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Mark Zima wrote:

3) The whole intrusion event should not consume more than 30 minutes of game time per day. One 20-30-min event daily would be reasonable and will reduce burnout.

Disagree, one hour for any single event. It's one of the backbones that will keep people logging in if they wish to own many stations. Sorry Mark, I wish you could see the foresight in that timer decision.

Anyhow let's see how it works.


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Nah, we're fine. We got the best miners in the game.

Dont decrease the time the defender has to wait, make those who take multiple stations have to pay for holding them. That's been my going line now for this thread. If you decrease the amount of work an alliance has to do to hold 6 stations, it's kind of just I1.0 then.


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small groups can take saps.

The specimen is a pain in the ***, and is hard for them.
The destructive, active and passive we've taken straight under a groups back.

I think the destructive was too easy.

Tux's main point is right, the game now is becoming about being active and involved. If you're not active, or bored, or playing something else, then so be it and you loose control. These control points have given many people goals to do, and it's great! We're having a great time.


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Hunter, play game, you get good fights. We just had good fight vs chaos at uria. great job fighting. Don't zerg up, makes combat more fun.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

Just so you know, we did some devtalk today about I2, and everyone agreed that it's still way to early to tell whether this works fine or not. Even if it's not, we will take small steps only.

We agreed that SAPs are too easy to complete compared to the 1 hour of defense necessary, so as the first step, we're increasing some timers/HP/etc there in the next patch (along with making the times persistent and fixing specimen processing of course).


I'd strongly suggest forcing groups that control many stations to keep having to extend themselves otherwise they can simply log off and show up once per week.


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Gilgath wrote:

You say, "Your Group", so do you mean the SovNov alliance?  Which comprises 3-6 Corps

That had control over domhalarm, norhoop and novastrov and didn't use their land. Yes I'm referring to those corps. Remember alexadar saying he never used norhoop anyhow? Wow I saw those 3-6 corps take use of it.

Also it must be the ones we saw use norhoop, or domhalarm like 2% of the time(LOL how often is norhoop populated? ). The ones with like 2-3 guys in it that never do anything but farm on telesis. Yep. They were just "waiting" for that beta oppurtunity to come out again and farm at at it, but previously they "couldn't."

Nice try gilgath, I'm not the only group on the server that sees through those fallacies(F-NAVY, TOG, M2S etc). Nova has about 2-3 active corps and that's it. Activity shouldn't be rewarded to inactive people.

Like I said, if alliance is having a hard time holding onto so many stations, maybe that's a sign to split up or control far less. Welcome to trying to take 6+ under the system. Get in a corp anyhow if you're going to make some logical premise.


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BandwagonX9000 wrote:

I believe the system is perfect as it is, after all the devs gave us what we wanted. I'm particularly fond of the 1 hour waiting times that let you bond with other corp members

Your group wants 5+ stations, you're going to get a lot of bonding time. Blame it on your leaders not on the developers. The new system attempts  to limit an alliance's appetite. Well so far it seems to be working... still need more time.


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Alliance features are already implemented via letting the defender have an hour to defend the sap, and allowing one to scan the exact time. If you're alliance needs a feature to get together an hour ahead, that's kind of silly(well your basic alliance benefits seem the same mobios, but extending them to make it easier for territory control should not be allowed -- the 1 hour defense covers that).

From the ones doing a fair bit of action we're noticing the same "alliance" trying to take much land again ie, nova is trying to take all of norhoop, nova is trying to take all of dom, and novastrov. Yet they are complaining that the system is hard, which rightly so it should be for 3 lands. Do you think it should be easier for a body to go back to 1.0?

One of the real keys or kicker is that, as mongolia jones has said "People dont want to be active in a game anymore" ie they simply want to go play something else while their sand castle sits for eons. No maintenance of their territory, no continued activity or play. They only wish to log in 1 time a week, and then say "We'll we've defended our 8 stations, we win." However now the new system keeps them on their toes, and taxes them for trying to take too many land masses.

The current system is innovative with regards to other mmorpgs. While there are pros and cons to it, we do notice that the defenders do actually have to involve themselves quite often in order to take and maintain a large amount of land. As opposed to other mmorpgs having territory control, where the defender can go lax and not have to maintain their control as much.

Again though I think it's too early to tell. I also think people see 100 as the golden ticker, while the control number should bounce back and forth overall( you should be fighting for your land etc ). An alliance shouldn't be able to take 8 stations in the game, and go on the offensive at the same time as a coherent large group. They should suffer a strain to control 8 stations.

This way newer groups can take stations, and add more diversity to the game.


