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Celebro wrote:

Move to beta, mine and haul Epriton, to build it up again, yeah I'd loved to so I can mine HDT AFK.

Many a gamma were lost due to changes in mechanics after they were built. No DEVS were batphon'd to modify those designs around the new mechanics. Keeping to the status quo these new changes should be made and the current base design left as is with the new changes in place. We could do that also. A reset is whats needed and is whats fair for all. Im pretty sure the biker gang would rather see those high walls come down so we could reset your gamma bases for you.

TL:DR You can end up on alpha with all your stuff or you could end up on alpha after losing all your stuff. Up to you.
Either way Gamma needs these changes for it to have a purpose in this game.


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Jita wrote:

To be fair I would advocate the following:

1) All terraforming charges ever bought would be respawned to the character that bought them

2) All gamma structures linked to a corp would be server deconned and placed in the corp hanger of said corp

3) All corp assets would be placed in the same hanger

4)all personal assets would be placed in peoples alpha hanger

And sooner rather than later


Fair to all.

Cassius wrote:

... players are credited for what they have.
take these credits and spend them on a new base on the test server using whatever new mechanics.

Gamma reset or whatever, whenever, and Devs assemble player made plans.

Something along these lines.


Since the goal of the wipe is for a fresh restart with all the new mechanics then it should be just that. Everyone gets their stuff back on alpha and have to re-build everything.

Now lets hear the QQ about not wanting to reinvest time in remaking gamma .

Can we separate mining/harvesting missions from manufacturing?


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This GAP whine thread is silly at best. I think its BS that a new player should get anything more (EP wise) than I did when I first started. You need to walk before you can run. The ONLY thing that drives people from games is that they arent fun anymore ie LACK OF *** TO DO. Everytime I took a break from this game was because I became tired of doing the same things day after day. We dont need EP boosters for new players to play, we need things for them to do and to work towards. I sub'd eve for years because there was always some bad *** ship I wanted to pilot (Nighthawk, Nightmare, Orca, etc...)  Never once in Perp or Eve did I ever cry for help closing the gap between me and the vets. Frankly I dont want people playing the game that need their hand held the entire way through. We already have Hunter and his QQ fills up the short bus already. I think this game needs more rewards for playing other than massive material stock piles. Vanity items, mk3 bots, t4 and t5, vanguard bots, glider combats, logi bots, THE ABILITY TO CUSTOMIZE MY BOTS PAINT, etc...

With the current state of the game I know there are still a few things to do that keeps people subscribed (ruling the gammalands) but eventually we are all going to reach a point where we have done it all and the game just isn't fun anymore. I think most of us are holding out for Steam but I have a feeling we aren't going to see the population boost we are all hoping for. The most recent additions to the game seem more at balancing so new players have a better chance to compete so I would like to know what is one thing the devs could release by the end of 2013 that would keep you sub'd into 2014.

BTW lets not make this a balancing thread. There are many other threads off their rails already.


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Xadhoom wrote:
Syndic wrote:

Xad can you elaborate on how you got scammed out of 100$ for a Perp account?


Selling bridge cheap, PM offer

simply because it's not true.

LIES!!! Keep it up try hard and Ill lay bare all your secrets. Better start checking your chat logs.


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Merkle: I appreciate the gift of your knowledge. The same access to mins from day one exist in both Perp and Eve. You can buy em and you can suit up and run the gauntlet to ninja some. Same *** diff game. We aren't getting players to join in clan numbers and we wont even after steam drops. We are lacking the content to offer players something to do past their 1 week trial. When the majority of the players spend their time playing the game in a particular way regardless of faction or alliances (ie gamma) then there is an imbalance. It exists everywhere. From the same op combo in WOW to the same ship set up on EVE. Im pretty sure the devs didn't create gamma for people to stop using beta. I personally don't care as I like the current state of the game but if i want to see growth then I know change is needed regardless if it changes my gameplay for better or worse.

Burial: At least you got some activity on the forums. Better than nothing. big_smile


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Merkle wrote:

First off, the premise that infinite supplies, ore supplies, is bad, is WRONG.

You still need to have a character logged in and online to mine said minerals
You still need to haul them back to your base, where ever that might be.
You still have to refine them, and build stuff with them.
and most of all,
You still have to go out and LOOK for them.

This idea of, well lets make another ore and MAKE them move around islands.

Why?  Why are you going to make me move around when you have already done that to me already. 
Why are we trying to change a system that has nothing wrong with it, it does exactly what we need.
One of the most successful sandbox MMO's out there ADDED IN infinite ores to boost the ease of getting the ore itself.

I gotta ask but how in the hell does this make this game any better, if anything it would make people more frustrated to mine.

Now I know with out a doubt this acct was gifted.

