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We will have that on the Open Perpetuum Project.  It may be done manually.

Line wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:
Line wrote:

Also, he doesn't know enghlish, and GT doesn't translate well

And we don't know Russian, so we still need to run it through GT. Why not do the courtesy to do so in the first place? It is an English forum after all.

none of that is a reason to be inpolite. Silmerials could just ask for translation, isn't he? like, 'hey can someone please translate it kthxbye' instead of 'hey stop your klingon, speak english here'

also, it's not english forum, it's game forum. english is just a way to communicate, and there is no rule that it's the only way to communicate

+1 He was being a ***.

Silmerias wrote:

Years of Perpetuum.

I was here from day one and will be here to the last day. Our community FrogSwarm were here first time called Unimates and we had a blast the first months until the French alliances leaved the game for some reasons.

We will start a server because perpetuum need to live forever, but hey by the way, we hate you to have servers fully Microsoft and not Linux... Shame on you devs ! fuuu

I would like to thanks the dev team to give us the opportunity to continue to play the game after the shutdown of the official servers (not all games do it), this game was and is epic, the project was awesome and we had so much good time in it.

Our community is up since 2005 and we will try our best to make our own perpetuum server live forever as Freelancer do it for example.

<3 love you guys. Thanks for all the fishes !

Who are you?

Continuing on my previous conversation:

To a certain extent, is a great answer.  I just want to point to the Minecraft server model.  The server side things exploded and a lot of server hosting was paid for by buying packages in game for certain tiers.  Besides content funding for private servers it would be interesting to be able to pay for packages on private servers for non ground breaking things like EP boosters, or a robot starter pack nothing ground breaking but a little p2w action.

Are you adding a "Private Server" section on the official forums?  I also got to check to see if I'm still banned on the steam forums.

Who's going to moderate the official forums and game?

I still have a question,

What are the limitations of funding a community server?  Will it be frowned upon to ask for donations?  Or even further (thinking something else) if we sale special promotions in back (Think "gifts" from event) will that be covered?  Is there a take the publisher will have in those sales.

Join the community discord Doek


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totally in there too.

who's in charge of the publishing company?  Like specific person w/ contact?

@Zoom and @Gargaj.  I want both of you to know this coming from a 31 year old dude that's played a ton of games.  This has been one of the greatest gaming experiences in my life and you gentlemen have created and developed a game I will always remember for being one of the most captivating and amazing mmos I've ever played.  You guys created something spectacular and it was a *** pleasure. 

PS Can we have access to  different phases of the game too?  Like pre gamma launch?  Pre alpha 2?


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Annihilator wrote:

Just that you know,
on behalf of the remaining member of my corp (aka me and my wife)
i wanted to say goodbye before the forums shut down.

Hey it's been fun man!

Also is there $ amount for said company or assets?

Annihilator wrote:

I know, thats the Elephant in the room, but:

Would any of the remaining DEVs please answer what are the consequences of the
voluntary liquidation of "Avatar Creations", that is already running for three month now?

And is there an estimated time until its done and gone?

does this automatically lead to the removal from steam?

how did you find this out?


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oh good that looks terrible.


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Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

Soo Albion Is about to release in a few hours.

Its full loot Pvp game & you will be playing with some of the best group leaders here.  Contact Naismith/Ville on these forums to get you setup with Discord access to join the fun. (Or Pm me if you want & I can Yell at Syn fuuu )

Come join us for some fun! big_smile

The game isnt dead tongue

Posting here because I think Ville's thread is lame tongue tongue

My raid team has more active members then perpetuum, lol


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Obi this thread you raging Aussie.


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I'm just here on the forums till the servers are sold ^^


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wow 26 whole kills!!


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He hasn't pissed off peanut yet.

I thought Inda said there was going to be an announcement or something soon.


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Line wrote:

Actually, all together we can get some money and buy out the game, then develop it as we want and as fast as we can afford, hiring developers or participating personally, whatever

I can literally throw thousands of dollars at this.


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I offered to spend time to work on island designs even if it was on the test server and just message zoom to save it til they could look over it.


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Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

As players we had a fantastic sandbox to play in & we played the hell out of it. smile

I will never forget the 3 days straight we spent tunneling into Cassius's base and surrounding it with teraforming and turrets.  I feel asleep in my computer chair and woke up 4 hours later and peanut was approx 150 M in front of me still terraforming.  I just got more charges loaded and kept hitting the beacon and feel back asleep.  That imo was the BEST experience ever!  Just because the level of dedication was amazing!


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It's a shame too.  I felt like the most passion I ever had in a game was here.


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probably not.  since there is like 10,000 of each in level 3,  Ask Goffer to get you some


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its free to play on launch.