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I want to thanks the developers for keeping the great game for long time.

For some (long) time we know the game is dead, even after some opinions from community. For me you could give last try with f2p, even along 2 ou 3 months to see what comes.

Now it's time for community to work, what the dev can do is be a head of community or at least an community where they know the devs are on.

We all(most) know there are great communities developing great old games, some as I know the OpenTTD and Freecol, they develop the game from scratch. But this game wasn't so great (players base) as TTD or Colonization behind to be much more complex to develop, so we have a problem for perpetuum future.

It will be a great and I'll be very happy with the private servers, isn't something new, the game Live is Feudal is a great example of a game client+server to work, even single player. But will be huge afford give the source to community, as some dev wrote, I have other example of a game is being developing and have open source, or at least part of it, it's space engineers a game it's being developed along more than 3 years with weekly updates (far i remember, only miss one week along 3 years).

Last words: I think community can help you keep perpetuum-online.com address and be the base of trust and leaving for the game. Git the game, so can be forked or keep alive for long years.


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That's a good question. Let me show you my view.

Perpetuum with high population, even if more than half are "trial", and I expect that for some time, means more motivation to play because there are more activity.

There are one thing can give more money for developers, the ICE, the FtP/trial players want to buy those things to improve the char grow, and there are others want easy NIC.

So, unless the dev have anything hide to show, this would be the best way to improve the perpetuum population.


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I just want to share my idea for something that can bring more players.

Our days the free to play is the good path to get profit and many players playing the game. But is very important to be careful to no kill the game.

Onething everyone agree is, the game need more players, best, active players. But the players can't invite friends or have a big problem to get the friends playing with them, because they can't try the game.

As far as I remember, the game already had a trial where the players had few days to try the game. We can think again about bring back the trial with limited time but...

There are already new feature in the game that can be used to create some kind a trial and a free to play. I'm thinking about, everyone can create a free account, play it while he/she likes, it have access to everything except:
- get only 50% of earning EP and money
- no EP along the time

So if it pay for the game, the 10€, it have no restrictions, I call it full game.

If it pay for premium and don't have "full game" there are two options:
1- get everything the premium have (200% EP)
2- get double EP of trial account (100% EP)

So this are my thoughts shared with you.
Have a good play.

No "All assignments" tab anymore, you can remotely check the availability of assignments on the map by right-click infoing the terminals.

I don't like this, isn't better to have a window to search for assignments or a tab in the window map?

Ok, I don't know what that 3th party app do, but the the artifact need to be improved.

Something like show in map the scans points and a index number for each scan, it will be useful. After that, using a pen or something to note it, will help alot to not need a big memory in brain to memorize every scan results and positions.

Get more money by missions per time.

for example, make 3 missions in 24h, give plus 3% in payout


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And why not limit the number of PET (player extend time) per month and person?
Using credit card system, I think help to control that.


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Watch out what happened to earthrise, too early and ... closed.

This new patch is good for calling new or renew people, but without strong base game, you will lost many players and ...

I think, should first listen to the players who is playing in tester server


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And grenade launcher with area affect? They will exist in near future?

Ok and about 7600GS from Nvidia? I know you say ATI, but I don't know if only ATI or others from same year.


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Ok, I like to let this video about walls made from terraforming and the effect of smooth charges, I think with smooth charge is easy to pull down the wall.

The video http://youtu.be/j_NGDseYTCo

OK, I have other video where can see the issue it's still there, and I include the view of map to locate my .. art. lol

I have some questions, in map there is the coordinates and somthing it seems the high, but of what? Isn't the same is given from window's terraforming

The video http://youtu.be/yiZjXpMxhbg


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About walls make with terraforming, you can easily smooth them, and have a passable land.

I was playing with terraforming, and I found somthing not sycronous between radar and land display. You can check that in a video I make http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAc5MjSDbAE  after second 54.

One thing I think will help alot is show the meters in adjacent areas where the land is targeted and, of course, an option to show or hidden that information.

I think I have a Mobility Radeon 9600 Pro, its interesting for test? its use RV350 GPU

What I see is, the radar is correct for passable areas, but the in land display is wrong.
I just make a video where is possible to see what im talking. http://youtu.be/jAc5MjSDbAE


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I don't know if is important or already know, but the Leveler terraforming charge has the wrong mass and volume.


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Line wrote:

How about this - when you create Indy bot, you choose one of his main bonuces - mining, repair, energy transfer. As a result, you will get the same Termis f.e. that suits for single support role instead of mining.

Optional thing - you can re-assemble your Indy back to mining/other support bonus, but it will take time, money and resources.

Same bonus configuration can be applied to all other bots, in one or another way.

Like sparks?

I found a post in a forum


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Selling symbiont mk2 75% CT

Contact in game this char.

Sid from mining wrote:

Or was that a suggestion to the DEVs?


And about EVE, was formerly lighter.

and use the home user folder to write?

for multiple clients, use like [home]/perpetuum/char/...


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why not using plasma to probes be online?

how many plasma need? it depends the tuning they have, high masking and high scanning range, more plasma need. At max performance, the fuel depletion it's in 10 minutes, or something like that.

I think its early for that, when the game have more people and islands, but for now I dont think.

I think the epriton can grow very rarely in alpha islands and titan very rarely in beta.

My list:
Basic terraforming
Undock adjustment
Add ewar to kill mails
Industrial balancing


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I think is better something to control the minimum units left in plant to not kill them.