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Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:
Estamel Tharch0n wrote:

This also wuld mean in a big fight that the side that won the fight dint lost a single mech wile the losers lost all


harvest all the mechs? big_smile

= WIN!!!1


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This also wuld mean in a big fight that the side that won the fight dint lost a single mech wile the losers lost all



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i understand but thats not the point my point is why do i have to run to a station to collect my reward before i get killed so i can benefit from my time spent on the field

the only reason this works on alpha is because no one can take it from u or kill u.  And u can take it in 100% safety and trade it in for nic

Also roaming spawns will not add any thing to the alpha/beta other than morre natural Behavior


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Yes but that is for missions 

if u dont have standings and cant be bothered whit it or whant to run all over the place
What if u whant to be sneaky and farm in a corner on a hostile island? or your own


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So i been thinking of this ever sins i started this game back when kernals were the main income of NPC Farming

Back when i started this game i had a arbalest and i whanted to make NIC moar faster than on alpha so i tught if i go to beta im forsure gona get alot morre for my risk!  WRONG!

Then i whent out to beta to farm a 3rd star spawn (WTF alpha?) and I remeber so very well back then that i was thinking WHAT IF some one came across me and jsut nuked me then all this time and reward i have to cash inn at a station wuld be lost whit absolutly no gain at all other than a new arkeh.

I think it wuld help to remove reactor plasma whit nic or racial emblem/tokens thats stored on ur personal profile?? wallet?? or change the system on how u get ur nic rewards when your out there "farming"   this might bring morre activity and reason to risk your time

i think a part of low low activity other than intrusion on betas can be that its not very rewarding there.
It got mostly the same lvl npc around witch also dont give u that much morre than safe alphas

I dont think no one ever farmed beta other then in the launch days were u relly needed them kernals for tech fast

This might be a small part of it but i think it wuld help
I dont feel like i explained my tught were well but as i see flaws il edit big_smile


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I do o0

I was thinking why copy this exsacly from eve why not create a island that has 2 of the 3 faction
at war (War zones?) on a island.

the island wuld be split in 2 whit the faction fighting each other  2 stations on the island that give u mission to sabotage, kill, scout, capture and so on  on the other half of the island obv islands wuld have to be big

was just a tught i had tongue

DEV Zoom wrote:

Yes, we can create the TERRAIN quite efficiently. But that's like 5% of the content that makes up a playable island. It needs terminals and outposts, highways, NPC spawns laid out, artifact configurations, at least some minimal decoration, and so on. We're looking easily at 3-4 weeks for an island and then we're not doing anything else.

Why does all betas need stations and outposts? cant we have some islands that have no stations/outpost wuld create morre space btw conqurable islands tongue

i never relly noticed much of decoration other than teleport and some random structures that have no use to players o0


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Jita wrote:

Level 1 mission - demob the hauler

The objective would be to go to the location of a single roaming hauler and demob it to prevent it from reaching a location by a certain time. Destroying it would fail the mission.

Level 1 mission - detect the roaming squad

The objective would be to find a roaming spawn using a detector and track them for one minute

Level 1 mission - miner assault

Find a mining spawn and kill it

Level 1 mission - Observe this!

Find an observer and break its lock with ECM five times

Level 1 mission - Ninja

Activate the mission beacon using a masker without being detected

Level 1 mission - Assault

Kill x number of y

Level 1 mission - Defence

Prevent X rata from reaching Y

The level 2 - 6 missions would be the same just iteratively harder with more defence, harder bots, bigger gangs etc.

These are acualy awsome ideas!    only problem i c whit it is how to implemen them to be as awsome
Probably there are alot morre potential to this way of making missions big_smile


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Did he relly nerf Beta and say lern 2 play!  by making beta farming 5x morre difficult and less rewarding than alpha?

This game going down hill again...  starting to losse hope for u dev`s


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Omg!  I tught evry one knew of this arkhe + beacon bug


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Sadly some how Transport mission also have deadly spawn that spawn on topp of u once u move.
I tried this mission in a tanked up sequer and i nearly died not helping that the npc also demob

The most iv had to move is abouth 150u witch is a lvl6 mission i belive so on alpha u prolly get away whit a sequer mk2


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DEV Zoom wrote:
Rage Blackout wrote:

Small things?  Dev Zoom, the stuff we talk about are BIG things like:

Gamma    <-- pretty big
Ewar bots and its whole profession   <--- Huge

Being worked on as you know.

Instant travel   <--     monster big

Sorry but we refuse to see spark teleport as an issue. Or if it is, it's at least equally helping the game.

Massively abused missions and beacons   <----  10000x big

I might have missed this, what is this about exactly? Is this something new or are we regurgitating past issues for no reason?

Knee jurk changes in mechanics that people have 1000's of hours and money invested in   <--- small?

