Good question would be, what will be the specialization of the syndicate EW mech? Pretty much the only "open" niche is a demobbing specialist unless you're planning to make it a jack-of-all?

Don't bother unless you're gonna get rid of some extremely silly stuff like demob immunity on plates.


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Whoever wants to scout Beta entrances will scout 2 or 10 entrances. Accounts are cheap.

Static spawns need to go, Beta 2 rework needs to happen.

6 months of waiting for this is just too long for most people who buy games on steam and expect them to be updated.

I'm sorry but you have a severe case of too-little-too-slow. hmm

I can't think of anyone in my alliance nevermind my guild who would care about EP enough to come back. I guess it could be handy for our Ictus pilots, but they burned their bridges with Perp after the "balance" patch.

I can see the logic behind the biggest population drop ever;

Players who used to log in for EP saw there were some changes to the EP system, skimmed over it and concluded they now have to do shizzle for EP, said "f*ck this" and just stopped logging in.

Your tiki torch is on the way out.

It's polite to ask before you park in someone's back yard.


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If this is about NSE's base, move all their buildings, storages, etc to closest Alpha terminal. You're changing the game rules on a corporation that doesn't play actively anymore, that you already screwed over by vanishing millions of fuel from their reactors due to server restarts.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

You guys keep talking about a perceived idea that you can't get past turrets on a hill in assaults because you die.

I'm talking about a bug where you try to shoot ANY building from below and you get a "shot blocked" message when there is nothing apparent that could block it.

Two completely different things...

I know they're two completely different things, but I vividly remember another completely unrelated change in terraforming, a simple 2D/3D fix suddenly invalidating 99% of base designs in-game overnight and leaving players with their assets hanging in the wind with useless undefendable bases.

I personally have no stakes in it because I've vowed never to build a Gamma base again after that incident. But if whatever change you make is gonna impact the players in a similar fashion, just despawn their stuff and move their assets to Alpha for them. Most of the people who have bases aren't even playing your game anymore, they just log in to dump fuel in the reactors every so often.


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what are you talking about Zoom, all T3 Gamma bases are invulnerable because there is no way to siege a base with anything less then 40 people on the field. Even then it falls flat on it's face if there's 1 dedicated defender online micromanaging connections.

The cool starship-troopers idea of assault bots running the turret gauntlet just isn't something that happens in reality. In reality, everyone gets in Seth Mk2's with 6 range extenders and snipes turrets for 2-3 hours hoping nobody comes online and flicks the boosters on. Or wastes 5 hours trying to shoot at turrets being repped by X repnodes because someone is online.


If whatever you're gonna change is gonna invalidate existing base designs, then you decon and move all their assets to the closest Alpha station. I don't care whose outpost it is, nobody deserves to have their assets welped because their base design got invalidated overnight by a patch. Everyone who built a Gamma base put in hours and hours of time into it.


Ville, I told you so. big_smile

Who did you ask?

Its taking too long.

Paintjobs since 2010.

There should have definitely been a "Sorry we screwed up" post about the balance patch by now. I'm also interested in hearing Devs thoughts on the balance.

Even if they reverted the balance tomorrow, what about all the people who a) bought EP to cross-spec/respec into yellow OP b) who spent EP leveling yellow? It's a bloody lose-lose situation no matter which way you flip it.

But for the good of the game, the bigger "lose" would be leaving the atrocious balance in-game imho.

Personally I'm more concerned about the whack-a-mole development. One month they're working on field terminals. Halfway through reworking Beta, they change their mind and swap to Syndicate bots. Halfway through they swapped to something else. Then something else. Then new EP system upgrade. Then now back to Syndicate bots. That might not be the case internally, but as an outside observer I get the impression they're working on 10 different things and that will take forever for 3 guys.

At this point re-doing the game engine for better graphics (the least important aspect) would be a better and more productive idea then giving more EP to people who don't want to play your game for more then 1,59 hours in the first place.

There's 5 people posting there, and out of those 5 theres only 1 who actually plays the game anymore.

