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Any changes done to Gamma should be small and incremental to prevent radical changes and invalidation of existing base designs, like what happened during Gamma 1.0 when a single change that allowed terraforming between turrets practically invalidated 99% of base designs already built.

There's a couple of things that could be done:
- If all reinforced buildings stopped working.
- If turrets required ammo.
- If resistances on the buildings were cut in half across the board.

But the reality of the matter is, all of this discussing is POINTLESS.

What the game needs at this juncture is outpost taxes on field terminals, Beta 2 field terminals and highways, and when it comes to Gamma what we really need is:


Otherwise known as, new content.


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+++ spent 30 minutes not being able to move through passable terrain and rubberbanding

I call them "Traveltakts"

Frame velocity 230+ on highway gogo.


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Thanks Zoom!

Honestly with the way beacon reward is right now vs mission reward, I would much rather be doing combat missions. More money, less hassle.

Keep it as is, its a very nice twist to the game.


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9 dupes and no asset wipes later right?



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When I played Mortal Online in 2008-2009, they were talking about 13 schools of magic soon.

Guess what theyre talking about soon in 2015.



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What are you talking about, the teleport system is *** amazing compared to the travesty we had before.


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I'm unsure if it's possible for the Devs to even confirm the fact there's gonna be a Winter sale, even though everyone knows and is expecting it. hmm

TBH you should buff the reward on TAPs significantly anyway, there's no reason whatsoever to bother doing them over missions.

Um indy star beacons never spawned combat robots for me?


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Actually I'd wait a little bit more to see how the situation evolves.

The current rate of token gain should create a market demand for them, which can only help new players.


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If you do 12 missions in a few minutes, you're abusing something.


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Altera wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:

Probably the next larger patch, along with reworked NPCs. No ETA yet.

Make smaller and more frequent updates. Don't combine and string us out!

What Altera said.

Please please please no 3-or-6-month-wait-for-content.


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Dog with a bone, hey it worked last time thats how EW and Ictus got nerfed.


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I don't think the initial price is that important because long-term the bulk of your income will be ICE when you add things to the credit shop (paintjobs, customizeables, etc etc - PLEASE NO BLACK BOTS F*CK YOU VILLE).

Right now, being premium is only relevant for newbies because EP means a lot more to them then veterans.

Steam was supposed to be the solution for the population problems, but I honestly do think asking for 28,99 is way too much to ask for initially, and I think the internal stats you keep should show that.


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Okay but what are your thoughts Zoom?

Are you happy with this sale? Did it work for you guys?


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Ignoring Jita is a healthy step forward.

We were getting 9-20 in chat before the sale, during the sale we climbed up to ~100 in chat.

Who's gonna buy a 2nd account at 30$?

Who's gonna compete with who without a 2nd account?

We need the price to either go down permanently, or a lot more frequent relevant sales (no 10% off, needs to be 50 minimum to get any results).

Whatever is simpler oranging or removing, static spawns are supposed to be going away anyway.


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I know but please do something... I don't think that many people are gonna dump 30$ on a game without a trial. sad

I don't think anyone wants the population increase to stop and dwindle away, is there anything you can do?


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Extend the sale, it doesn't have to be 75% off (50% would do wonders too!), just don't leave it like this at 30$! We need more population before it can be considered stable!


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Personally I feel like T5 RNG modules are a waste of time that detracts from other beneficial ideas that would immensely help the game more.

- Paintjobs.
- NPC revamp
- Loot revamp
- Stuff in Syndicate store.
- Syndicate robots.
- Field terminals on Beta 2 & highways
- Permanent 75% discount for 1st ICE, 50% for 2nd ICE, 25% for 3rd ICE bought with $$$ on account.


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Our 100% security from players is gained through our military warmachine, not through game mechanics.