The writing has been on the wall for awhile, but it still kind of stings a bit to see the official server shutting down. Are there any new projects you guys are working on, or plans for new projects in the future?

Who is in charge of the open perpetuum project?

As Jita is fond of saying "So long, and thanks for all the fish."

Thank you guys for all the years of blood, sweat, and tears you've put into the game. I've certainly got my money's worth over the years. I wish you all the best of luck with your future endeavors.


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The biggest thing I agree with, and the only thing I really give credence to actually working to bring anyone back to the game, and get new players to go again would be a complete wipe with free to play. You could even work it into a b2p wall at some point, but the biggest thing would be a complete wipe and fresh restart. Anything else is slapping a bandaid on a sinking ship with only the propeller above water.


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So, just ran a lvl 5 mission in Tellesis and realized im not getting the proper payout. The mission said 1.9m payout but when i finished it I got 371k. I was solo but in squad (no others undocked or even on the same island). What's the deal?

I kinda feel for zoom tbh. He's had everyone on these boards screaming for years to do this and do that and much of he's done. The only thing I've seen asked for time and time again is more PVE stuff to do that's never been addressed. I'm too lazy to look for the post I made in 2010 saying that more pve would bleed over into more pvp.

It all boils down to this - The two man team who work on this game in their spare time hasn't ever and won't ever be able to keep pace with content.

Leary wrote:

- (Kickstarter campaign)
- Rename the game Perpetuum Evolved Reborn Enhanced Remastered Whatever.
- Free to play
- Reset the server, fresh new start
- (New engine)
- Pink Gropho $$
- New bots
- Give players reasons to fight
- New devblog every month, even to say hello
- Small but regular updates
- Yes you need to work hard to succeed

No way? Game over.

Now we have to wait another few months to get an update, maybe with some terrible/ok/good content, but players will never come back. - Do I want to play an MMO with 10 players online?

The name of Perpetuum is doomed.

I'm cute.

I kind of hope I'm wrong, but pretty sure this the only thing I see breathing any life into the game.  At some point, banging your head against the same wall over and over gets old.  Do you realize that after ewar mechs were introduced like 6 months after release there's been two new robots added to the game, and both haulers?  We've not seen any new modules since what, interference droppers? Finally got black robots, but then bam... 400 hours to grind for one.

It's time to *** or get off the pot. The cow is about dried up. Either man the *** up and do what needs doing instead of bullshit patches that hardly matter or shut it down.


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What are beacons?

No, seriously though, I haven't tried them since they were changed, so I don't know.


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I don't know, the cost does seem a bit high, but i keep imagining a mercenary seth with t4+ tunings and how much damage i'd be doing big_smile

Ville wrote:

Why does this thread sound like "We told you so if other PoE members show up to assist in having a good time and engage the community in content."?

Unlocking stations will do the following:

1.  Alliance held beta terminals.  No alliance will want a station they can have their players monitored 24/7.
2.  Decrease in industrial activity on the island.  Who's going to want to undock in something squishy knowing something can undock behind them.
3.  Increased griefing of players wanting to be able to use a beta island.
4.  Beta islands difficultly to hold will increase as, this is important ANY PLAYER will be able to dock and undock characters that can easily scan a sap AND can be used as an entrance onto an island.
5.  Decrease overall Pvp activities.  People will be able to gauge the amount of players they will be able to engage in the terminal.
6.  Makes it more difficult to secure minerals because tanks smaller haulers will have to be used.
7.  Increase rates for epriton, because more logistics to secure loot.
8.  Mission patch will allow for players the access to perform missions without owning a station.

So what emergent game play are we talking?  Offensive Pvp towards beta outpost owners?  That's the only way I see it helping.  Because people don't use betas to production or for anything other than sap farming and mining.  Why don't they use production?  No bonuses there and too easy to lose stability during off time. 

I've listed 8 items that I can see as problems already.  And removing sparks are going to help tremendously.  So can you explain exactly what emergent gameplay your talking about?

Seriously you typed a lot of words just to say "We're afraid of getting scouted."

I think you're been playing this game long enough to know what it was like before the new mechanic changes. We lived with all of that on Norhoop for a long time. None of the stations were locked and that was when the game was most populated. We moved out of norhoop not because of the station getting locked or whoever's name was on it then, but because you could sign up for an intrusion for 1m nic and then not show up, and that part of it sucked. You know how we dealt with eyes in a station? Whenever they undocked they died.

