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Islands are now covered easily. They'll fix it, there was no need to create a thread with this. Any idiot would know it'll be changed.

I hope someone started a proper thread that talks well about this.


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look at darnachov it's free for anyone to use, well mostly anyone. smile


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Fibre is good for you, as it helps you pass stuff fast!

awesome guys. Solid organization and very detail orientated.


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I remember the one where if you jumped gates your client would go black, and they didn't know which gates it was. Holy heck that made pvp and pos fueling chaotic and fun big_smile

MrCeeJ wrote:

So person A just wanders around with a cargo of landmines placing them. Sounds like fun.

Person B is roaming / looking for something to do and then just randomly expodes with no warning. Awesome game. Upon returning to pick up the corpse his hauler then explodes too. Seems like someone put down a minefield and it is gg for that gear.

Is this really what you want?

Yes, exactly the situation I'd like. But charge much money for the landmines.

You realize this is an open pvp persistent world, if we had the technology much worse would happen.

What you think we do when we mask when you go pick up your gear and blow you up again? This just automates the issue.


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+1 Even baby jesus suggest this fix to the devs.


lol I am serious, why wouldn't you use them? Think about it. Jihad time boys!


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I'm pretty excited about bombs and walls.

I am going to surround my enemies in walls. I will grind nic to make their island all screwed up!

Ville wrote:

-1 simply because Mara suggested it.

hahaha meanie!!!!

You would want it too. I heard in ultima online thieves use to put like 1000 treasure chest and trap 900 of them. Nice!!

It invites creativity into the game, allowing you to shape the battlefield slightly. Just simply limit the number of bombs to be placed within proximity of each other.

Man trapped chest, scrolls you can write on, no wonder the uo generation died.. they probably declined these things.. innovation and new stuff >>> flashpoints.  smile

Spray paint the walls would be another feature I'd add.... AH HA!

lol, come on, you know you want to have 90 bombs around your beta station!!! I DO!!!!

Almost a year of running together and fighting, dying outnumbered. Players that have stood against time and numbers, and gank with pleasure.

That's a glimpse of the 62nd!

Make a bomb type so that it is hidden from users too. And that they get picked up on sd by the detectors.
Will this be easy to do?

Give them a stealth like you do all objects.

It will make it so we can do mines. From the video it looks like they are visual to anyone, can you easily add it in so they are like "hard to detect", and we can have minefields?

Do like 3 types:

normal bomb xx nic ( signal masking low )
somewhat hidden bomb xx+1 mil nic ( signal masking better )
SNEAKY BOMB OHMY I WALKED MY FLEET INTO IT xxx+10 mil nic ( signal masking like ewar + t4 masker + bonus )

oh add in some strength for them so they don't get blown up easily...

lol this would be awesome, like the time we blew up a 30 man fleet using 10 termis...


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I could actually model this and forecast the user amounts. However I don't think that may help the game, as people get really crazy about numbers, IE SEE STOCK MARKET DOW. ( No I really can model the user attendance and forecast it )

( Can we csv export the graph? like a csv file that is:

11-22-11 08:99:11, 90



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Nice Tog, grats!

Giving us good pvp! Awesome job guys thank you!


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clearly it's not just 2 extensions to pilot a tyrannos properly, however certain 2 extensions make the tyrannos go over the top by what mongolia says.


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Mongolia Jones wrote:

Improving two skills by 2 points should not double your tanking ability, period.  Secondly, this further divides the gap between new and old veteran players, something I'm sure the Devs don't want to exasperate.

So if we improve two skills by 2 points, we double our tanking , and I'm betting that these are level 10 extensions.

That's not really balanced.


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Alexadar wrote:

3 t4 lights against 1 t4 heavy;
Im sorry you had not much brains to made a counter tactic.

P.S. Hunter not raging, because he was one of the co-developers of shielded pvp wing, what 10 times better than pre-nerfed ERP wing. He raging that guys like you removing good stuff from game. Stuff what you could use.

But it wasn't just 1 heavy alex was it? It was more like 3-4 heavies then artemis pilots abusing them as well, so in a group of 12-16 which we fought against you'd see about 3 CHAOS heavies ERP tanked, along with several other artemis's abusing the crap out of the armor tuners and erp fittings.

With a small opposition group of say 6-8 how many ictus's are gonna be used to counter it? All it takes then is a few ecms on your side, and the opposing ictus's are locked down, while the offense on the smaller group can't do squat against the tanks. Even a small cameleon can counter an ictus.

Primary one erp tank, and the neuts would work against 1, but while you're taking 1 down the opposing fleet is just eating your offense.

Come back to me and talk about how fighting against 3-4 heavy mechs erp fit, artemis's erp fit, with opposing ewar is easy. Tell me that an ictus can't be locked down. Add in several cameleons,and vagas. Then come talk again, cause that's what I saw you use, and you clearly forget to mention that.

ERP + tuner would have made the game become a numbers game, which it shouldn't be.

ps we were using shield tyrannos's neuting/support before the tournament, you're not in a hole developing "top" secret fits. There are other people in game who think too.


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I love listening to 10101010101010101010 make a good claim about ERP tanks when he didn't have to fight against them. They were so broken dude, coupled with the tuners. You remember right>? Back in those times you'd see 4 heavies just rolling forward with erp tanks, and you're like "yah this si fun!"

Great to know you fought erp tanked mesmers 10101001010, makes your claim for erp that much more valid.

Hint: Why do you think hunter rages about erp tanks = titans, lol


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Celebro wrote:

As soon as RMT is in demand, they will have to implement it. Better start early.

It wont be, because I'll be out there busting up some china farmers with my 5.5 gipplers, and mah t4 lasers!

Soon as I find out that there exist farmers somewhere, and I'm able to locate em, it's gonna be another japanese taking china.

Bless open pvp! Nothing like player moderation.

Besides community is small enough, so it's easy to track em down.


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Whelp there goes cir's reputation as something proud to be a part of, nice going on leadership. Openly advertising that wasn't a good idea at all. I really wish lemon would directly answer gharl's question, but he seems to be dodging.

do you support this?

I think denial of the answer is more a vote of support.