Community develops the game and pay the server costs directly, while any new players that wanna play the game gotta make a 10$ beer money deposit.

Spit in their faces while you're at it. lol

But seriously, if you're done then you're done. Make the game F2P so the community servers at least have a miniscule chance to grow, otherwise you're just delaying the inevitable. Very little people wanted to throw 10$ at this game when there was the illusion of development, even less will want to when the only server being actively worked is some private community server. It'll be the same 20 dudes chasing each others tail without hope of anyone new playing.


Albion is recruiting

Yes it was all fun and dramatic...

... But within 24 hours of this "stuff" getting out and being posted on Steam, there's replies and "informing the community". Nevermind the last 3 months of the last 10 people playing literally begging for some scrap of information. neutral

Even if there is a community server, how will new players be able to join it? By buying the game on Steam? And 6 months down the road, when the community server is developed and rebalanced far beyond the point of the official server, will people be buying premium here to boost their characters on the community server? lol

So many questions to be answered in the blog post. smile


Still selling copies on steam while being liquidated with the game shutdown around the corner.

Thats a whole new level of scumbag scamming.

Glad we killed this game.

Looks like the plug will be pulled without even a cursory "sorry we tried".


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Shut it down. It's over.


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There were +300k players in this Albion beta.


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We have all the information necessary. 7 years after release and 17 years after starting development, the game has a peak concurrent user activity of ~10 accounts and therefore isn't making enough money to pay a single developer working full time. You have to remember that the game isn't subscription based anymore - most of the accounts and players that are active are most likely not using EP boost therefore they aren't paying money to the Devs. There are no cosmetics to sell either. The game simply isn't making money outside of some random Steam dudes accidental purchase before they realize there is no population and try to refund.

Evidently the money being made is enough to pay for server cost & bandwidth, for now. The game is pretty much in maintenance mode or on life support. That's why there aren't any posts or blogs, even though after ~7 years I reckon the guys still enthusiastic about this game at least deserve a "Sorry we tried but it isn't working out it's me not you" blog post.

If you guys are really serious about throwing money at buying this game, I'd suggest you organize your sh*t and start working on a brand new game instead. Or if you simply want to buy the game to shut it down, then sure go ahead and flush the money down the drain.


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People aren't playing because the game wasn't and isn't good enough in 2015-2016-2017 to retain their interest.

The game was released in 2010 and pretty much stayed in 2010 from the perpective of new players who don't care about -+5% on X.

The Devs either worked too slow or too little, and the game is where it is.

I wouldn't be surprised if there's only one announcement left to be made.


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I remember back in 2010-2011 the Devs were saying they were developing Perp for ~10 years. I could be wrong but whatever. Do you think after ~20 years of working on the same game, having it crash & burn 6-7 times, they still feel like working on it? Personally I feel like they've given up and the new bots were the "last hurrah".


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Best way to take a look is to look at videos, theres *** of them around on youtube.

They are super greedy jews.

But the pvp is good and theres 200-300k people to kill so I forgive them.


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There's no TZ problems in glorious Lolbion.


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If I wanted to flush money down the toilet I'd buy another perpetuum account


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Pie in the sky


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Problems with living in Blackzones are as follows (this is how we encountered them);

- The blawb is real -> 20+ man "caravans" are a daily reality you have to play around one way or another.
- T2 resources -> You need to import them, kinda like "no titan on Beta" in Perp.
- Town exit zones are gankerino centralino -> Works both ways of course...

All in all biggest hurdle is getting your first batch of PVP gear & tools into a Blackzone town. After that, you'll be hauling in T2 stone exclusively to upgrade guild island to T4-T5 so you can start crafting your own ***. Then you'll have to start importing T2 metal bars, planks, cloth, leather so that you can start gathering locally and refining in the Blackzone.

Once you got that sorted it's pretty much smooth sailing for small scale PVP or blobchasing. Group compositions are a reality (just make sure you have a greathammer/claymore with you for tackling, T5 must-have) and everything else is "bring whatever" weapon-wise.

For comparison, full set of T5 PVP gear (for myself) is like 32 T5 leather, and I don't remember how much metal/leather for my T5 claymore but it's dirt cheap. Comparatively, 1 T5 animal gives roughly 9 T5 hide, which requires 9T2+9T3+9T4 to process into leather.


Once the heavy lifting I mentioned above is done, most people can be self-sufficient from there on out. Weekly run of 999(stack) T2 metal or planks or leather, and you're so fine you'll be running into bankspace problems.


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Can't really AFK Scarab in Albion because resources are nodes with a finite amount in them that slowly replenishes over time.

You would need a long-ass script that waypoints nodes, travel between those nodes, and includes 5 clicks per node, mount/dismount, unload when 1 or 2 stacks of 999 is reached, and loop.

A degree more complicated then slapping a small miner on a hauler or recording your mouse movement between cargo and container then looping it every X minutes with a variable of +- 1-10 seconds.


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Tbh the main argument isn't the population, it's the fact that it's well designed around 5-10 man guilds for end-game territory control content.

Gathering->Refining->Crafting->Accumulating is well thought out and extremely easy to do compared to Perp. In the time it takes you to mine out a titan field, you got 5-10 sets of T4-T5 gear.

Having to import T2 resources into Red and Black zones is a good way of creating caravans. They will probably expand on that and include T3 resources.

Newbie guy coming into the game is PVP-ready in 1-2 hours in any role not just tackle. Later on when gear levels escalate it will increase, but T4 will always be decent enough like T2 in Perp.


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Would you say new race is a red headed step-child or

Chill you dirty peasant, I was talking to Ville not Rolafen.

Our alliance hasn't been playing and won't be playing this game for the foreseeable future.

And it took you 5 years to comprehend what we've been saying all along when people like Jita cried for unlocked outposts or more outposts or whatever?


There was a time of ~2 years when every 2nd SAP had the potential for a 50+ man fight. Then we got bored of owning the world in a dead game and left to play other games.

Intrusion 2.0 works fine when there's a population. Same as everything in the game.


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The mostly positive reviews were "purchased" by a player with in-game money.

Prior to that, the game had mixed reviews.

Newcomers don't review the game based on changes, they review it based on their current impression.

Changing it so it devalues vet stocks would be the only functional way, if you make it harder that just means corps like mine with G's of commodities just got even more power.