I can't say it would do much good, but I dont think it could do anything worse, there's like 10 people left playing this game. If the change was easy and it got 10 more dudes to play the game then I'm sure doubling the population would be a huge success.

*edit* didn't see this was 7 pages long and my give-a-shit just ran out of fuel.
**double edit** Whoever made that map with the teleports next to the station leading to the outbound is my hero. Implement that NAOW.


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Phantomburn wrote:

I want to start off by thanking you for providing clean and clear dialogue and I am asking very kindly we keep Corporation dialogue where it belongs.  Thank you.

There have been a number of changes with balancing and speed and mass in the past 6 months but we haven't seen anything about explosion damage.  I have some questions because I am unclear of a few things. 

What is the ACUTUAL explosion damage calculation equation for radius of explosion and damage done?

Range and DPS were lowered 20% in the rebalancing post, but one of the most destructive weapons in the game remained unchanged: explosion damage.  Why wasn't that lowered?

In honesty I love explosion damage it provides a realistic feel to the game but in this game the penalty is massive!

I want to post some simple pros and cons:


Adds a realistic feel to content.
Losers of a fight can still inflict major consequences to the winning forces causing both sides to always lose something in pvp.
Can easily camp gates with certain bomb fits.

Losers of a fight can still inflict major consequences to the winning forces causing both sides to always lose something in pvp.
Can easily camp gates with certain bomb fits.
Bringing New players into a fleet fight becomes a liability
Explosion damage can easily change the tide of a fight with one guy exploding in the group
It's not new player friendly
too hardcore for most players.
It Causes snow balling effect.

One huge disadvantage to it is with Logistic Robot pilots(Yes they do exist) you know the guys playing medic in the backgroup throwing out remote armor repairs and energy transfers they have to be within 300 M of you.  These guys soak up damage because they have to be in the back pockets of the people on the front line, so if they are at half shields and someone blows up most likely they are going to end up soaking up huge chunks of damage if not being killed itself.  And when someone goes bomb in the middle of the group, well let's just say we have seen many a chain reactions...

So what's everyone's thoughts?

Remember that fight on alsbale and how you laughed and laughed?  Now you wanna lower it. So typical.


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How did my name come up in a post in recruitment for a crappy hangers on corp with a dumb name?


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Burial wrote:

Current playerbase's decline has nothing to do with the balancing patch. Newbies don't care.

Greenlight influx failed because of boring PVE. Full Steam launch influx failed because of boring PVE. You can camp the same spawn or do the same 3 missions so long before you've had enough.

Living on Beta used to provide some excitement but it hasn't been worth it for years.

Want the playerbase to grow? Fix Beta reward and improve PVE.

Yeah, I totally agree with this statement, and although I posted it in another thread and haven't bothered reading any of this, I'd just like to say that I think the patch was all in all a pretty descent balance change and that regardless what bitter people (vile) say, I think it's a step in the right direction. If all the people that don't like the patch *** off forever it's still a drop in the bucket that have left for the reasons burial posted.

Let's end this discussion, and don't focus even one more second of your time developing on your days off from your real job and get to work on the things I quoted from burial.


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I couldn't care less about this patch, and to be honest you lot should really just suck it up and let it ride. See how things play out in a month or two.

Maybe... just maybe... there's more stuff that's coming down the pipe we're not privy to that this was the first step for?

But all things considered, I think the patch isn't that bad. Ewar aren't  quite the go to bot like it used to be which is a good thing as it's always been way to powerful. Light bots got their rock/paper/scissor in that now you can't just put one on a mech/assault and go afk and make a sammich and wait for backup to come kill what you've tackled. Green bots have always been terrible (except for very special circumstances, like the alliance tournament and having like 10 grophos in a squad), so nothing really different there. You can have a Mesmer mk2 go 120, an artemis that goes 70ish while double demobbed and both of those are pretty sweet.

Keep the patch Zoom, tell alf I said good job, and GET TO WORK ON ADDING NEW CONTENT NAOW. *Cracks whip*


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Ville wrote:
Jita wrote:
Ville wrote:

Shear ignorance and lack of social understanding written down in one post.  See above.

