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the drawbacks of speed?   nope  140kph

the drawbacks of armor?   nope *** of armor

Tells us, wise one, what drawbacks?   I know you will not answer, because you really dont know.

DEV Zoom wrote:

Feel free to explain, otherwise I have to assume you're talking about 2 bots being "demon resistant", with the drawbacks this brings to them. Which in my opinion would not be enough to make anything obsolete.

"you are not running away from me"  , topic


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you really dont know


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im there

Burial wrote:

SAP-s aren't worth doing when 90% no-one is showing up.


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I like 150kph undemobable bots

keep the patches coming


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please can we get cosmetic cash shop stuff

if only you had an artist on your staff to dream up some stuff



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I am enjoying demob proof bots
I can run away from everything
I love running


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100%     +1

Jita wrote:

So the joke has got to end some time but lets be really clear about what this patch has done.

Racial bonus' are now worth less than one tuning.

One tuning makes any racial bonus useless.

Are you getting this Alf?

This makes any bot with one ecm tuning better than a vagabond.

It makes any combat bot with one tuning better than its racial equivalent.

Where does this end? Well the Seth mk2 as the heavy with the most head becomes the best ECM / Suppressor platform. Its a better gauss boat than the Mesmer mk2. Its a better neut boat than the Ictus. You could say well nerf Seths then but that would miss the point - racial bonus' are now so watered down that they are useless.

There are a whole host of other problems such as the castel mk2 tank assaults, or assaults that do 115 m/s and cannot be demobbed (and if you don't know why that sucks you must be hungarian) but its pretty much the whole thing.

You have taken a game that was fairly balanced along racial lines and made it none racial, unbalanced with specific bots and heavies that will with time become the used by everybody standard.

I know you hate to admit when your wrong but for the love of *** roll this piece of *** patch back and start again or you will spend five times the time patching stupid fit after stupid fit until any semblance of balance is well and truly dead.


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now djntice cant eppy ninja gamma any more

describe Jita:

Jita wrote:

Why do you feel the need to attack people at every post in an attempt to make them not play the game Ville and Stranger?


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Gamma Eppy gives new players hope

and Burial destroys hope for new players

Burial wrote:

Definitely. As long as the developers consider all the balance issues instead of unwisely moving Epriton back to Gammas with the same mechanics, it's fine.

It's a complicated balancing problem. Gammas have turrets and more stations versus exposed Betas with no turrets and 2 or 4 stations, hence I suggested to approach it from a different angle.


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Zortarg wrote:
Supremacy wrote:

I may have been over dramatic in this matter

oh... what a surprise ...


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having a blast

doing whatever we want with impunity


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People who know what is up and are successful - us

Other people - you


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our doctrine is a well rounded team


your doctrine is: 'derp'

Burial wrote:

You want Ictus buffed only for self-centered motives. I know the doctrine most of you trained towards that was supposed to be the EW meta killer.


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I may have been over dramatic in this matter

thats 9 in favor


Eppy being removed from Gamma today.

I think new players really enjoy it there.

Lets discuss our desire to reverse todays patch


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Like patch


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argano hax