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For the zenith to do that you need RSAs, and ewar nexus both at 10.  So your comparing a fleet to 1 bot.


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Tell me more about why I'm lagging in pvp?  And rubber banding every where?

But it's so expensive to make Inda!

2020. Lol


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So is it fixable?


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Don't tell him Qwerty.


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*edit: Offensive. - DEV Zoom

It what's happening when people with no idea about the hame do balancing.

Resist bonus on a scarab.  "Balancing"


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Think OR KNOW?


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Too busy enjoying my new ui.


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Bring more than one *** person.


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If you want something done right you have to do it yourself.


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Its ok Steam Accounts are free.


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You have to send a clear message.


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If your sick of terrible game development and this terrible patch join me in providing a Negative review on Steam and further push the rating of players down.

-  If the patch is reversed you can like wise change your review back to positive and up vote.  Pushing the rating from negative to mixed to positive.

SEND A FORCEFUL MESSAGE.  If it pains you to see a game with so much potential be derailed by bad patches as much as it does me.

Terrible Patch.
Terrible Lag.
No new content.

Take a stand!  Do it for Great Justice!



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DEV Zoom wrote:

It's up again.

That's what she said.... about the Lag.


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The level of butt hurtness makes me smile every time.



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Chemist wrote:

Can't connect. Now.

Zoom  [developer]  Dec 8 @ 5:46pm Unfortunately when we can't reproduce the lag ourselves, logic says it's caused by something beyond our control.
Ville   19 hours ago Just because you can't reproduce doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It just mean your testing it the wrong way.
Zoom  [developer]  17 hours ago I didn't say it doesn't exist, I'm just saying that when 5 guys are complaining on the forum and the others are playing fine, then either those 5 guys are doing something very special that we couldn't figure out yet, or it's some external factor.

Apparently Chemist, Ville and you are doing something VERY SPECIAL.


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http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … it/page/2/

http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … -logg-out/

You need to read some of these in your spare time for the lolz.


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And now Kayin Prime, you and your alliance is discovering the effects of the detector nerf and WHY detectors where put in this game to begin with.  Its a shame that players who lived in fortified Gamma and never wanted to learn how to live on a Beta island and secure it made such a stink on the forums about how OP detectors where.  Sadly they never lived on Beta or understood what scouting was.  Those same people flock to the forums and make grand suggestions about mechanics and their uses with not even an ounce of experience/knowledge in the subject matter.

But I am not Angel too; however, if(edit) my suggestion of the test server would have been heeded you would not be experiencing this smile.  Because the methods that I clearly pointed out to the developers are being used at this very instance.  It's kind of like a broken record of I told you so.  Because literally, I *** TOLD YOU SO.


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Now imagine if All the stations didn't have locks on them.  Your alliance headquarters would have a scout inside the terminal completely safe.  When someone left the channel they just login the ghank bot in the station.  Undock and kill you, OR if they couldn't they kill you they would simply just sit there till you forced them to dock up.  Then they would have to sit under a station flagged for 5 minutes and you know how terrible that is smile


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Annihilator wrote:

unless the WASD movement has any gameplay importance and monthly subscription... still no game for me.

Celebro wrote:

From January 2015 they are banning Multiboxing software.

I am curious how far they intend to go with that. AFAIK software solution had been prohibited until a few years ago and player circumvented it by mechanical solutions. With todays availiability of VM-ware and Proxy IP's, dedicated Multiboxer will find their ways to continue.

BUT - if they find a good way, AC hopefully can follow up.

We can't even get npcs that logically path.


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Last night, I spent the entire pvp session with NSE warp around the *** trees.  Your game is *** up, please fix this crap.