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a bug appeared when i tried to set up a deployed em turret.
the turret did not appear but the area is now marked as unbuildable (red) (1498, 1028).

i think i moved the bot in about the same moment when the process was about to end, so maybe some lag issue.


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getting weird errors when i try to terraform.
and without it it makes setting up the well tower difficult

bzw. are theses changes serious?

Missile turret needs 75 AP per shot
Repair node now repairs 18000hp (at last thats what the info tells us)


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hey zoom. great idea: "only 3 main terminals can be placed on one island"

how should we be able to test when we cant build a base?


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test server down atm?

nothing happens after my "connecting..." bar is full.

and yes i reinstalled the test client freshly.

ep are gained per account. if you spend them on one char then they are gone. but both chars will have access to the same pool. where you want or not wnat to spend them is up to you.

in most cases there are not many usefull ways of a second or third char per account. scout, sell/buy char... well then its gets hard to find a reason.

most ppl that play perp and want more then one char and do different things have two (or more) accounts.

Baal wrote:

Could be solved by everyone signing up on beforehand, and then the person who arranges the match just puts people in teams to even it out. A wasp for a wasp, an arbalest for an arbalest etc. Not choosing side yourself makes for more fair fights, and might also be fun to fight side by side with the people you're usually trying to kill on beta smile

that is a intresting idea to make random teams...

you could even make more then 2 teams when you have enough ppl in the event... lets say 6ppl are one team... the number of teams increase with the number of players...

Inda wrote:

I also did the excel table after event and I saw, Zortarg Calltar use always in event Yagel Mk2 and he earnd 9 "point" so good job Zortarg Calltar!

thank you very much... i just came for fun and my small bot skills suck like hell.. but i tryed to keep speedy and snatch a kill here and there... (got 1 final blow... and with that i am happy)
i was late anyway so i had no time to prepare some bigger stuff... but that was fine.

the event was a lot of fun and i am looking forward to the next one.

thoughts and suggestions for the next one:

- the area was ok but you need also a rule in what area you can flag up and in what area you are not allowed to flag up. it happend that a non flaged prom showed up in the field and then flaged and demobed me... while the rest jumped on me. im not complaining but i cursed him at that moment.

- i think we need way more rules and limits the next time. if you want to keep it fair then you have to limit bots and equipment drasticly.

- personaly i think you should only go t1 to give new players also a chance to come in.

- i would brefer light and assault only next time, or maybe 2 events and one with mech.

- if you want a "deathmatch" style tourney then you have to forbid any kind of group play and remote support. the usual tyranni that support each other with accu are as usual not breakable, and a icus is no bot that can score anything in a solo deathmatch. the other option would be a team deathmatch, but then the largest group will have the advatage.

so to keep it simple:
- only small or mech per event
- only t1 fit and no faction ammo
- no remote and nexus allowed
- no team play allowed (seeing corp mate gang up and not killing each other will be disqualified)

just my 5 cents

well there is no greek corp as far as i know of.

other eu corps that may fit your intrests may be:

m2s  (eng)
f-navy (fr)
remedy (ger)
dream (rus)

try contacting these corps if you have intrest.

you can take a look in the recrutment area of this forum or tell us what you are looking for. then we might be able to point you in the right direction.

T(X)P = prototype (for istustry use. mostly too expensive for fitting)
T(X)+ = special with better stats. only gained from officer drops (very rare)
T3- = special from artifact scanning or officers

just stick with the normal tiers for the beginning. the rest comes later.

the game mechanic allows joining as trial. if the corps will let you join as trial depends on them.


but also will need a increase in officer drop chance then...

