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Finally we found the budget of the game, he at least 540,000 forints. (2405 $)

Please pay attention to this concept artillery. Its development took almost half a year and thousands of man-hours. The robot fires a big gun at the target and all those who are close (50 meters) take damage from the explosion.
You may begin to thank. This development is worth a thousand Dolar, but as a true fan I give it away for free


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or like a reward system in the form of game titles and ranks


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Can help reward for completing Wikipedia. For example, the NIC 100 million for 10 000 or 20 000 characters in a month?


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Maybe all the same players will be able to help the project? Are there places where you can use their desire and belief in the project?


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What do you think about this?
$ 99 is the engine if the profit of less than 50 000
http://www.unrealengine.com/udk/licensi … sing-faqs/

Can I ask an indiscreet question?
How much is left of the old development team?

Please be patient))

means less than half done, and by the Hungarian arithmetic gets the date patch after 7 months.


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Talking about languages.
Chaos offers developers help in localization of the form "as is", but the proposal was not supported. Requirements similar to one in a hiring, just a word about the payment for the work in this case.
Many players are offered help. But all of them refused.
 My opinion - the "need to give developers time to deal with the creation of the game of your dreams without the distraction of the players."
pS. I see no reason to extend the subscription before the release of steam. At the end of the year will be more releases of new games
pss sorry my english


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CPU Type    QuadCore Intel Core i5-760, 2933 MHz (22 x 133)
Motherboard Name    MSI P55-GD80 (MS-7581) 
Video Adapter    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460  (1048256 KB)
System Memory    12278 MB  (DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM)
Operating System    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

Recently drew attention to the way the game loads the video card. It turns out two clients use it to full capacity. But there are no graphics and dynamics crisis level 3. Maybe we should do the optimization client?

I can not kill anyone with one shot? Let's reduce the number of robots in all of life and remove the slots in the legs

301 u correct weight smile


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The success of Wikipedia in its freedom.

If the developers policy is not changed, the idea is meaningless. Developers refuse to accept any players help. To sign a bunch of agreements and non-disclosure agreements, etc. As if you are helping not fo free, and wana work with them, but without pay. Nobody will agree.


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propose to reduce the drop in 5 times more incentive to play and less to cry


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Из-за недостатка  русскоязычных справочных материалов по игре думаю, могло быть полезно место для их сбора и накопления.


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Tell me, is there a way to increase the font size in the game, except for a single point in the graphics settings ? Because the current size is only a headache and pains in the eyes of even 100% vision and 22-inch monitor

Then give advice how to construct system of access to corporations if for example in half a year its head can be tired of game and will leave in real life, having taken away all? Who that is insured from that that it will sadden game to tens users?

For such tricks in World of Warcraft block the character, I do not understand why it encourage in perpetuum

All are really insured from that that the person lost more half a year and decided to cease to play won't take away all from storehouses without is punished?

But nevertheless it was possible to one dexterous person.

Today unexpectedly I have learned about the most profitable in game employment. About what would like will share with you. Strangely enough this larceny. After conversation with Game the master it was found out that in difference from others online games here it is not punishable as does perpetuum unique in the market. The way is simple, it is necessary to enter serious corporation and to deserve trust. Month of game it is quite enough to get access to a small amount of game values. If you have more time that advise to wait, when the trust to you doesn't become full and the profit will be much more. After that enough to shift all from corporate storehouses in personal and to count profit. This action is perfect it is not punishable and is the game moment which adds in game for other players of super sensation. I think then only one letter it is possible to change your name and to start over again to creep to another's storehouses.

*edit: You conversations with GMs or DEVs as well as any account and moderation related topics is private information and may not be shared or discussed on the forums. Also, it is not possible to change your name anymore. - DEV Calvin