I think this topic was started by pvprs who are crying they aren't getting enough targets and it turned into a how can the game be balanced thread. Bottom line is as a new player why try and compete when the vets have their own islands where they can mine infinite amts of mins and can produce anything in game. You don't. There isn't enough content to keep a new player. The same imbalance exists in EVE but they have enough content to keep new players interested long enough for them to think they are relevant enough to stick around.

Just so "Merkle the miner" knows, gamma islands have been "locked down" in the current state of the game. Having ore spawns that will spawn an infinite amt of times on said locked down island means that an infinite amt exists no matter what the logistics it takes to pull them from the ground.


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With gamma islands double the degradation rate of the ore fields and when they are depleted/mined out they spawn with a lower amt, say 20% less than they originally had and make it so after 5 respawns there is a 3 day timer to wait for that particular ore to appear on island again at 100%. No more infinite ore on gamma.

With beta change the intrusion system. The outposts should be controlled by those that use the island. Split the islands up into "territories" that are governed by the closest outpost. Make it so killing NPC's or mining ores within those territories give you points towards ownership of the outpost. Increase the rate of spawn of NPCS and keep the ore fields the way they are now. As you have more points towards the outpost then you can add the buffs and lock out other corps. Make the original sap loot deposit into a hangar only available to the corp that has control and make it so that corp can change the level of access as long as they hold it. If you cannot split the island into territories make it so everything done within 5k of the outpost counts towards that outpost. Also make it so that sparks can only be removed from beta outposts when that player has access.

Revive the tournament island as the pvp island. Make a TP on each alpha 2 take you to there. Once there you get there youre flagged for pvp and your timer needs to be up before you can leave. Make it so single tf can be done on the island.

Just my .02


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http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … gs/page/2/

Pretty sure this is where the "problem" started.

Reminds me of the old saying: "Be careful of what you wish for." big_smile

I think Zortarg was for the change of the original mechanic so pls disregard.


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Homer J Simpson wrote:

aHH Aye Pod your post took me back to the days when i had more spies in the Alsbale alliance than they had PVPers tongue

Good times big_smile i just wish that I had kept all the chat logs sad

LOL back when a ping started all the miners log out timers.


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Xadhoom wrote:

lol you were on our side all the way up till you got an ultimatum to join CIR blob or die...and you choice the blob. Then you had the balls and try to give us NEBS that has been carrying your *** the same ultimatum.

Dont even give me this righteous bullshit when you are apart of a 50 man fleet attacking our gamma when we had a 6 man defense.

*edit: Personal attack. - DEV Zoom

Damn Graz, I understand why Ville loves to troll you so much. Thanx for being the example of people taking pixels way too seriously. big_smile

Too correct the fiction of your post: NEBS never carried BOS. Anyone wants to verify this fact they can look at the KB from way back when and you will see BOS on the same kills as NEBS (don't get a nosebleed Beast). What you wont see is much TOG, FNAVY, DREAM, or REMEDY. Yeah, sure it was due to them being on different TZ than us but in the end it WAS BOS losing bots right next to yours. We got the same ultimatum from CIR when they were back killing everything and guess what BOS did? We went to alpha and care bear'd it up. We left the Alsbale alliance because we got tired of TOG and REMEDY crying to the devs about EVERYTHING. "OMG, if they don't do something about the CIR blob then all of TOG is going to quit" We still stood by NEBS when that *** happened and if you forgot it was Qwerty who got us blue'd up with the old HOKKO alliance to fight off CIR. I was part of the 50 man fleets that got wiped off the map when we took the fight to Dom and to EHARMs gamma base. BOS got tired of losing bots so back to alpha we went and we did not log in much until most of CIR had left the game again.

You said we blobbed up and tried to force you to do the same. NOPE! Heres some more truth to the story.
http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … y-and-you/
The first neutral base on gamma and it was killed by NEBS, STC and crew. Sure Ive heard the story about one of our guys shooting a NEBS member on Hersh and was standing too close to CHAOS but it holds no weight. You were in a fleet looking for targets that day and you rolled our lil base after finding no one to pvp with. Then we made some friends on the other side and ended up where we are. The one thing you were truthful on is I was part of the fleet that brought it to your gamma. Payback is a ***.   

Rather than get my post edited for god knows what, anytime you want to find out what I think of you Graz you know my chars names in game.


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I agree with this post 100%. I welcome the change to industry but since the changes that are being made require EP then we should have a reset. Take a business class and you will learn that it takes 3x the resources to get new customers than retaining the customers you already have. Simple. We made our choices to spend our EP under the old system and because AC is choosing to change that system don't penalize the players who made choices under that old system.