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Ville wrote:

+1  Kazzanka's ideas.

lol you realize his ideas are what I'm saying, but for some reason why I make a statement you flip out smile

I see the frustrations people are having with the whole "my alliance is having a hard time doing this."  But honestly,  why should it be so easy to hold so much land.  It wasn't easy for the British, it wasn't easy for the Romans, and it sure as hell shouldn't be simple in this game--it would break it.  Here's the thing, you don't have to defend every single SAP that comes up, and you're not expected to in this new system.  However, if you put any effort at all into it you should be able to maintain 70+(85+ I dont think is out of the question either) points pretty easily and strike out against your opponents SAPs.

Grem making it easier for defender, makes it easy once they've established their grip.


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Arga wrote:

If veterns decide to quit the game, the next generation of players will take over, and they will work the mechanics currently in place.

We don't want this to happen, but notice this. Suppose an alliance decides, well we only need to log in 1 time a month now to hold our outpost. This can't happen under the current system, and as arga says, newer corps that have more activity can take these outposts that are left open while the less active alliances aren't playing.

Why should people who don't actively play a game be rewarded with a stake in territory?
They shouldn't.

The newer players should be, who are active and vibrant.


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The funny thing of this whole thread is 62nd are THE ONLY ones defending the new intrusion.

Can we keep comments on topic?

This is simply not true. Others from corps are figuring out the pros and cons. In fact we've posted some cons.

What you mean to say, is when it's easier for you to hold 8 stations again just logging in once a week, that people will cry blob. Of course, when your large alliance can own 8 stations easily, and then just focus on one target, what would you expect? You have only one real force on the server fighting you.

But that's not going to happen, you're going to have to pay the price now, of holding 5 stations - 6 stations by being logged in and active enough to do that. You don't want to do that though. You want to log in for a bit, then log off. You now take a station on the enemy side, the enemy can just harass the new one, or the others you own.

The system should reward active players, prevent alliances from dominating the whole map, and encourage smaller groups to enter. It certainly wont by making it easier for larger alliances to do so. Friedrich pointed this out in his radio comment. Mechanics that allow larger alliances to do easier work will just make the server two sided.

Dan posted some good points.


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Triglav wrote:

2) Capturing time/defending time needs to be brought much closer to 1 than it currently is. It is ridiculous defenders NEED 10X the numbers of attacking force (that's why 62nd totally failed at attacking any defended sap as they dont have any fighting numbers - except in the forums where Mara counts for 13-37) just because the SAP can be finished so quickly. Any nondecent attack force can kill the SAP btw while combating defenders.

Untrue, your defenders don't need that many numbers. What your trying to accomodate is having 10x the numbers so you can move easily from sap to sap and control more. For someone that's so unworthy, I seem to be on the tip of your tongues every time you die.

3) The SAP timers need to be brought further apart.

Absolutely not. A big group goes to point A takes it, then just goes to B then C then D, and keeps going. If A,B,C are active and on multiple islands, big group can't go to multiples unless it splits. This is important and keeps groups like yours in check.

4) The mechanic needs to be inserted where the defending force can CLOSE the SAP SOMEHOW! Waiting for 1 *** hour is a waste of ANYONE's $/hr, unless you're having fun with it. We're not. EULA says that if some1's

So you'd have to be at one place for an hour vs the other 6 you're trying to take. Well sorry, maybye the game is trying to say that smaller groups can have a chance to control an outpost.

5) Scanning the SAP times needs to go. Away.

I agree here.

Oh, we're also not failing. You've lost norhoop(which you're trying to retake), and we've managed to take saps and outpost from you on domhalarm. I count that as a push on my book, and you're complaining about having to defend "multiple" islands, which is the way it should be.


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Dazamin wrote:

I'd quite like to go fight at a SAP but after two-three hrs of sitting on our own SAPs, I really can't be bothered sad

The fact is we want to hold our beta stations, so we do it, but there's a limit to how long ppl will want to do it for, and tbh no defenders = no fights if you attack.

Put some defenders and look at times, then take an offensive group to go fight one. If your enemy comes to fight you, it's likely one of theirs will be open ( I'm hoping they continue with timers near each other)

lol chaos retook uria, ok, so nova needs an outpost on multiple islands, and they/naismith/lol complain how "hard" it is. Yes, make the system easier so that the large alliance can go back to easily logging in for 1 hour a week, then logging off.


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Ville wrote:

Yeah Aranol it was awesome watching 62nd heavy mechs blow up!  Even better when Mara and balifzar teleported off island while the rest of their squad got got camped in Moyar!  It was like old times again.

It was really fun watching ville hide behind several mechs and claiming such battleprowess, it was also fun taking down his friends in heavy mechs and forcing ville to fight with 20 people at his back. For one with such courage and prowess I'm amazed at his skill in making such comments. I'm glad my guys will fight with just 10 vs 20, or 10 vs 30. While others will wait to engage with having 2x or 3x the numbers.

I'm also glad ville fought with a group that claims to drive people from the game, and then complains about lack of pvp in the same thread. Awesome.

They've lost control of norhoop f-navy, and their stuck defending domhalarm now. Come back to the game and force another offense on them.