Same question.

I`m sorry but SpT AND MOBILE TELEPORTs is making this world very very tiny like we said before its broken to hell

It makes living owning and roaming beta islands very very hard for all other but the strongest
Some may disagree whit me on mobile teleports but after seeing how ppl zerg from any were on the map to easy to pick locations ( Exsternal telepors and especaly Internals )   

All in all game was much morre funn roaming and sutch when the game dint have SpT and Mobile teleports

I acualy like ur idea of: Place predetermined areas where MPC outposts can be placed.

Maybe this wuld be a way to reduce how many island a alliance can hold/own  But only if all beta outpost/npc stations were removed  and beta islands witch was not taken wuld be oppen for ninja mining ops and stuff.

The current beta system is quickly geting boring and does not give any one the feel that they are owning and managin a station/beta

Possibly only make a 1km build zone so base crawling isnt possible


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I think the biggest and most game breaking for gamma is free terraforming any were.

Pretty much makes any gamma island a hughe base thats LOCKED IN  nothing comes in

TBH there shuld be just 1 terminal per gamma not 2 not 5,8 or 12...   this lest u atlest secure 1 teleport but the others will be oppen for attacks and add quite abit of risk on gamma.  atm i can just mine in peace for 12h and log off


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Il give u 10m if ur intrested smile


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Good to see a nother new corp form

wish u good luck.  smile


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DEV Zoom wrote:

To sum up (again): we're working on the new player experience/tutorial, once we can show something about that, we'll have a blog. That's the last bigger patch we plan for Steam content-wise, although there will be still another one connected with Steam and other stuff that I can't talk about just yet.

WHEN???  im dying to know what the hell you guys are thinking


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Its been so long sinse last dev blog.   Its abouth 1 month left of this year and still  silence! sad(

Can we atleast get like a sum up of whats actually planed for the Steam release?
We are all waiting excited for whats to come (if any thing new at all yikes)

Pretty pleasze? smile)


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Another idea might be to use http://www.kickstarter.com/


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Merkle wrote:

Norrdec, Gets it.

Estamel Please read my posts and don't just assume I am anti 62nd or anti "whoever is red at the time".
(Its that or we are just having a language barrier, if this is the case then I humbly apologize.)

Its going to be has hard as Joe Robot ***, as for us to say, go here, set spark, have bot.  Spark in.

This does NOTHING to change anything.

Kill it with fire.  Basically the only solution.

I know what u said...   this change can atleast give ppl an idea of were ur sparks are so it changes beeing able to have stuff at evry single outposts and a spark aswell to deffend evry single one.

If u whant SpT removed i think the cool down is way better chosie but sure go ahed and make a new thred i will suport the removal of a broken game mechanic that was stolen from EVE.   Even there there is a hughe restriction on usage


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Merkle wrote:

It does not fix the problem over A or B, as simply put.  By strategically placing sparks in the correct location, most of what is happening now can still be accomplished with very little more effort.

The ease of the solution should not be in effect here, we have, again, several pages saying now big of a issue this is, yet we do not wish to make a system that will effectively solve the issue. 

The system that is being suggested would work, if the game world was twice the size.  This isn't currently the case, or do I think the DEV's wish it to become the case in the near future.

When there is no difference OVER whether choosing A or B that isn't a choice. 

Were already going to have 1 choice for gamma.  Of which we can already blood spark there with ease.
Next will be the several beta's that are being actively PVP'ed.  Take your pick, we can choice any of them we wish.  As they are so close together, twin groupings, that it doesn't matter, we can be there in several minutes.

Honestly this is starting to look less like a band-aid and more of a change for the sake of change deal. 

If you really want to put the hammer down on this, you really need to add everything together, forget about the "noob".  Reduce the total number of sparks that you can use, increase the cost, make a cool down of at least 7 hours.  (It should be 9 hours less then 24 so that people can use the spark, and when they come back from work the next day they can use it again.)

Now, with that being said, expect a MASSIVE slowdown on game play, and you will see more of the "old" ways coming back  to the game.  This would be a both good and bad thing, it all comes down to how you want US to play the game.

What do u suggjest then? 1 alpha 1 beta 1gamma? 
No one is argueing but ur side abouth it if u whant zoom to implement that il suport u on that one.

If u just whant the current system to be like it is then hell no.... way to easy


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Wuldnt this just mean its easyer to gank heavy mechs on teleports?

I dont see this change be of anny good to the game considering  gamma has no internal teleports
and beeing chased inn lights means ur prolly running straight forward and not turning around to jump telepor


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I have alot of client frezzes evry 10-30sec  clients frezze for abouth 1-2 sec happens morre rapidly when npc/pvping

Any one else have these issues?


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U can play this wile mining smile)