+ bots that you can buy there too...

first: everything you will fit will depend on your skills. when you have better skills then you will be able to fit your bot more efficiently and of cource everything will run better.

get yourself a assault bot asap... light bots are not realy good in killing npcs...

what you need first: extentions that you can fit everything correctly. so cpu and reactor will be your first problem.
second you will need to be accu stable so your guns and your reps will keep running. this is not eve and in most cases you will not be able to just activate your armor rep and let it keep running. thats why most ppl tank npcs by range (what is a bit harder for blue bots at the beginning).

what you need:

high slots:
1x sensor amplifier
rest damage tunings
maybe range extenders if you want to tank on range (mostly with mechs ... needs too much fitting for smaller bots)

med slots:
em guns (forget about the missile slots)

low slots:
variant 1: armor tank: (slow)
1x armor repairer
hardener depending on npcs
armor plate (for more hitpoints, but makes you slow)

variant 2: range tank: (speed)
1x armor repper
lightweight frame (makes you faster but lowers your hitpoints)
(maybe accu extender if you have problems and the room to fit it, what you most likely will not have)

that should be enough for the beginning.

if you have problems with your fittings:
t1 = standard stuff
t2 = same stats as t1 but lighter (makes you faster), less fiiting requirements (reactor, cpu), and less accu
t3,t4 = better stuff, harder to fit, more accu


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dont twist my words grem.

all im saying that these walls made beta attractive for more players as it was before... now this is nullified again...


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Rabus0 wrote:

You are pvp players... you dont need NPCs, you need pvp!

am i right?

yea but in pvp the stuff only gets blown up. somewhere the stuff has to come from. and that is pve and mining... ^^

keep focus on one thing with one char/account. if you like doing some industry try thinking of a second account. most ppl do it that way.

will be exploited for sure. so im not sure if this is a god idea. there will always be some as****** that have minority complexes and see their fun in inviting noobs on alpha and then just kill them before they know what happned. so im not sure if this is a good idea.

maybe this will work if the other person has to agree and set another flag so teammates can shoot him without flagging for pve.

welcome to the game. i hope you enjoy it.

1.: nuimqol is good at dps and are the fasted bots. thelodica has also good dps with better range potential. pelistal are missile user. they have less dps but have a balistic fireing path and so can abuse the terrain better.

2.: you cant.

3.: not that i know of. but for pve its relativ simple in most cases. but too long to write it here.

4.: well missions are not realy good atm. just keep doning them from the start to the better ones once they come avalible. there are mot that many and you will soon see what are better for your playstyle and what are not.

5. there are not that many ep lost if you want to change race. but if you care then just create a new trial accout. if you dont like the blue bots then make 2 new trial agents and try the other ones. just sub the account you want to keep. but all 3 will start su gather EP.

6. well every race has a weakness of a certain dmg type. so that ammo will be good. most ppl in pve use chemoactive mmo that always works well against all races. and so you cant group them. but you can press space to fire them all at once.

7. well generaly the perp community is realtiv small and always willing to help new players. what corps can offer depends on the corp. there are corps in most laguage and time zones so if you want somethning specific i am shure ppl can show you what will be best for your long term goals. some corps are more pve some are more pvp, some are more capitalistic some are more communistic.

generaly the next big planned update are new pvp islands with player build stations. you might want to have a look at the dev bolgs here.
even if it sucks but i advice to do all the tutorials. a lot of things are similar to eve but there are also a lot of things that are different.
the "guides and resources" section here in the forums is also good for any new player.

besides that i would advice to join a corp. ppl can help you way faster with voicecomes to answer all your questios (and i think you will have a lot) more easiely. or just ask around in the help chat.


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i think this was discussed at other places not too long ago.

this game needs more players or more players will leave. and as we have said before, most ppl come for a pve game. a game that is only there for pvp will most likely stay small and die a lonesome death.
yes i want pbs and gamma as wel and a lot of it, but to keep the game running and growing we need a good pve system.

wenn i compare so STeve they have it more easy here because they can generate a few "missions" and just let them spwan at any space location for the players. with a "2d" word this will be hard to do. that would require a enourmous large word with tons of mission areas. then i think only a mission spot will be boring.
what i think is that we will need instanced missions. with teleporters that biring you to relativ small islands with objectivs on them that can be done one way or another. you can take one route to shoot shrough the middle or a sneaky part around or... or ... or...
just give the ppl some intresting stuff to do. thinds that are rewarding, things that are worth doing solo, things that are worth doing in a group.

