1st, ICE looks awesome, but please don't whine and wipe stuff when someone will mess with ingame economy (looks at Styx's "fraud") by spending 1k $.
2nd, EP-gain-over-time boost would be better instead of instant-EP pack, because newbies would still have time to learn game's basics. In the end it'd be must buy item for every new player, but who cares you have bills to pay smile
Also I'm not sure if fixed % of oldest vets EP is good move but for now I can't come up with better idea

Ad. 2
You could also rebalance skill costs so newbies could get more vital skills up to lvl 5 faster to be sort of in line (since your extension bonuses are messed up (the more you spend the less you get) anyway).

ah wrong account hmm

Quick question, how will it improve the game?

News from IRC: soon(tm)


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Interesting smile

Lahha wrote:

Base / (1 + 0.05 * ExtensionLevel)

That works. The thing is extension description says that bonus is static (which is in the formula) but effective bonus reduces which SUCKS HARD

How's looking into things going?


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Lights (combat) are only good for using detectors or being new (after arkhe nerf) noob wannabe-pvp bot.

Good trolll

The only ways I see it right now you could "abuse" it is when you place a terminal on enemies gamma island and it'll give you 3+ days for operating out of it. I like it (which means it'll probably me nerfed in a week or so)! yarr

BandwagonX9000 wrote:

MPC main terminals (and main terminals only) can now enter emergency mode multiple times
New: Freshly deployed main terminals are invulnerable for 72 hours.

Nobody else sees anything outright broken with this?

Nope, enlighten me please

Make it use LoS mechanics ;] like a sonar big_smile I think that was Siddy's idea back in the days big_smile

Lemon wrote:

Oh i know, If you activate your masker you are  shown on everyone's radar.



Annihilator wrote:

offer cortexes instead

production cost of mk2 lights and assaults are down to affordable (no noralgis) but i lack the cortexes to mass produce them wink

I'll msg you ingame later on.

Annihilator wrote:


This change it's cool but... It's like don't fix things which AREN'T broken (check armour tank and ERP nerf). Instead rebuilding whole tech tree go and add more modules to make it wider. Spend your time on new content instead rerolling whole game. kthx bye back to my cave.

mqx wrote:

sorry for the trolling ... but, as former major ct sellers, we're a bit disillusioned at how completely the changes the devs made have tanked the mk2 ct market. this sadly means that cts do indeed not have any value at the moment.

Trolling? No problem, I consider it as a friendly bump.
Thanks for enlighting me that mk2 CTs sucks atm, I'll save it for better times smile


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Good troll

This offer is temp. on hold. I'm not selling this CT.

Kokomut wrote:

it's pretty random, but sometimes npc do not drop cans when killed and this is on 4th tier mechs.

Yup, happened to me once (only one npc)


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Yup, looks at WoT. Gold ammo users and cannon fodder

iSpy wink

Devs wrote:

Issue: Not enough to do / not enough rewards on gamma islands.

   + Double the number of normal military and industrial roaming NPC spawns on gamma.
    +Add an elite NPC into roaming spawns on gamma.
    +Remove level 1 artifacts from gamma, keep spawning only level 2 and 3. Make artifacts spawn only on passable terrain.

Make spawns bigger (add extra normal npcs) also add more then one elite NPC (they aren't that hard to kill).
Leave level 1 gamma sites, just boost the rewards. Make artifact scanning worth something, because even if I get few level 3s and bunch of level 2s it doesn't matter when reward is so hilariously random (at least for me it's mostly junk). I don't say make it iWin button, right now even constant mission running is and will give you more income.

Devs wrote:

+ New robot variants using current chassis, with colixum-based components. (Manufacturing still possible anywhere for both.)

I would prefer to see walker/destroyers instead pimped (because ofc they will be better than regular or mk2 ones). Increase amount of robots by adding other types - it's more interesting.

Here you go. … ERVRlFyTVU

true is:
"1/BaseLocktime" * (100%+5%*"extensionlevel")= "1/Locktime"

It's not true, do the research before to avoid bullshit.

Beacons are an example, it's about all deployable stuff in the game. Sure it'll take a couple more sec to deploy/activate it, but it helps you out fixing mistakes you can make