ah, y, already found it. ty.



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"Perpetuum T-1000"


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WTS Roraqual & 5 Excavators. big_smile

Winter is coming... (c)

What's going on here? What is this site?


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Некропостер. smile


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My New Year after 54 minutes. smile


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Battle will start in ~4h.

~4h left - local ~250.
~2h left - local ~1100.
~1,5h left - local ~1400ppl... xD
~1h left - local ~1700 (spiked to 2,1k).
~40mins - local ~2800...
~30mins - local 3600.
~20mins - 4k.
~7mins - 4,7k+
~3mins - 5k!

Unlimited moneys, bots, modules and ammo for premium users. +100500 for PVP-server. cool


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Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

Joined your channel but no one was on smile

Different TZ.


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Fun and adrenalin >>> worthless moneys. cool


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Leary wrote:

Don't fool yourself, population is good. Content everywhere.

Ya svoboden.

...slovno ptica v nebesah! lol

Rovoc wrote:

@Chemist, all things being equal we had some good fights.  You gotta admit it was fun while it lasted.  Im sure we'll see you again.  GFs all around.

You were hiding for too long. When it became boring, all gone in the other games again. And I'm including. Maybe I'll see you next year. Who knows.

Altera wrote:
Chemist wrote:

And where I can find you?

You can find us on yellow, green and blue islands.  We are also found at the top of the killboards with the most kills.

I'm not surprised that you were silent for a month. lol

If we talking about tuners, then Shield Hardeners and Enwar tuners must be rebalance too... Because today one HM with 5 tunings can drain into 0AP 4 HM(!) in 1 minute(!). Discuss.


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Even they thought of it. cool


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Hunter wrote:

f2p in EvE starts in few days. Going to celebrate perpetuum dead there! big_smile

P.S. TBH i glad that everything ends. It's good idea to burry perp by this way.

Бесплатно будешь кататься на самых стрёмных шипах типа Архе тут. На этом бесплатность закончится. За остальное - абонентка. big_smile


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Solution: Use simple chinese headset. cool


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Altera wrote:

Wow, just wow.

If the DEVs follow up with the bad idea, then they better also move all equipment and bots from all players and corporations that don't have access to those terminals to a terminal that they do have access to.  I don't think you can do one without the other.  It wouldn't be fair to move players while some or all of his stuff is now inaccessible.

Why do you need things in another terminal if you can not even dock/undock and just sit there as eyes?

Either grab the terminal and take their stuff.


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If you do not insist, then nothing will change. And we insist, Mr. Zoom. It takes about 15 minutes, right?


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Too annoying when in all of our stations round the clock sitting enemy's eyes. If they see that we are less - they come. If we have more - they are sitting at home. You want to spy on us? Use masking modules.


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Rovoc wrote:

Wait... When everyone did it with us when we owned the station we didn't complain.  Now you wanna cry about it?  This has always been an issue we had to deal with for almost two years.  Deal with it.

Where do I cry? I suggest. You have an eye on all terminals of all the islands. I think you're crying because you do not want to lose the eye.

It seems to me, must be the element of surprise. This is either to deny access not allowed players in owned the terminals or hide the chat inside owned the terminal.

If you live at home and found a stranger, you throw out it?
The same must be and there: if I own outpost, why foreign person sitting inside and I can not do anything with them. For people sitting in outposts, the rules should be applied as relations dock. Or remove a chat terminal on betas. Since they have never been used.