Naismith wrote:

When the reality is, it's 2-3 people. Repeating <it> over and over again.

Devs at Perpetuum, their eyes closed!

Nooodlzs wrote:

The balance patch screwed any chance the game had



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Recognizer wrote:

I have to learn this forums features again

Ville wrote:

Jesus help us..

Clearly Jesus isn't listening


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BeastmodeGuNs wrote:

Can we get an "I'm back" post now?

Rules for quitting a game.

First, bore everyone on comms with your constant complaints and disappointments about the game. Then stop logging in or start talking about other games. They'll quickly figure out that you're either playing other games or focusing on real life. Hopefully they will look forward to you coming back on comms to talk about stuff and have fun again.

Forum announcements. I don't care and you don't care. We don't care.

Also, Welcome Back! I knew it!!!!


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Jita wrote:

The Devil hath proclaimed outright that a post ban wasith his master plan to driveth the game into Hell to fulfill his evil purpose. Thus why he oppozeth every righteous change and works to corrupt the good people that rizeth in opposition while only sending his minions to play his games. He, along with the heathens from 66, even plotted to corrupt heart and spirit of Joke ...but failed for our hearts are of joke.

Only when the servers land in Hell and we witness the Devil's 'mission succeeded' proclamation of eternal damnation and slavery will Zoom wake up to this fact and I for one will continue to fly the banner of the righteous and truth while fighting against the Devil and 66 the Devs seem blind to.

You remind me of a religious zealot spewing his message on a street corner day after day after day blindly accusing random passers by of heinous sins.


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BeastmodeGuNs wrote:
Rex Amelius wrote:

Me too. I'm out as of today. I'm never logging in again, nor posting on these forums. I just want you all (10 of you) to know. never posting again, Swear. Promise.

First one to find me online can have all my stuff, that is when I never log in again.

Better the forums warriors then the few people we still do actually have playing. neutral

Good luck in your future endeavors broski

You just don't get it do you?


We're all trapped in this slo-mo train wreck.


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Me too. I'm out as of today. I'm never logging in again, nor posting on these forums. I just want you all (10 of you) to know. never posting again, Swear. Promise.

First one to find me online can have all my stuff, that is when I never log in again.

I like history. Bring back history and stop repeating history.

Somewhere in this post I think I read Zoom say that creating new terminals on islands is like a 2-3 day project as opposed to creating and island which is what 2-3 months? Whatever the time-frames...

It has to be better to ADD content than continue this reshuffling of the deck by CHANGING existing content. You already had unlockable stations. Surely there are countless posts on the topic from years prior asking for the change. It was a significant component of Intrusion 2.0. Now you are going to reverse that?

If you have to do anything then create more terminals on beta islands that are open like the ones on Beta 1. I can think of several areas with what look like terminal ruins. Hey, let the Nians rebuild

Anyway I'm not sure creating new terminals is even good idea, but for God's sake create something rather than change existing stuff over and over and over.

..and why do I bother? who knows

I have a prediction. Zoom will cave and open up Beta stations because its a stupid idea and he loves stupid ideas when stupid people post them over and over and over on the forums.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

The short answer is that we can only do one thing at a time, otherwise everything gets even more delayed. The things you mentioned are either in the queue or at least being considered.

"Power creep is the gradual unbalancing of a game due to successive releases of new content"

LOL ...gradual

How about Power Sledge ...the instant unbalancing of a game due to excessive beating of the same content.

Perpetuum wrote:
Cassius wrote:

The game needs to cater to all play styles.

Alpha needs to be profitable enough for new players to join (spend $) and learn basics and get resources
But not easy. Or bottable. Needs red spawns, roaming observers.

Beta needs to be far more profitable, and far more dangerous. Enough for a newb to want to risk bots for reward, die in PvP, and still want to come back and risk it again. And Beta needs to be open, the only way corps should be able to shut it down is by presence, not lockout mechanics.

Gamma needs to be the be all end all. Highest investment cost, best rewards, resources, industry. It needs to be defendable, but not unbreakable.

These guidelines cater to all players at all levels. It's what the game needs to survive. Currently Alpha is too easy, Beta is too risky for rewards, and Gamma is not defendable.*

*based on an actual decent playing population which the game does not currently have.

It does?

Wow, this is really insightful information.  This is probably the missing piece that would take this game over the top.

Good work Cass.  I cannot believe no one has ever thought of this before.