People post their discontent for changes made doesn't mean we hate the game. 

I imagine a person or corp that's demonstrated throughout the years when there's a challenge or a little pressure to just quit and walk away wouldn't understand what commitment or perseverance is.  In fact its so obvious, there's a sound board clip that's hot keyed of Mobios calling balling Bangladesh a coward.

The only way to get a point across is by repeatedly beating it into some thick skulls.  The patch is terrible.  Now instead of real *** content were going to spend 6 months trying to band aid *** instead of getting content.

Another shining example of why you will do anything, say anything or be anything just to be an idiot.

Sad part is everyone sees through your forum propaganda.

Yep, everyone knows what an *** you are already. Even you know you're an ***, and state it on the forums. Doesn't make Jita's statement any less true though as we've seen your hypocrisy time and time again on the forums. I think your true personality shines thru mighty nice on the forums though vile (also an apt name for your character).


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Does your depravity know no bounds? Seriously, you're trying to get other people to go vote down the game because of a patch you don't like? Get over yourself, jesus.


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I kinda like the patch. It's *** in all the right ways.

Grizz wrote:


To quote sinny.... "Of this, I approve."

I like state of decay it's pretty fun.


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Just wondering why isn't perp on sale for the holiday in the States? Seems like a missed opportunity to me.


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Jasmoba wrote:
Tonnik wrote:
Rage Blackout wrote:

why dont you bot more

You guys seem to post that crap a lot, including about me. Proof or stfu.

Chaos made me a few sequer loads of scrap.  You can go see it by your self he bots south from shinjalar.  Between station and ordurai 1 teleport.  Elite spawn.

Nobody will shoot NPCs for the competition for free.

This coming from the guys that support a guy who actively seeks to break the game in every way he can and exploit it at all costs? Ask peanut how many times he's broke the game, and devs had to hack out a broken patch just to stop him. Not that I'm defending it if it's true, but the outrage you guys are displaying is quite hypocritical.


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Khader Khan wrote:

Turn your back on the DEVS and this game this weekend!!!! Show them that we can play another game this weekend and hell we might not come back. Show them that when they alienate the last few supporters, They might need to reconsider why they did it.

Starting Saturday the 29th I will not play this game for 48 hours.


Promise! Please take everyone in cir/phm with you! You can leave Gunner and jassy so we can play "Hide-the-salami" with their mechs.

I said as much before gamma was re-released, I said no one would bother building there except for the trolls in cir/77th as it's not worth the effort with no epriton. The stc base the first non-partnership of kumbaya singing circle jerkers? Seems as if I was right in that previous thread. The only reason I could think of that makes any sense is if they're planning on sometime in the future making colixum or some other resource needed that's only found on gamma.

With the rate of development we've seen for the past 4 years, that means in about a year and a half they'll release that part of it.

Here's the question, say it's the reason above as to why it's a good idea to not have epriton on gamma... and then assume that my second statement is true, what's wrong with leaving it on there now so the new guys can get it. Once it's built they have at least 9 days to mine when cir/77th isn't trying to kill the base/them, and get it off island.


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Ville wrote:

Noodlez that was the funniest thing I have read all week, props to you.



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I don't know... I for one think the auto-pilot has been negatively affected by this, as the routes are constantly changing as soon as trees come into view (yes I have max draw distance). Couple this with the fact that your robot is faster and it leads to dead ends where the AP breaks.


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It's a people problem, has been always will be. Remember the Devs are people too. They've made a pretty amazing game for a couple dudes in a basement.

In my mind, the problems are two fold. On the one hand there hasn't been any new content added to the game (sorry, re-working gamma isn't new) in years, and the low player population. When I came back a year ago to the game, it was pretty much the exact same situation as now except STC and friends owned everything. The only difference then was that there were gamma islands with thousands of turrets to protect them. That's the biggest difference a year makes, besides who is top dog on the server.

As far as the players though you're right, the community has been pretty horrible to each other, and I'll admit that I've been one of the biggest contributors to that. The only way we can fix this issue is step by step, but we can start now.

I officially pledge to keep the trolling, insults and derogatory language to as much a minimum as I am capable, and ask that all vets join me in this. It's time to put aside our differences and work toward a better future within Perpetuum. The past is the past, and let's leave it there.