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Ketjup wrote:

anyway. cannons no range difference? .. a call a 77 or 100-20 optimal range a big difference  ,

Well, I don't see any "big" difference. Not even small smile Take EVE-online. The difference between 70 km and 100 km optimal is a difference, because you have to cover that distance and this takes time. You have to maintain that distance and it is also not easy because maneuvers take time also. So it is a game between you and your enemy. In the Perpetuum 30 meters is not a distance. It can be covered in couple of seconds. If I have 70 optimal and you have 100, and we will try to keep our optimals, we will be dancing within those two distances. So there will be no real difference. Few seconds on your optimal, few seconds on mine. Off and on.

The difference about couple of hundred meters would be more interesting smile And by the way more realistic.
What is the optimal range 70 meters? It's not a cannon. It is not even a gun. It's like a small pistol smile
I think, with given robot's speeds, would be more logical make cannons 200, magnetic 400, lasers 600. It's a roughly speaking. I'm not proposing exact numbers and proportions, but something like that.
It would be more interesting and in a way to using landschaft. I.e. lasers are long, but hard to use them on non flat surface.

Yes, and we also must have options to make bigger game interface and fonts smile

Sorry, I wasn't accurate.
What I wanted to say is: In the game with resolution 2560 X 1600 icons and fonts are very small. smile

And I also mistakenly put my post here. May be moderators could move it in the "suggestions" section.


(12 replies, posted in Guides and Resources)

What do you think? Which weapon(cannons, lasers, magnetic) is better? And why?
For me cannons is better. No real difference in distance, DMG modifier is good, less PAW and CPU, and Ammo can cover different types of DMG. Unfortunately there are no robots with bonus for that weapon.

In resolution 2560 X 1600 icons and fonts are very small.
Would be better if we can change it.

My screen resolution 2560X1600. Everything is too small. Not only on radar - icons, fonts etc. It makes game-play very unpleasant.
So it would be nice to make everything resizable.
Like on desktop. As you announced. smile

Samhain wrote:

When we are moving forward in our bot via the W key, please consider allowing us to hold the left mouse button down and move the mouse to move the camera around. This would be nice to be able to look behind our bot, visually scan the area, etc., while still moving forward.

Agree. This must be done.