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Its almost like, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwXD0hCvtX4, I'm trapped in a glass case of emotion!!!

Well if were going by the KB's to influence what and who should make the PVP balance choices it goes in the following order.

Lupus Aurelius
Mongolia Jones
immortal death
Lucain Night
Critial Snipper
Arc X

AND so on...so get in line after all those people dam it.  Yoslin is the one who makes all the PVP calls, as second in command Balfizar gets to make all the PVE calls.  lol


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It does seem to me that someone is butthurt about this...as there is some drama over said losses....when I lose a Mesmer Mk2 I just quit for a month or so, and stfu...but hell thats just me.  big_smile


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Hunter wrote:

Hi again.
I'm here to post this needless topic, which will change nothing, interested only by me and so on...
Basicaly I noticed that on high-skills, Zenith's lock range much less than optimal range of suppressors/ECMs because of bonuses. It means that you MUST HAVE sensor amplifier on board. There are no logical fit variants for zeniths without sensor amplifier.

Range fit Grohpo same problem....nothing is needed here...

Honestly I don't care how they do it, I just would love less lag.

Is there a possibility to have the option to turn some of the base "visuals" off.

Rather the stuff that is shooting around, the sparks ect.

Just to improve some of the more laggy aspects?


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Annihilator wrote:

Metal ceramic has same components as composite, but more of them.... so its cheaper to
build composites.

why would it matter if MC bullets are better then AP, when both of them are worse then Compo?

and btw, 4 of 6 possible blue targets (mech, HM) got a thermal hardener fit, and if not they got a unihardener.

Clearly this guy is up today with the PVP fits that are being used currently....

But...he does kinda have a point?


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Rex Amelius wrote:
Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

who are you ?

Obviously not a forum super star like you Obi

But, this is a good sign. The more PvPers, the better game.

Lol Rex, Smokeyii thinks he is a PVPer.

Or does Rex, what now?

WB btw.

Wait PHM is working with Chaos?  Why did no one inform me of this?


I felt like trolling today, glad that's all out of my system now.


You know tanks, in this game would make it about 20 percent more awesome!

Seeing how you DO have a massive WOT crowd out there, just waiting for a opportunity.

I believe he was thinking more so having different sets of LWFs to T4, thus more mods in general, thus more "speed" options.

Stranger Danger wrote:

Yeah rather than making all the LWF's the same mass reduction i would like to see stuff like a superconductive frame that reduces accumulator use, EM insulated frames that reduce EWAR effects, stealth coated frames to increase signal masking or make it harder to hit ect...of course all with a significant downside.

You know, I really like this idea, adds alot without really adding alot, if you know what I mean.


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Hehe welcome to the club guys!


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Just realized that we should have a good collection of 1 million EP pilots!

Post Here to show your pride in sticking out the game, and join the club!


Burial wrote:

Bump.. what do devs think? Shouldn't be too hard to implement and very useful!

Doing this would defiantly improve the success of the game.  Bringing lights, ewars, and assaults into a more affordable fold.

Not too sure with the "laden weight" however, I would start with the separation first then study the later issue.

Hehe, now dam it stop trolling this is clearly a serious thread.

Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

double post FTW ?:D

Oh shut up...


B> If I wanted to kill noobs I would go camp the telleports with a detector and an assault logged off. That is not a Good fight.
C> If I wanted to kill miners I would go scan for the ore and loggoffski with a mech on a spot and over watch with detector. LOL could do both B&C with 3 accounts smile
D> I know how to move in and out of places with out being spotted ask Ville "Ninja vanish" and he has 3 detectors looking for me and I still escaped.
E> If I wanted PVP on a platter I would just put a base up beside the NEBS one and Undock up cliff. LOL was great work Chaos. Had me LOLing looking at pics.

All of the above points are kinda of counter intuitive of what your arguing.

What your arguing now is that its not the kind of PVP that you want.

You rail against the log off trap then you say you can easily pull one off, which is it?
Use the great resources that you have already and you will see PVP and kills will start to pay off. Together you can pull off some major kills, with out the "blob" as you would call it.  It's mainly a perception issue, its all how you look at it my friend. 

Keep Pewing and keep you head up.

Goffer wrote:
Merkle wrote:

Kains and Mesmers are not sub par, at least as a fully maxxed out blue pilot I do not feel that way.

I do think what your seeing tho is that when you go against red you see a major bias toward them winning, and rightly so.

