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Kaldenines wrote:


Although maybe keep them off beta/gamma, we don't want people using trial accounts as walking probes.

Though it would prevent that, It would also prevent these peeps from being able to try out beta PvP and see what PvP ingame is like.

Have you seen any 7 day old character die or get kills on beta? If so I would love to see that killmail.

At this time i was 15 days old. sad



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question: do we need to know you?


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Steam is a huge step forward. Grats!


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Oh no the first Review on the steam page is from the biggest troll ever. Ouch to all new players to read what Jasdemi wrote.

If you guys cant use ze internets.


It is on the front page under the tab "coming soon". But they are ordered after date, so you have to look for the "next 10" until you get the tab for the 23rd of april. But its there.

Im still missing the steam anouncement. sad

Wow wtf happened to this:


Celebro wrote:

Can we know Steam launch date please, what's the point of waiting for patch, to announce this?

Maybe a wonder happened and they launch it today with a big bang. *optimism off


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8 hours

win in epitron please


Thank you very much.

I had to reactivate my account for one day to write this. hmm

After we got the lifetime accounts, we are able to write here?

Jasdemi wrote:

Doek is Perpetuums Chribba. Good work! big_smile

Fake! We don´t have Veldnaughts in PO.


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Its dying since 3 months after the release 2010 and i was waiting 2 years now for a big "relaunch". Another good idea slowly moving to the ground of the good-ideas-but-dead-ocean.


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Line wrote:

New content first, new players second. Loosing newbies because they got bored too fast - DO NOT WANT.

New content? You mean what they tried the last 2.5 years? We need players to generate a massive income for the devs, so they can work fulltime and hire more crew. Then they can bring massive new content.

I really hope perpetuum will grow in population any day. Whatever payment model we will have in the future.

F2p wont solve the low population problem.

One account? Why not, if we get 500k EP for free? Or the player base explodes to what it was in 2010.

Lust auf Mining-Ops, Pve und PvP Aktionen? Unterstützung beim Forschen, Produzieren und Refinern? Wir helfen Dir! Wenn du eine neue Heimat suchst mit erfahrenen Piloten, melde dich bei German Robotech Industries.

Eigenes Forum und eigener TS Server vorhanden.

Cant wait for a steam sale, should increase the playerbase much.


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When you need rewards to log in, something is wrong with the game. So no! The EP System is ok, its not the problem.


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Planetside 2 rocks! Playing since beta.


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1. more player
2. more war
3. more economy