this will be way more work then justa few texted an mission spots. but i think such things will make the game more intresting and will keep ppl intrested for much longer time.

another thing (a bit offtopic)
the think with the wall patch is that i even saw a decrease on beta activity and with that a decrease at pvp. why? because quite a few ppl used the walls to get a "save zone" where they could use "their home island" for pve or other activity that was not pvp related. of cource when you wnat to do that you dont want to be killed every half an hour.
now with the radius of walls reduced to 3000m there is no was to keep such a "save zone" so ppl who wanted to do their thing there just left for alpha or even worse left for good or took a break of the game... so even less targets for everybody how complained about these walls, and even less ppl in the game. sad but true...

generaly a good idea. but i think similar suggestions have been here some time ago.

anyway i think thinks like this (lolo and alpha content) should be the next big thing after gamma is done and running fine.

Rabus0 wrote:

How u plan hold stations?
How will that reflect on market on alpha island?
-that is the most important question,because new players atm cant buy nothing on market because its empty,and what is on market is way too expencive!!! So after they spend few weeks in game they will left,specialy if they are alone

Are u all plan live in gamma?
What will happend when some random corp decide to come and destroy your buildings,and you are living there?
Only way out to hold stations will be ALLIANCE between corps,sience we dont have it in game atm!

Take on your mind players what u have in corp! For that story you need lot more than 15 in corp online!!!!
Ok some corps have 100 on paper,but only 10 in fleet max!

-None have coverd up all Time-zones,so it will be hard to hold station
-us tz is missing
-station will drop 100% of everything when u destroy it (is this true)
-any reliable number how much it will all cost?
-also you will need to dig out ore for station/reactors etc...
--its good because it has only one purpuose and its building stations =+1 for this

What you are "general speaking" getting on gamma islands?

yes and yes.
you will have to do that. if you are a solo player then forget about gamma and stay on alpha... but that discussion is worong in this thread. gamma is for team players of corps and alliances. its for high end content. for terra forimg and building and holding your own stuff. if you ask why? its a game and a sandbox. we do it beacuse we like it.
if you dont like it - do something else.

well i think its clear now that the community is expecting more then 6 or 12 gamma islands. i think we mostly agree that we all want a big mass of new islands were even traveling between them becomes a factor.

personaly i tend to a mass of around 20-30 islands of the size we have today or less if they are able to bring up bigger landmasses.
and i think the islands should not be placed circular around the existing islands. there should be a batch of these islands somewhere.

there is much to learn and the tutorilas can only teach you the basics. even this forum will be way to small for all your questions that you have and even more for the answers for them. it is a complex game and thats one of the things a lot of ppl like. and besides that there is not always the thing "you have to do it this way". there are often more then one way to do things.

of cource there is combat in pvp and pve, or supporter roles. but there is also the industrial part with mining, processing, research and production. each of this is a hole area for itself. and most ppl who a re in this game for a few months and want do do different things at the same time have 2 or more accounts for that purpuse.

i would suggest that you look yourself for a corp. there are plenty out there who are willing to help you to get into the game. and voicecoms help a lot more then have to type all the stuff here.
there are corps in the most languages and time zones. so just check around in the recruitment forums or try the channels ingame. im sure this will help you a lot.

and welcome to the game.


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i agree that the solo content is not the best atm. for me i did my first 2 months mostly artefact scanning on beta... but you need a long breath to do so because it can get pretty boring. but still its the most rewarding thing a new player can do.

from my perspective we first need the gama islands to keep the population in game and maybe even get some old vets back to game. once this is in then i agree that the next important thing will be a big alpha patch. more ilands more stuff for the carebears. then the carebears fuel the economy and the game itself. look how much % pf the STeve population lives in 0.0...

the idea is nice and not realy difficult to do with your skills.

the bigger problem is to hold the matches and keep track of them. because you can not automate that like in a fps. for that you would need a ingame arena that works on its own with outo tracking. nad that would be a lot of work for the devs.

did i say that?
but with out walls the brobes will be dead with 1 shot.. not 2 bombs.