Kain vs Artemis = bias towards Artemis
Kain vs Tyrannos = strong bias towards Tyrannos if shielded

Kain is even required to drop a weaponslot if like to equip a drainer or neuter to overcome at least shielded castel.

For Messmer situation is other, but you don't see that much Messmer in Pvp atm.

Kain vs Artemis , usually the kain should lose as for the color variation (also the kain can simply put a thermal plate in and it has a much higher success rate vs the kain.)

As for the Kain vs Tyrannos all one has to do is time your shots, and you will nearly insta pop the tyrannos, as they have zero dps with a shield up.  As for the Kain vs castel, the castel is being used in this case as a demobing bot, as in he has friends and your most likely dead.  The troiar also uses this same tactic to kill a solo person as well.

You will know if you fit a castel that you cannot tank and dps in the same build, you have to pick one or the other, especially in the more extreme builds.

Attempting to say that mesmers are not used in PVP is just simply just wrong, I don't know if your intentionally trying to miss lead other pilots or if your just out of the PVP game.  In either case blue bots have there place on the playing field, just as all the other colors do.

Back to the topic at hand do the blue bots need a change of turret falloff bonus?

Ill leave that up to others to discuss in more detail.


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Rex Amelius wrote:

Too much talk of nerfing in mmos. I think it's better to develop new counters rather than constantly trying to revert back to some old state.

I'd like to see these three things implemented to counter the Cliffs of Insanity at enemy shores:
Jump Jets - ability to bounce over impassable terrain. Balance and give whatever drawbacks to use.
Stealth bot - super high masking, moderately high detecting, perhaps very slow moving and vulnerable, perhaps hover class
Targetable TP - placeable TP that you can jump to with inter and intra island teles. With new 4k sight on TPs I think that could be fair start to balancing that.

With those three introductions terraforming strategy would likely change. No need to nerf.

While I do agree with a bit of these suggestions, the jump jets as of yet are way far out of the question.

The main reason, and please Dev's correct me if I'm wrong here, is that simply put the game, as of now, only operates on a X and Y axis, there is not a actual Z, or hight axis in the game.

Personally I think this needs to be solved first as this will only hinder later progressions of the game development.

(I'm sure the Dev's can expound upon how this would actually work, and if its actually possible in a relatively short term.)

Burial wrote:

Depends really on the amounts I think.

The biggest problem that I see is your not comparing apples to apples.

Fit out a Mk1 kain with T2 gear, I highly doubt it will be in the range of what your suggesting.

Now upgrade to a Mk2 Kain with T4 gear and then compare those with each other. 

I think you will see a better comparison.

The biggest problem that I see is a lot of people wish to see everything that is currently in the game as the end all and be all of the game.  Mechs and Heavys being the biggest thing that will ever be used for PVP, I personally look at mechs as nothing more then a cruiser size hull, and a heavy mech as nothing more then a battle cruiser.  (The Mk2 variants being there respective T2 variations.)

Change how you look at a few things and your see how everything should fit into place, this may or may not be how the Dev's intended for it to be, but its how I look at it.

Do I think that some mods are overpriced a bit, no, there is a bit of balancing that is required until you have a solid base for the game.

Kains and Mesmers are not sub par, at least as a fully maxxed out blue pilot I do not feel that way.

I do think what your seeing tho is that when you go against red you see a major bias toward them winning, and rightly so.

The nerds came out of the flavor of the month mentality of speed kills, and at that time it did, until players adjusted there fits to compensate for the speed and high alpha damage of the kain.

Do I think the kain needs some loving, yes I do, but only because I would like to see the days of them being king of this hill returned.

How the DEV's wish to do that is up to them.


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Alexadar wrote:

Scarab nexus bonus is useless.
If i have park of 4 indy guys i will fit 4 rivellers, and after i done i will haul ore with 4 scarabs. Use 1 scarab for nexus and 3 rivs for mining is not effective.
If i have a park of 40 rivellers, i will put nexus on 1 riveller and put 3 scarabs for hauling, because its most effective.

Put another bonus. f.e. speed bonus.


I don't mean to pry or anything but a long time ago, this idiot, err well something did say something about the scarab.  I at least tend to agree with him on this one, and this did seem to be well before the release of the bot as well.

I agree that the scarab bonus seem to be a bit weird, but again, I do think the Dev's talents need to be else where first.

IE: Do this later Dev's don't make this a priority.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q1 … ature=plcp

and this is breaching a base Merkle Style™.