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BigCountry wrote:
Glorion wrote:

Better off spending 9 bucks on a second account.


it's how they designed the game and this is prob your best bet (bang for the buck).

dont be suprised if you cancel you combat account though and just run the miner/industry one after a month

atm there is just more content in mining/industry.

Dont be surprised if you cancel both accounts, due to boredom. This option, as the only option, is such a pathetic attempt to steal player's money.

It litterally is how they designed the game, its friggen sad.

1) Game will fall by the wayside slowly but surely if changes arent make, like (but not limited to)

- Collision detection. Robots that ghost through each other.. Are you kidding me.

- Anti-zerg. Currently numbers is just a valid way to steamroll PvP. Considering only a single resource (which is steadily available on market for not too inflated prices) is the reason to be in PvP areas... Zerging becomes a norm. Then to counter everyone always brings more. "Why you have so many?" "We thought you had more!". Derp, endless cycle. Needs balancing if the game is to survive passed a few monthes.

- Removal of trick skills that attempt to goad new players into buying new accounts after making unchangable mistakes. Who uses machine guns after starter bots? Why is it even a skill?

- Respec for newer players so they dont just quit the game after such mistakes are made, like most do.

- Reasons to PvP. Like customizing outposts and having meaningful influence over the beta islands.

Thats it.


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DO NOT BUY A NEW ACCOUNT. Whatever you do please stand up for the feeble gamers who cant help but be pathetic sheep.

Buying a new account just seems like the way to fix mistakes, but its not. Its a poor indy company's attempt at snaring more money then they deserve. When options get better and the game itself becomes more rounded and entertaining.. Then you buy a new account to reward their hard work.

Dont fall for the mindframe of even the DEVs telling the players "Oh well, this is mad hardcore game cuz.". Its not, the PvP at this point is a joke and the whole game is an AFK grind for ore or kernals. There is little to do, no incentives to be in PvP zones (the game is consensual PvP.. lol 'sandbox' lol) and a slew of problems.

Main one being BOREDOM. Dont support this game because it tricked you, support it because it entertained you.

That is all. Thread can continue.


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DO NOT BUY ANOTHER ACCOUNT... Im tired of hearing that be a logically solution to litterally every question about EP usage or any problem stemming from EP.

Just play your main combat guy and if you want to do indy stuff, save up some EP and use the same account. Dont fall for the buy 298173 accounts song and dance, even if you can afford it. I could buy easily 50 accounts a month without remotely breaking the bank.

But its a money snare and its something that isnt needed. Honestly as the market settles the prices of things will be around their real worth..

As is, making an indy to mine- refine- produce.. Is time consuming as hell, time which could be spent just out making NIC. So making an INDY char isnt mandatory, especially if you jjoin a corp.

And buying another account because it seems like thats the answer to all problems, certainly isnt the way to go. Some of these hardcore guys want you to have 9 accounts too, that way that dont feel like a friggen loser with a robot train following them everywhere.


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Lupus Aurelius wrote:

And again, F- , and your comments still have nothing to do with any factual data or analysis to support the arguement of the thread.  This is the "Balancing" Forum, not the BizzyFatBoy forum...

You should edit your posts 9 more times to keep saying something about 'Factual data', all the while just getting more mad. I offered world class thought provoking ideals and opinions in this thread.

Yours: Join zerg and have served in the Coast Guard.

LOL.. Get served son.


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Lupus Aurelius wrote:

Just for future info, Biz. my mom has been dead for 30 years...  try to be more inventive.  Oh, btw , SLacks, I've seen pictures of you, LMAO. 

Hmm, wobbly legs, lol, hardly, and i serously doubt you are ex military, as am I...

Trying being a real man, Slacks, before you try the above.  Also, kiddo, since you are a kid compared to me, work abit on your creative writing, really suxs....

PS: You also get a F- for marshalling facts and data to support an arguement...geez, don't they teach you kids critical thinking anymore?

You are suffering from 'UMADBRO' syndrom. Its ok its curable by just not getting so emotional, but its like watching a LifeTime movie reading one of your posts. Tiffany Amber Thisen much brah?

And stop masturbating to my picture soldier boy.. who crank dat soldier boi... LOL, like someone would care that you were a dishwasher in the navy.

Now keep getting overly mad and using nicknames I personally created in other games, to help angry kids like you have a chance, and you have no affiliation to.

I guess since it seems you have the downs, I could cut you some slacks.