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Liquidus wrote:

With so much *** and moaning I am starting to think Az isn't the only female on your side that played.. It gets rather old to be honest.. In my short time in this game and on Dom I can tell you with certainty if the numbers were even STC/Nebs ext were given the sap while the others sat near station waiting for more numbers.. By the time you guys had a 2 to 1 advantage we had already gotten the sap , dropped beacons and were on our way.. To which we got comments like "You guys *** out TP like rabbits " when it was the *** *** on the 12 cir ext.. side not willing to engage without numbers on your side..

        When we would pass on an engagement due to 2 to 1 or worse odds we were deemed cowards and talked *** about . When you had even numbers and sat waiting for more while we took your saps some how you were the victims .. It is this very line of *** bullshit that pushes new people away.. Myself being one of them.. But I am hanging around , for when the *** get tired of hacking Darkfall and come back.. I will be more than happy to shove a missile up each and every one of those bigot's ***.

I wasn't around for this particular fight but I can tell you that you are NOT on a side that doesn't do the same ***. Undocking in heavies when the only mech we have is an Ictus. Some players take their epeen way too seriously in this game. *** I've been party to an FC who commanded us not to undock because if we died then the other side would have 2 more kills than they did on the KB and they would be listed as second when the only thing I wanted to do was have some fun PvP. Before you go running your mouth, I was on your side when that *** went down. It almost seems like people cant take losing in a game that is supposed to be fun cause this is all they seem to have.

Spoken from the New Player/CareBear perspective:

We dont need bots that move faster, we just need faster ways of getting around. How about teleports that weigh in at .5u, take 1 min to charge, allow only 1 person to use, and work only on alpha. Make the cost 25k nic.
We need to be able to get more from missions. How about adding mission chains that end up giving items or add more things to buy in the syndicate stores? PVP ammo/Structure Kernels/Beacons arent good rewards for us because we dont PVP, not enough of a market for buildings, and cannot solo the beacons. Also what about bounty hunter missions? Not "go here and do this" type of missions but I want XX amount of this type of NPC killed for various reasons. Dont tell them where to go and make the different lvl of missions taking you across the alphas to find the NPCs.
How about adding different factions within the different races or different races altogether. This could be the entry point for new bots/items or Hybrid bots. How about adding invasions? Make them on the beta islands. Yellow bots could invade a blue island. Once the island has been designated, open PVP would cease for the time being. Saps would be put on hold and everyone could come out and participate in driving them off the island. Once they have been driven back you have 30m to get off island and the island returns to normal. 
We need more fields. I dont want to spend 15m scanning a field to find out it only has 1 or 2 green tiles. Maybe make them smaller in size but decay and appear more frequently. How about adding cache containers we can buy and deploy or adding cache sites around the islands where we could dump our ores for storage? If I only have 2 hours to play I dont like having to spend 45 min to 1 hr of that time slowboating a scarab around the island to haul my ores back to the terminal. You could make the sites static and charge hourly rent or make them deployable and we have to pump nic into them to keep them from despawning.
Artifact Scanning:
If we are going to beef up the syndicate stores then how about adding tokens to the drops? Also how about adding various CT's to the sites other than only MK2's? Make them appropriate to the diff sites and vary from t1 - t3.

Anyways just my 2 cents.

LMAO - Hunter I used to think you were wise. You keep trying to compare Perp to RL. It seems to be working for you.

What I am tired of Hunter is people are complaining to the DEV's that somebody is using a building and all of its associated game mechanics in a manner in which THEY think is inappropriate and is therefore wrong and should be changed. If this mechanic was a problem then it would have been addressed when the first couple of buildings were placed. Not when someone came up with the idea to use it to siege someone elses gamma.
Just like you said lets address the real issues here.
You guys spend loads of time and nic designing your bases so no one can easily enter and you forgot to account for this game mechanic.
And now you want the DEVS to nerf this mechanic because its easier to cry about it than go and change your base accordingly.
Oh, I forgot, DEVS if you dont change it then I quit.

You know that game Perpetuum?
The one where you can terraform things?
No, the one where everyone cries and threatens to quit because they come up 2nd.

WOW! Im sorry Zoom but if you guys really nerf this feature then you are setting a bad precedence. Enough people getting together to *** and complain and get what you want. Im sorry but if you let an enemy build ANYTHING next to your gamma base then you DESERVE all that it brings with it. Last I checked it was a mechanic that works on ALL islands. Not just ones that certain people inhabit. It sux when things happen to you first but oh well. Just because someone else thought of a new way to use something that is available to all and everyone can do doesnt mean it should be nerfed.


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http://i1261.photobucket.com/albums/ii5 … ea282f.png

If this doesnt illustrate a problem with lag then I dont know what will. At this point the game is unplayable for me. It started when this last patch dropped. This wasnt a spike in lag for a brief second. This client had this lag for about 10m. Oddly enough it did not disconnect. My lag is pretty constant accross Alpha2 (Hersh), Beta (Norhoop), and Gamma (Davis Barrier). I have ping plotter results.