Unfortunately I feel this is a waste of time change, because the people it targets are namely veterans who are waiting and hoping the game might get a population one day. Those veterans have been waiting for a long time (5-6 years?), and by now even if they weren't too zealous with logging in they already maxxed out their characters in a few roles/races.

On one hand it's a dirty move to change the rules and blatantly target vets, on the other hand it might help those vets who haven't maxxed out on EP. But there's still no reason to play the game. sad The entire game revolves around grinding - ore, money and now EP. At least before everyone progressed at a relatively same rate so casuals progressed at the same speed as hardcore players, now older people with kids don't have any way of being competitive even remotely.

I've never heard anyone quit the game because of EP progression, I've heard a lot of people quit the game because of bad balance changes, no content, and too slow development.

The real question you should answer Zoom, is why should we play your game?


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Honestly there's plenty of people who don't even log in every 3 days for their EP anymore.


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I bet it's daily quests to activate EP generation instead of the current 3-day-login scheme.

Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

Ive been watching a few youtube videos on Stellaris. Anyone here played that?

It has my seal of approval.

Classic paradox game, meaning it's bare-bones at the moment compared to CK2/EU4 but DLC's will definitely be coming. Whats in-game now is well worth playing.

Nothing like some alien smacktalking then you take his stuff and purge his entire population. Genocide on a galactic scale. Reminds me of perp's finest days. big_smile

30. May 2014

Syndic wrote:

What is being stated in forums, tickets, whatever is that EWar is too strong against Heavy mechs. But that's what it is supposed to do, otherwise Heavy mechs have no counter in-game except more heavy mechs and more remote repair.

31. May 2014

Syndic wrote:

... You're asking that the whole game balance is destroyed, entire bot-types and playstyles completely invalidated, all for the sake of you 5 guys not wanting to diversify/recruit/train other people. Head-first through a brick wall.


The ONLY thing needed touching was the ECM Tuning (still broken today as it was 5 years ago when it was implemented), and everything would have been fine. Instead, Alfageddon. sad

I've been saying this for a long time.

I also think this incident should be referred to as Alfageddon in the future.

In other news, I murdered Lolpus in Dreadnought.



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The robot balance patch was such a travesty of ungodly proportions, I'm still laughing in disbelief that something like that ever managed to worm its way to the live server.


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Leary is semi-right, you should come play Albion with us instead of the t*rd circling the toilet bowl.


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We spent 2 weeks killing everyone on Norhoop while you bailed on your alliance and went to Bellicha to camp M2S industrials that didn't exist. lol

So by playing we're essentially griefing you and preventing you from having fun? lol


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Race drones is completely right, every new player or new corp that comes in-game gets recruited, fed propaganda, and thrown at us. We've intentionally permitted this to happen, by choosing to not recruit. Recruits have to be managed, entertained, encouraged, schooled, way too much effort involved. Defectors and disillusioned pilots wanting to jump over to greener pastures are much easier to handle and utilize. We kept a live-stream of your corp-chat & TS for a few weeks before we decided it was too boring and stopped bothering.

We used to have 50+ people online on pings, now most of our guys are off playing Albion and DOTA. There comes a point where adding a 0 on your stack of sh*t becomes pointless, and we reached that point in ~2014 thanks to our dear friend Peanut.

There will always be two certainties in Perpetuum;

a) Jita will build a server coalition alliance
b) Jita will self-destruct his server coalition alliance

Meaning for the longest of time we've had to do very little to win - show up a few times, do some ninja spy stuff, and let Jita interact with all your wonderful aspie personalities. What's even better is, everyone in your merry band hates Jita & JOKE, but you're all too afrad to go on your own without him holding your hand.

Fun Fact: Every time you band up and start fighting, Gunner starts a "Jita Timer". lol

Ultimately, making sure you have no fun is a legitimate strategy we will continue to employ. Deal with it, or don't. Either works out for us in the end. lol


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That would work... not.

The last long shot for the game, until the money runs out, is content. Faster developed content anyway.