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Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

a corp mate in the EU tested it & while he get 30 m/s normally ... when checking this out his ping would jump upto 180+ m/s..

Yet to see what happens with people in the US.

On average it seems to 4x - 5x you normal ping & if your a poor SOD with high avage ping then crossing 2 or more grid boundaries (like going across them on the corners) can give N/A & if you do this enough N/A spikes will last for 15 or more secs.

This problem is made worse the more people or NPCs near by

uptade: my Eu corp mate just retested this & was getting ping spikes of 800 m/s

So this isnt just something US high ping players can pick up but even people with pings of 40 m/s normally can have this happen when crossing grid lines.

+1 Quoted For Truth.

When a player has 40ms latency and jumps to 180ms on the gridlines, it wouldn't hurt his/her overall playing experience. 180ms is still better than what we play with all the time.
When you have 400ms normally and it jumps to 2000ms on the gridlines or often to N/A, theres alot of thought of whether or not to even log in anymore. And I have seen players in the AU TZ not logging in because of this.

What would help, is for the Devs to acknowledge that there is an issue and that they are looking into it. It would keep me logging in if I knew that they were even taking this seriously. So far, we have received nothing but "it's the internet!" responses from the Devs.


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Still looking for more members. Would like to grow the EU and US timezones.

If interested, come have a chat.



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Gday Coolit,

Fuel for Fire would like to have a chat to you.

At the moment we have people in the AU TZ but are looking to expand into other TZ's. If you'd like some guidance and the chance to help build members in your TZ, then we can accommodate. You also wouldn't be left alone as we are allianced on Alsbale who cover all TZ's and we are very active AU players, especially across the weekend.

See http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … ecruiting/ for more information.

Have fun


Please have a chat with us before making a decision.

We'll be on AU primetime tonight.

Talk to you then.



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Bump. Updated OP.


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Looking for a few more agents.

Whether you are new or old, come and have a chat with us.

Fuel For Fire (-FFF-) is a newly created corporation which has goals and a drive to achieve them, with maturity, respect and fun!

What we are about:

* A corp for veteran agents wanting a fresh start, or for the new agent wanting to learn all aspects of the game.
* We are a capitalist PvP corp and have a strong industry background all to support our PvP.
* We are a beta island corp.
* Our members are willing to help the corp, other members of the corp and have each others back in every aspect of the game.
* We will be a tight nit group of agents who will be very active and respected within the Perpetuum community.

What we require:

* "Very active" agents willing to start in a new corp and work towards member decided corp goals.
* Mature agents looking to have fun whilst achieving said goals.
* Agents that enjoy all aspects of the game.
* Agents from any TZ may apply.
* Older agents from any corp background may apply.
* New agents may apply, although they must be subbed.
* Must have a working mic and must use it on the corps TeamSpeak 3 server.
* There will be an initial interview to make sure you are the right fit for us and we're the right fit for you.

What we can offer:

* New agents will receive free bots in order to get them learning PvP and help them become self sufficient quicker!
* A corp able to teach PvP in order to win in a battle.
* Experienced agents who know all mechanics of the game and able to use them to help build wealth, find targets and have fun.
* Beta island outpost access.
* An alliance of more agents willing to help in all aspects of the game.

Join channel "-FFF- Public" if you would like a chat or ask any questions!

For a discreet recruitment or if no one from corp is responding in the public channel, please send Kilswitch an in game mail.



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I know that the DEV really will see right through this post, for what it really is meant to be.

Not to confuse anyone, KilsWitcH's post, not mine. yikes

No idea what you're on about. Does the world revolve around you?


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So outposts that were really easy to take and keep at 100% stability and are now even easier to keep that way because neither the defender nor the attacker knows when the SAP time is up, and this is OK with you lot?

And I thought this was a PvP game.

The fact is, if an attacker wanted to take a SAP (and further ones) in order to take ownership of the outpost, they are going to do it regardless of the SAP visibility range or the loot from the SAP can. In order to create PvP purely for the SAP loot, both the attacker and the defender need to know when the SAP is up. Yes, the mechanic is to use an intrusion scanner and find out when the SAP is due, but rarely is an attacker and a defender going to align for PvP on one SAP just for loot.

You roam for two hours, scan some outposts, might find one SAP (undefended) and take the loot, but all other SAP timers are outside your playing time. You never found a fight. Why bother scanning for SAPs?

Heres an idea:

Develop a beacon that would give you the SAP times of all stations on an island, but needed to be placed 2000m away from any teleport or station, requires three players to deploy it and flags them with the usual PvP flag. That way searching for SAP times creates PvP, and the SAP searcher gets the SAP times of the whole island in one hit. Less time roaming for no reward, might spur a fight and you gain the timers to potentially steal or fight for a SAP or two.

Just a thought.