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Line wrote:

I undock every time I'm in game. Thing is, that no one comes at that time.

What you are proposing wont change that. It will only let you know when and where a fight may happen which is what we have today.

It sounds like what you are proposing is a notification on when you can let less active players in your corp know to log in and lets everyone know to be in the same place at the same time. What fun is *** like that. I like having to jump from Kraz to Hok to catch players running around.

Now ask yourself if we here in the PoE had stations and knew when to batphone everyone. You could ally the rest of the server and still not have enough people. We need to get away from exactly this.


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Jita wrote:

This is pretty much intrusion mk1 which was a better system.

I wasnt involved enough to remember sap 1.0 but I do know that what he is proposing encourages a 2 sided war which is supposed to be what we are trying to avoid.


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Line wrote:

Current mechanics doesn't prevent batphoning at all. Just bring more people while your enemy is sleeping or at work and win not loosing a bot

Quit being PvE and fight for saps

I could say quit being lazy and just undock to see if there is a fight. If your people are not all there then thats your bad guess you didnt want the station. I wont though because Im trying not to be confrontational.

I will agree with you though that the current sap mechanics need to be changed. Tweaked but not totally changed.


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-1 I think this would encourage laziness and would to lead to stations not flipping very much at all. Imagine 1 corp that holds multiple stations knowing each and every time an enemy was going to come to challenge for control of a station. Batphone everyone and deploy. Only those with the most people wins discouraging new and smaller corps to even participate.

Quelaag wrote:

2 Aye Pod

Where i say that this is political? I dont. Ill repeat my question. So you wish allow making single specimen sap when your enemy cant response for this aggression and getting access to base?

Even if the enemy does 1 specimen sap while you are sleeping. Any one sap done again by you will lock the station.
Did you like it when PoE controlled all the betas? Would you support no station locking at all?

Quelaag wrote:

2 Aye Pod, Celebro, Jita, Ville

So you allow making single specimen sap when your enemy cant response for this aggression and getting access to base? Take your hands out of this. Stop try invert game mechanics in way that you wish see in in current situation. From all years of pp i am tide from that.


This isnt political nor reflective of the current state of the game. If you dont want one entity to control everything again this is a logical first step.

Instead of taking station locks out of the game completely, why dont we just raise the level the station needs to be at before it can be locked. Raise it to 80. Also make 1 sap go live on each island at the same time. This way it makes it even harder for one entity to control every multiple stations on multiple betas but still allows those that actually want to live in a station or on one beta to be able to still enjoy the benefits of lock out mechanisms.

Blocker wrote:

Ok so maybe "gamma" is not the correct term for them, seeing as there would be no terraforming or base building on them. I guess they would be more like beta 2's but with the same value artefacts/mobs/dynamic events etc.. Would that make the idea more acceptable ?

PS: ohh and no highways

Theta Islands

Blocker wrote:

I was referring to the idea about adding more gamma's.


I had a blast arty scanning on gamma 1.0 before all the gates were opened up. Game could use some more room.

Jita wrote:

Before any feedback was given on the missions system from Joke the status quo was level 6 combat missions making 450m and 7k tokens an hour (through a broken mechanic the Devs didn’t even know about), harvesting missions that make 10k tokens an hour and a token shop that would allow you to buy black bots for 250m. Up to that point 'everything was fine'.

While I don’t agree with the way the mission system has been balanced we are certainly in a better position now than when we started. Much as your opinion Badass as one of the servers most eminent macro users is valuable if it were up to some on this server who willingly abused this without reporting it nothing would have changed.

If this was the case certain factions in game (including us) would be able to field black heavies easier than Mk2 heavies and you can imagine what that would do to PvP I hope.

The problem that I have Jita is that you can be linked to two huge knee jerk changes, this current mission fiasco and the removal of NPC AoE from beta. When it comes to balancing instead of screaming that the sky is falling and that the game is going to be broken unless the devs do something right now, how about just reporting it and then participate or dont. Id rather have to pvp against black bots for a year than have to deal with another rushed balance patch. Clearly the devs dont do knee jerk reactions very well and Id like them to be able to work on new content instead of re-balancing a balancing patch for the next 12 months.

Jita wrote:
Blocker wrote:
Ville wrote:

You couldn't without allying up the entire server lol.

ohh comon Ville, you know perfectly well that until recently you guys were the ones that comprised the majority of the server. We could, on rare occasion, muster a dozen pvp'ers against you at best. What's changed is the majority of your alliance has stopped playing, now more times than not we can field even numbers.

Not whining, just pointing out the basic facts.


You leaving out the fact that most of your crew wouldnt step up to pvp unless you thought you had the advantage. Same as us. You just seem to be mad that we found that advantage up until we decided to stop logging in.


