining accounts in one squad at 10 limit.  Can Management would be frustrating.

Cassius wrote:

The game needs to cater to all play styles.

Alpha needs to be profitable enough for new players to join (spend $) and learn basics and get resources
But not easy. Or bottable. Needs red spawns, roaming observers.

Beta needs to be far more profitable, and far more dangerous. Enough for a newb to want to risk bots for reward, die in PvP, and still want to come back and risk it again. And Beta needs to be open, the only way corps should be able to shut it down is by presence, not lockout mechanics.

Gamma needs to be the be all end all. Highest investment cost, best rewards, resources, industry. It needs to be defendable, but not unbreakable.

These guidelines cater to all players at all levels. It's what the game needs to survive. Currently Alpha is too easy, Beta is too risky for rewards, and Gamma is not defendable.*

*based on an actual decent playing population which the game does not currently have.

Yep +1

I guess ammo prototypes take 2 hours but the protos I got cooking take 6~8 hours w/ some in the 2 to 4 day range.

Dude, calm down.  You ride my ball sack any harder I'm going to lose a testicle.

Zortarg wrote:

why not instant build things without time and ep investment?

with resources as only limiting factor.

wouldnt that be nice?

Not really, there always needs to be a limiting factor.   Helps stabilize the market and keep it from crashing.  It would just be nice to be able to do something while waiting on scarab cts.

Yeah but then there's all that hauling.