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Dazamin wrote:

@ Mara - Controlling one Island is a pain in the *** with SAPs every few hours, also remember timers are closer because they were all started at the same time recently, expect to see more divergence in SAP times within the next week.

Well if it limits big groups isn't that a good thing, vs seeing one alliance controlling all islands? Imagine what one would have to do to control 6 or more outposts, oh wait, they are already complaining trying to do such.


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Mark Zima wrote:

2) Most SAPs are very easy to capture and very hard to defend. Scouting is useless, even gate arkhes are useless since most OPs are relatively close to external teleports.
Unless you proactively guard the SAP for one hour (twice a day, at random time) with a force capable to exterminate _any_ intruder in under 2 minutes, you're sol. (May I remind you how hard it is to kill certain shielded setups?)
3) Island-level intrusion window visible to anyone is stupid. Only defenders and the people actively caturing the SAP (sitting on it, hacking it etc.) should see it .
7) The lack of alliance mechanic makes for 1 corp = 1 outpost rule so you can't concentrate you forces on defending one outpost without putting too much trust to where it does not belong.

2 keeps your enemy in check as much as it keeps you active. If 2 is made easier for you, your enemy has to defend less and can be more offensive. Think about the consequences of that.

3 Yes I agree the intrusion timer scan should be removed.

7 No to alliance mechanics, it's already there with allowing an "Alliance" to guard a single sap together for an hour. Have you actually attacked anyone saps yet that have guards?

As a side note: I'd also like to know here if anyone besides war and 62nd has gone to fight a force at an intrusion sap. If anyone has any thoughts about that. Frankly I'm glad to see the larger alliances already complaining they have to hold their saps, because the harder it is, the more they are kept in check from controlling multiple lands.

When you use eve as an example we have to also remember the large areas of space that were just left empty because it was so easy to go on the offensive.


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The easier you make it to hold several outposts, the easier it'll be for larger groups to go on the offensive, and we'll be back at intrusion 1.0 with one alliance dominating the map.

Having the saps last an hour and having saps occur at the same time on different islands prevents large alliances from dominating the whole map. I really think this prevents an alliance form owning more then several islands. If the sap timers were cut short then, it'd just be a matter of getting one fast then going to the next.

Force entities to invest time when controlling many outposts so you limit them. I also don't think sap timers should be scan able. Bottleneck the amount of saps they can handle, or they risk openings in their stations.

If it's easier to take a sap, then an entity that tries to go on offensive will have to hold that sap while trying to take another outpost. Thus you split forces etc.

The ones complaining are doing so, because they want to make their efforts easier to control larger areas. It should be not be 1 alliance per 4 islands. lol look at player base.

I also think it's too soon to call a feedback alex.


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Hey f-navy, yesterday they lost koykilli, hydelhorn, and inertia. Come back, and make em loose more. You guys already made them loose lots of heavy. Come on aranol smile


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Gregorri Davion wrote:

EVE player since 2003...

Started off in late beta with 31st wrecking crew,   then once launch hit i flew solo in empire then headed out to Stain with interstellar elite,  Had a kid and took a 18 month break.

Went back to join up with scooter1 in Interstellar Exodus (IEEX forever baby!) in Stain elliance / stain Empire.

Did the Stain/Fix war,  took another break,  came back when IEEX, Priory of the lemon and PMAS formed R0adk1ll alliance and took over Gem....

SMASHKILL (and yes the goon titan kill was awesome!  iirc Atlas was also in on that kill as we had just started working with them into our coalition)

WAAAYYY too much history for me to post/remember in one little spot smile

wish more EVE players would come tp PO as it is way better then Capships Online

Good to see some old EVE vets here.

may the pewpew be with you.

Great to see you, flew with scooter1, and others. Was awesome fun. Welcome to the game. Was good friends with priory. Quesa is here btw. But he pops on sometimes wink


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Kanogi wrote:

So i guess MORTE have learned the mighty ECORP maneuver from us then cause i saw them dock up in koykil when we decided to do a friendly visit early today. And when they grew the balls to come over to kent they decided to walk 1000m of the teleport before finding out that they didn't want to fight. Even when they didn't meet any resistance at the tp.


seems like a lot of people angry that fnavy defeated cir & co many times. best of luck f-navy. Nova running when they outnumbered us was interesting.


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Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

ya all those mech fights we won never happend.

http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4054/429 … d9b8ac.jpg

Thanks obi, was fun remembering those fights where we wasted them =]. GL F-navy!


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Hope you guys come back, was fun to defeat nova with you.


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What was the reasoning behind not letting the owner of the outpost take their own sap? That didn't make much sense, especially when the timers can be determined that far in advance.


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lol serpens getting owned in game and in threads! Time to throw in towel rg. Throwing money at problems doesn't do much work for you.


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gratz wink , early access char! Only rest 1 time before no-reset.