Now go to your *** timeout chair.


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Neoxx wrote:

Drop the npc kernal buy orders and let the players decide their worth.  My guess is that low level kernals will be worth a lot less and it will bring balance to kernal value.  This will drive vets from the low level spawns in search of better profit.

We have NIC faucets with missions, so this wont be missed.

And cause EVEN less Beta island activity? Bad idea.


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Lupus Aurelius wrote:

It's called life, and it rarely is ever the way you want it to be.  What matters is how you play the cards you are dealt, not complaining that someone got better cards than you...

Sadly for your twisted reality, its actually called Perpetuum. Stand up.. Whoa, legs a bit like jello huh? Well try again.. There you go buddy, good job! Now that youre standing, go towards the basement stairs.. Winded already? You only climbed two stairs.. Ok ok, keep going.

Thats it! Open the door.. Mom is surprised to see you, but ignore her shocking stare and angry questions about 13 perpetuum account fees charged to her credit card.. THERE IS YOUR PRIZE RIGHT PASSED HER.. The front door.. Wait wait not so fast sport, velcro your shoes and its cold outside.. put on your 1997 Dallas Cowboys starter jacket.. Ok out you go...

Who turned the brightness up so high? Oh, rofl, you mean the sun. Whats that? I agree the resolution is amazing. tongue

I just saved your life kiddo.

Generic M2S reply: Join a ZERG and the EP advantages wont matter much anymore. But yo yo we mad skillzdid son. Together we become ultimate skillzdid individuals by ourselves together.

The only thing ive noticed is the absence of large flat areas. Hills, obstacles, and many an uneven ground compose the beta islands.

Granted ive only explored a 3rd of each of the islands, due to not many people being on them, but from the looks of it while my lasers are going to be hitting the ground 2 outta 5 times- missles will be pounding my bot brown starfish.


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Annihilator wrote:

What has my Corp have to do with you beeing a whiny guy on the forums?

Would you stop crying about people complaining.

*edit* And again. - DEV Zoom


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Asuma wrote:
Zhyntil wrote:

You say they should go explore and look for other areas, most dwould not know where to go, many if told to go exploring would be dead from a star mech before they figured out how to target it. Go mining you say, ok, they have to go exploring to look for the minerals, same issue, except they are gimped further because they are fitted for finding minerals or mmining instead of combat.

I am not saying the whole game needs to change, just that us old timers and the attitude people have is a big part of the problem. I have been tempted to not renew myself because i know of people that have left after a few days of this, my friends are not here so why should i be?

As you say, "maybe they need to go play something else" and spend their money on a better game?

Isn't the point of the other missions to give you an opportunity to go explore and discover the different areas of all the 3 islands? I found my good farming spot while i was running a tutorial mission on an alt.

If they don't bother to try out the other missions, and see what else is out there, then there is not much left for them in this game. It is what it is, and it's not for everyone.

And you are right, I am an old timer when it comes to MMOs, been playing since UO (1997 I think) so I'm a bit jaded. But it just seems to me players today are mostly just a bunch of cry babies that can't adapt to the game and instead go QQing and threatening to quit. If you want to quit, do it, don't go to the forums and try to blackmail the DEV team just cause you can't handle a game with no instances.

Haha, just saw this, couldn't help but comment. YES SON, YES you are a noob in MMOs. Don't go listing games like you spent months or years in each of them.

You sound like this really old dude who was around back when women couldnt vote. Those *** and durr damn complaining to vote. Haha.

I been playing MMOs one year longer then you (Merdian 59), which means I have more merit and say. What that taught me is that not all gamers are 'Take it laying down' push overs like yourself.

"Back in my day MMOs didnt let you use the left mouse button and only the spacebar was usable on the keyboard, these pesky kids gots it all cozy these days."

Spare us the awkward old hermit routine. If they dont try everything then this isnt the game for them... You realize that the TUTORIAL shows you each type of mission.. and it doesnt get any more fun or better then that?

Like are you *** kidding me? The smog tower of ICS Alpha is such a beautiful place when the Ninth moon is low!


All you guys who think this game is perfect, always make it sound like youre hardcore PvPers. This game has ONE likeness to UO... Alpha is trammel and NOBODY is in Felucca.

Keep talking like you guys keep Betas populated, you dont. The game needs TONS of things and *** that its perfect is much worse then being honest about its flaws and expecting more.

Now go sit down and put your oxygen mask back on old timer, I know you probably got really hyped up having to get backhanded by the truth.