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Lobo wrote:
Perpetuum wrote:

You want to know what is wrong with this game and why no one plays.

Its this ***.

People have to come begging to everyone else crying not to shoot.

Years ago it was Ville. Now its Jita.

No its dumb forum alts like you trolling around every post. Toxic community.


If they would post something worth reading it would be one thing.


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Ville wrote:

That's a black robot, the token price for T4+ is 20k and that's quite obtainable in a day.

I have no problems with the t4+ items. A weeks grind to fit a Riveler with t4+ items isnt so bad.


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Ville wrote:

These items are not meant to be farmed in a week.  There's more than one way to earn Nic in this game.

The NIC cost aside. 100k tokens will take me 50hrs. Even playing 5 hours a day that takes 10 days. I dont even play 5 hours a week sometimes. Nice way to *** on those who casually play. You have to remember that all we are talking about is better stats. Its not like we are going from subcaps to caps. I have more to look forward to in passing this kidney stone than I have then from this game at this point.

Dev Report card :

Effort: B
Execution: D-
Not enough logic was used in the making of this patch to warrant a grade at this time.


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Vanguard Mesmer: 100k tokens - 5B nic

Level 5 harvesting missions solo on Tellesis with good plant spawns for 1 hr

2k tokens - 10M nic (related skills to lvl 8)

Time needed to farm the Mesmer:

Tokens = 50 Hrs  NIC = 500 Hrs

Are you *** kidding me? 500hr investment for one bot? Even if I decided to grind it out I wouldnt pilot it. Who's *** idea was it to have the devs price everything around the broken squad rewards and then tell the devs to nerf the nic payout? Dont make anymore suggestions because youre about as smart as the devs are. Stupid *** idiots.

Celebro wrote:
Jita wrote:
Gekko wrote:

I haven't seen any game where players actually knew better than it's owners what's better for game. Although we're always think we do...
If they've always listened to vets here, there were only beta and gamma and dead robot DOtA.
So if we're screwed, we would be screwed anyway lol

You must play games where the developers know what happens in their own game. I play games where the developers get wrong mission payouts by a factor of ten.

This is golden. Just wait for the time when we will be swimming with black bots only due to the circumvention of the industry process. This not only breaks the immersion but leaves the door wide open for other kind of abuse.

Gathering and production just out the window, pretty much 50% of the game.

Can you stop with the doom and gloom *** and make good on your promise to move on?

http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … moving-on/

Im not familiar with the insurance scandal or if/why bans were handed out. Before my time.

Keep crying cheater all you want. Maybe one day it will be true. Until then its just more NER rhetoric. Seeing as you were on my side and all.

Perpetuum wrote:

This is some *** up logic bro.

So if they dont know about it, it must be ok?  I don't need another *** human to tell me that DUPING items is wrong.  That GAMING insurance is wrong.  I shouldn't need someone to tell me, that completely breaking the mission system, and exploiting the *** out of beacons is wrong.

No wonder our side did so much of it, I was pulled in as well. 

So if I didn't cheat enough its my problem?  Thats *** up bro.

Duping items was exploiting a bug in the game. Beacons, missions, turtle gammas were all game mechanics that were used as they existed and later we were informed by the devs that they didnt intend/predict them to be used in such a manner.

Let me use crayons and further simplify - until the devs announce that LWF and Plates were not intended to be fit together on a bot anyone who does that is NOT cheating or doing anything wrong.

Whats *** up is the level of ignorance that you display in your posts, bro.

Perpetuum wrote:

And I mean everyone, all sides, everyone bragged we all saw the beacon pits, Hell ZOOM saw them and did nothing about it for far too long.

Nothing is a cheat or an exploit until the devs declare it so. Until then its a clever use of existing game mechanics.

If you didnt benefit from beacons that is your problem.


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I suggested it in this thread but not many noticed. Must be the PHM corp tag.

http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … e-modules/

Rolafen Azec wrote:

Any kind of special charge that costs high nic and can pop but not make collectible artifacts far away?

The 100 charge? Not sure what you asking exactly.

Rolafen Azec wrote:

Any kind of special charge that costs high nic and can pop but not make collectible artifacts far away?

The 100 charge? Not sure what you asking exactly.


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Ville wrote:

We did it in 3 days.  With a small group of about 5 people.

Can confirm. I was there.


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Inda wrote:

I spent 30 minute for 1 mission to find Helioptris!

If on Tellesis then you are looking in the wrong places. I have 2 fields near mission terminals which allow me to run 50+ missions until gone.

Pls retro this back to the OP date. Id like to see the increase of unique accounts active since Syndic stopped logging in.