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WTB high amount of Noralgis.
Price and amount in private chat! Send me pm in-game.
**HINT** -> SEARCHING for partner who can provide good amount for good price.


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Kazimir Casus wrote:

I would suggest developers to introduce an red NPC in the terminals, because traders  there earn big money without any risk.

God help us! yikes


Great idea.

Maybeeee they should implement buy ep/ep speed for €/nic?

Brilliant idea,we will all have all lvl 10 for 100€,hesus!

What you think?

You can open that to everyone,and simple tell if u make good job we will give you few time code for game!

Problem solved,and u have wiki!

How simple is that?



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Yes please! I will buy if you have one!

Nothing is mandatory.

But its still mandatory, right?

Laserkraft wrote:

When you need rewards to log in, something is wrong with the game. So no! The EP System is ok, its not the problem.



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darkness7879 wrote:

Just started the trial today and its quite fun. I got through all the turorial missions and messed around in my robot for a bit. i am wondering though what i should do next. should i join a corp or play solo for a bit more to get some better stuff (running around in a promethus atm).


Like few of us! lol


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hjk3 wrote:

I am wanting to buy the following items.

-12 T4 Medium EM guns
-2 T4 Sensor amps
-6 T4 Magnetic weapon tunings
-8 T4 Accumulator rechargers
-2 T4 Med armor rep

Mail or PM me in game if interested.

P.S. I would like also like to find someone that can supply these items for a little cheaper than market

Send u pm!


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Brutalizer wrote:

First off, let me say this game is dreadfully boring and tedious.  In today's day and age I am greatly surprised you released this game without making sure you had a solid path finding system so we don't have to freaking spend 90% of our time navigating hills that for some reason our futuristic robot can't go up.

Next, The start of this game is terrible.  It's so slow paced, and the mining tutorials do not express fully how things work, so a lot of times you'll use your directional scanner and wonder "Wtf why isn't the mission updating".  Which brings me to the next annoying thing.  Extra quest items.  Every bot you kill around the starting area drops quest items, but you CAN'T TURN THEM IN FOR ANYTHING! They just take up space in your inventory.  *Flash back to Hellgate London nightmares*.

Why can't you communicate with agents outside a base?  Do we not have cell phones anymore? 

Also, blatantly building a game that requires you to have more than one account so you can milk your customers is a joke.  Try making it solo friendly because not all of us like being forced to be in a corp, OR pay 30+ dollars a month.  Some of us come online to interact with other people, but we don't want to be forced to group with them.  I want to be able to trade with people, occasionally group up for tasks and generally just do my own thing while making a profit off of others.  It's not that I won't join a corp, or start one.  It's that I want to experience everything first, and get a feel of the landscape/game before I invest time getting emotionally involved in a community.

On that note, the population is... empty.  For a reason.  As a new player, the tutorial sucks as has been discussed multiple times on here.  Not only that, but the curve between new player and regular player is huge.  For example,  After doing some hunting I found a bunch of T3 items (weapons, etc) and couldn't find a single person interested in them.  Everyone who actually plays, already has T4 gear and probably only uses T4 gear.  This makes the market very top heavy, because you can't find any T2 or T3 gear in the new player areas, because most people probably quit at about the point where I'm at.  You're either new and figuring things out with T1 or you're T4 and long time vet.

One reason I never played Eve, is because I didn't want to be at such a serious disadvantage to the players who have established their reign.  I wish someone would figure out that a time based exp system goes GREAT with a reset server! smile

With that said I can't see a reason to play this game over Eve.  It feels like Eve, looks like Eve and is just as annoying as Eve in every way +1 (no autopilot).  I think I might give Eve another try lol

You are right.. we still play becuase think something will change,but general will not!
Also we play lot of time and we dont want to give up from it on easy way..

Game need to make 180 turn if hy want live...
Free games on internet doent have that number of players!


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Hello everyone,

Next summer will be probablly funfest in Pesta,Varosliget park according to my intel!

date : around 17.07.2013 ?????

Is this true? I hear also that we will have PVP turnament live,any info about it?
Or you just keep this quiet while u balancing pvp tools?

Hes alive! o/

EVE vs. Perpetuum???!!!

you serious?



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Guys, seems that perpetuum lost rudder and capitan!

From my perspective they all gone long time ago...

Because, nothing happening here 6 sience gamma!



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WTB scarab mk2!
I will offer 120M!

Contact me here or in-game mail!


I dont have problems.. game is perfectly balanced!

Stop trolling

Arjha Shanoo wrote:
Rabus0 wrote:

So, what if some guys turn on pvp flag and kill all race drivers? Its not impossible!

it is - if you yourself don't turn on your PvP-flag or try to shoot the flagged one. Why? Because the necessary isles are alpha ones and you can't shoot a non-PvP-flagged player (if happens otherwise it would be a bug and a big exploit too...) But if you really want to run through PvP-zones, your fault.

William Bonney wrote:

... to Tellesis.  Then Daoden, Shinjalar, New Virginia, Hershfield, and then Back to Attalica....

You didnt understand! If you will be allowed to shoot on other members in race that means that some guys who is not in race can kill you all!

Same amount of EP - no one has an upper hand because of maxed Speed Nexus Ext. with this.


+1 for your race BUT few questions:

William Bonney wrote:


6.  You are allowed to fit your robots any way you want.  You will be in a squad, so anyone using a Nexus Module, will be helping out those who are close to them.  You are allowed to kill each other in any way you deem you can.

So, what if some guys turn on pvp flag and kill all race drivers? Its not impossible!

Every participating In Game Character must be a Trial Account.

Well,your rule,but give me just one good reason,why? Just one!


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BandwagonX9000 wrote:

Almost as new.



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Jasdemi wrote:

Mk2 market is dead.



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Bumping this topic.

WTB high amount of Noralgis.
Price and amount in private chat! Send me pm in-game.

**HINT** -> SEARCHING for partner who can provide good amount for good price.


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Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

lol fail lol



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almost there big_smile