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Annihilator wrote:

yeah, give me a respec option!
then i can switch from small bot extensions to fully mech extension with my 50 EP

wait, what 50k EP??

the whole discussion can stop here now, as we are 4 weeks into the game now, and that whiny guy there should have his sensor extension on the same level as everyone else who had a little headstart.

BizzyBeast - did you play beta? I cant help but you sound exactly like one of the *** from beta that complained about things while sitting in an alpha terminal the whole time.
I miss you in the "lasers are broken" discussion...

No I didnt play beta and your vauge references arent 'cool' or 'tough'.

The simple truth is that youre in JOKE and I did not need to play beta to know that ironically (or purposely named?) youre the laughing stock of PvP, right behind AXE.

The reason a laughing stock would think respecs for newer players would be a bad idea, is because they would suddenly be even worse at the game if new players go a second chance to get the right skills.

Sorry. Good luck.

*edit* Offensive. - DEV Zoom


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L1fe3looD wrote:

*sigh* why don't people get that these games aren't supposed to be like WoW and other garbage, the only reason they contain grinding content is because of the storyline and the fact that mats need to come from somewhere in order to kick start production and make it simpler than it would be in real life.

the alpha or "starter" zones are for just that, for starting. Those telling you to get a corp and go work with them aren't trying to troll or be stupid, they're laughing because you clearly don't have a clue about what you're supposed to be doing.

People are farming the kernels on the beta islands, b e c a u s e   t h e y   c a n. It wont change, and it shouldn't change. if you have a problem, find a way around it, hence the term, "sandbox".

I see you're currently in PRIDE, why in all the world are you running missions or farming spawns on alpha? Get onto Domhalarn and work with your corp and the alliance, and stop this silly quibbling about inequality. This isn't day care, where "fair" is key, you make your own fair here. Start building, or get out of the way.

I guess thats why games like WoW have millions of people playing at once and games like this consist of 450 some, a HIGH PERCENTAGE of which are ALT accounts. This isnt a sandbox though, its just as carebear as WoW and there is only one difference.. IT PAYS TO FARM ON ALPHA.

These problems I point out are real, but im also a 13 year MMORPG vet, I dont sit in a spawn thats being stolen from me.. ALT tab and go *** on the forums. I make the best of the time I can devote to a video game.

And the worst part is you trying to use me as a conductor for some silly lies or some propaganda spin. You DONT farm on Beta, most of the alliance farms on Alpha.. 3 people in Arkhes call out PvP on the island.. We spend 20 minutes insulting each other and another 20 minutes having a VENT/TS/MUMBLE is better debate.. By then someone died lost their ***, we finally mass up and we go out as a blob, in Arkhes, to PvP. Noone has the leadership to gather the group onto a single VOIP.. AND nobody has the balls to risk anything more then an Arkhe because of this. 3 times now ive brought an Assualt bot and was the biggest thing there..

What are we building? Besides a *** reputation.

OMG he giving secrets!!!! Thats the worst part, most of the recruitment is so lax that all of this is already well known by any of our enemies.

There. Now we have some truth, thats fair.


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Draz wrote:
BizzyBeast wrote:

His color has nothing to do with this and im both appalled and shocked at your response.

I'm shocked and appalled that you are still so butthurt over getting rejected by M2S that you would bump a thread with no activity for 10 days, just to post a weak-ass troll attempt. Strike that, I'm neither shocked nor appalled.

<you aren't even M2S's most amusing fanboy>


Who are you?

You sound mad bro.

Zhyntil wrote:
BizzyBeast wrote:

I always see people get super hyped up and emotionally fueled

And then you join them.....

I think my line that followed that quote was more obvious then you needing to feel involved.

Ok slugger youre up to bat!

Go easy guys, its my *** kid brother and he has to feel like he is in the game, let him take one good swing. Thanks.


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Flint Ironstag wrote:

PvE, Mining, The Market... All of this is PvP!

While that was a fun and very adorable read, youre really reaching if you think PvE is PvP.. Just because another player is standing there too.

Of course most of us can see where you were coming from with that speil, but its simply just bullshit. Sorry.

Player Versus Player doesnt equate into Player puts .01 bid over other Player, Player brings 6 alts to strip mine better then Player, or Player has Early Acess Char with target locking speed of 3.6 and outlocks Player.

Thats nearly impossible to turn these things into acronyms.. Thats why PvP could mean two guys banging each other in the buttholes, but it doesnt.