LOL ...Good Luck Perpetuum


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DEV Zoom wrote:

We do have ongoing investor talks/processes in the background though, but I can only talk about that if something solid comes up.

Let me guess. You've had offers but they require far more control than you stubborn *** are willing to give up. And/or the % is too low despite the astronomical upside. I hear 15% of a pound of gold is more valuable than 75% of a pound of ***.


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Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:
Perpetuum wrote:

And you still come here...

car crash syndrome i think... you just cant help but come back for a look smile



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Rage Blackout wrote:

patch is last* nail in the coffin

LOL on the "*"

I think Zoom & Company probably have a whole bag full of nails to pound in. It's still amusing to poke my head into this forum and watch the train wreck.

But its sad too. Such a waste.


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Perpetuum wrote:

In a effort to fully education everyone on how this should be done, if your going for a complete rebalance.

See the attached Link.

This shows a appropriate way to put forth your idea (Dev's or Players) in a intelligent way.

Notice the clear vision for the bot, and balancing changes are quite clear and in the open.

This is so dead accurate an illustrated example of what the Devs should be doing in this game. Perpetuum, despite some his trolling, deserves some type of special forces sniper medal of honor for this perfect wrecking shot.

Dev Zoom. Read that link.That is how you communicate with a community. That is how you approach balancing. Unfortunately step one requires that you understand your own game and how the bots are used/can be used/should be used. I fear you can't get passed step one, much less communicate an approach to balancing the way illustrated in that link. You guys just sledge hammer and hope for the best.


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Op 100% correct in both posts. One hundred percent. Requesting players "prove you wrong" with numbers only further unveils Zoom hyper stubborn-defensiveness.

Between speed patch and this latest one ...its a different game. Calling it "balancing" only reveals your incompetence.

Deleted post incoming.


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From the King of Pay to Win complainers comes suggestion for Free to Play. I think I finally agree for the first time ever of ANYTHING this weirdo has to say.

Not that it maters because the Devs are busy butchering what was once a fantastic game while ignoring all the real problems like DUH MUTHERFOCKERS ...PVE and MISSIONS. How late is you stage 2 mission revamp 2 years? And you guys all wrapped up in what ...stupidity. Pathetic.


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Burial wrote:

I'll be back when there's something for me to do and Betas are worth the effort. Assignments part 2 hopefully.

Yeah, now that Dev zoom has implemented so many of your terrible ideas what is left for you to do here?


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DEV Zoom wrote:

Can I assume that everyone here knows that reducing draw distance helps with client performance and you all have it on minimum and still have problems?

What works even better is un-installing this game you tortured to near death.

Some one with the motivation should post a summary post of all the catastrophic knee-jerk and no-thought patches from the last 18-24 months. Then Zoom can put on his most stubborn hat and defend the changes from his position as a developer of a game he has no clue how to play.

Perhaps Burial and Anni can sit on your left and right to receive the Silver and Bronze of Game Destruction.


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DEV Zoom wrote:
Mrs Pickerel wrote:

The next axe job will be to nerf the Seth; it has been out right stated by Zoom, as in "get rid of a head slot".

DEV Zoom wrote:

The Ictus is still more agile and more efficient in neutralizing than the Seth, but if you really think they're too close then the solution isn't to boost the Ictus back, but perhaps to remove a misc slot from heavies.

"We're not just nerfing the Seth, we're nerfing all the combat heavies"
Awesome. I'm sure Gropho appreciates it. Just keep nerfing everything until everyone is wielding swords.

Also, having more/less given up on this butchered game and having ventured into some other games I don't see how you have a prayer to ever compete for a population without going to free to play. But just keep listening to *** like Burial. Worse, take your own advice.


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Burial wrote:
Race Drones wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:

So you're saying that the only thing that matters in 1vs1 is demob range. Your robot and the rest of the modules are not playing any role whatsoever.

Fight me ingame, you in a camaleon mk2 with all modules you want and all the extensions to 10, and me in a arbalest mk1 and my actual extensions levels.

Then come here and talk about.

Cameleon has the speed superiority to avoid demob range.

Coming from the expert at improving mechanics that help one avoid a fight.


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Devs were dumb enough to make such wide sweeping change in one slam and you think they have a clue how or what to balance piece by piece?

The *** of this change crushed whatever hope they had not chipped away with incompetent changes over the last couple years.


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I'm speechless