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I personally think that combining all of the industrial buttons into one drop-down menu similar to the terrain window would be the most GUI Space Efficient option. Also as you stated, you need to think long term, so if you guys ever need to add more buttons (for what ever reason) the space for them would be there.

Although it may take a little while for our current industrialists to get used to the change, I think that in the long run they would be happy with the change, as it would localize all of their buttons into one central location.


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Good job, very well put together.

This should be stickied.

I think what would make it more interesting is to have biomes. As someone posted above, there could be more stuff like jungles. Biomes such as this would also add more terrain to use during pvp.

Another Idea would be to have weather within the biomes, and the weather would actually impact you.

Biome: Tundra
Weather: Snow storm
Effect: 5% Speed Reduction

I think both removing it and keeping it has it's benefits.

But Personally I am for keeping the navigation skill. The Navigation skill is one of the main things that stops new players from immediately getting on to the field. And if a new player or a player without Navigation level 10 does go onto a pvp field, their disadvantage shows and should encourage them to get it up.

Like I said before, There are pro's and Con's to keeping it and removing it, but that is just my personal opinion.

17, man you guys are old tongue


Hello all I'm happy to present to you the Perpetuum Public TS3 server, brought to you by Jasdemi.

What Can you do on the Public Server?
-Use it for Voice Communication during Epic Combat Missions
-Use it just to talk to other perptuum players
-Use it for Advertising your Corp
-Use it for Selling stuff
-Use it for trolling people
-Use it to talk to members of your corp
-Use it for anything!!

How do I join this Awesome Server?
-Simply Download and Install Teamspeak 3, Can be found here: www.teamspeak.com/
-Connect to the Server with this info: ts.jasdemi.com:1010

Jasdemi wrote:

EDIT: Just had an idea. How about a public PO TS3 server? Any volunteers here who would want to maintain and keep it clean? I could create one right away.

If you are looking for help with this, I could help you, send me a message if you want to talk about it more.

Suggestion: Add the ability for players to sell their characters for NIC. Have a section on the forums where we can post what character we are selling or buying and details about it. Also have the character transfer from  account to account cost real money. For example $20 USD.

-People can trade characters
-Company that Owns Perpetuum profits from this
-Puts more money Circulation into the ingame Economy

-Potentialy allowes people to sell characters for real world Currency on "Black Markets"
-Players could buy themselves a good character when they first join instead playing through the game and earning one.

Post what your opinions are on this smile


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Great tool,
Good job on making this. Can't wait to see future development of it smile