It universally stands for combat AGAINST another player. This isnt a PvP centric game, sorry, if you dont believe that- Roll around beta islands. EVE was more so, given the player made content in deep space, but still the safety nets are there.

Im having fun playing, mind you, so just realize I had to tear down this silly logic of yours out of principal.

Hourglass wrote:

A big part of sandbox games is living with the consequences of your actions.  If you make a bad choice and put a bunch of EP into something that you realize you don't want, well that's tough cookies kid... wait a few days until you have more EP and you can right your wrong.

Few things.. First this isnt a sandbox game and I see this happen more and more these days. People get a bit confused over what a sandbox game is.

You cant truely have a sandbox in a game with consensual PvP or, MORE IMPORTANTLY, things the players can build themselves.

So what youre left with to rationalize 'sandbox' with is that using EP is a one time deal. I always see people get super hyped up and emotionally fueled when they say this.. ROAR YAH BABY ITS TOUGH COOKIES KIDDO YOUNG KIDDY! WOHOOOO BOY I JUST SHOT LIQUID EP INTO MY LEFT TESTICAL, IM *** JUICED UP!!

They always look so dumb saying it, like a system with no proper explanation or a mullegan is anything more then a poor man's tactic to soak up more subs. They arent on stEVEs level, so they have to stop trying to pretend they are, before all thats left is 10 dudes with 34 accounts each.

For *** sake, charge 20 bucks for the client so you dont have to be so damn desperate for new accounts. Its embarrassing how pathetic it comes off.


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Kaito apparently sticks random vacuum cleaner accessories up his rectum, glad we now know that.

But seriously games like FF14 had like 100k+ subs and a dozen servers. Some of those games are simply more known and popular then Perpetuum.

Why else would the DEVs be forced to make a game crippling move like 50k EP on Early Access accounts, just to be able to pay the rent at their trunk sized office?

Everytime a DEV reads something like this, they probably watch for a new account to be created and giggle like an evil schoolgirl.

They really need a respec option, I hate watching tiny games (this was about the population MO started with) strangle their customer base and then wonder why their office is the size of my freezer.

Thats why I didnt go to Walmart and buy Netzero.

Seriously though I get lag spikes during prime time, but it hasnt been miserable yet. Side note, most of my playing time occurs after prime time.


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Rayna Von Savant wrote:

Necro much?

His color has nothing to do with this and im both appalled and shocked at your response.


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Decon wrote:

You do understand that you could train Accelerated Target Locking (ATL) to level 9 for 17,153 EP  almost completely nullifying the EP advantage a 50ker would have on target locking.

But what about the dual sensor amplifiers you can put on an assault bot you say? Well for 17,594 EP you can train ATL to 8 AND all the prereq skills to pilot an assault bot yourself. Thus most likely giving yourself the advantage.

Both scenarios can be done with a brand new character.

(Note: All EP numbers were taken from Perpetuum Planner using a Pure combat character build.)

Like I said it all boils down to player skill/creativity. Use your head next time you decide to spew ignorance on the forums.

I heard someone say something about you being slow, so ill take it easy on you. Know thats not usually my style though, im vicious and very much a buffed up billygoat who rips trolls in half and shats all over the greener grass on the other side, just out of spite.

So that being said I will destroy your silly logic in one simple, but effective sentence: Both scenarios can be done with a brand new character, yet a 50ker can do both at once.

Whiff the smelling salts, scramble to your feet, and be glad I didnt punish you more after this swift KO superman punch of logic. DING DING goes the bell, clear out of the thread folks. Its all over.

<Glimpse.. Applebees, lets go, my treat.. No appetizer though and no 15 dollar 3 oz margarita bullshat either.>


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GLiMPSE wrote:

all the cool kids are doing it..

<it makes me feel special on the interwebz -- my mother failed to do so in real life>


If we reply to each other this much in one more thread, we are officially e-dating. Im going to cancel my e-harmony membership in anticipation.


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I think Mr Timberlake said it best with- CRY ME A RIVER!


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GLiMPSE wrote:
BizzyBeast wrote:
GLiMPSE wrote:

I haven't seen that in a while...

<riverdance that is>


Well it would be hard for you to do with 6lbs of diamonds lodged into your ***.


<i haven't put it through the proper scientific trials to know the truth>


Whats with the <> and ~G~

Gary Busey on your back, bickering about your posts?