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Sundial wrote:

With a bigger population, I think there would be a bigger market for T2/T3.

  And thats really the central issue.

With more players there would be more drops, more demand, more supply, more arbitrage trading, more competition, some items will go up in value some will drop,  more producers would use the market instead of avoiding it...  not just for modules but for all items.  Its called Economy. 

There are things you can do to encourage trading, like giving traders more tools to market themselves,  but it will never really have the same impact as simply having more customers and more competition.

even at its peak of some 900 players the market was tepid at best.


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ah ok!  Thanks for the prompt reply, much appreciated.


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I cant get it to tally up properly

I've gone down my list of skills 3 times now and Perp client says ive used 173400 but the planner says 182340

So something is out by 8940 points hmm

can you let us know the conditioning required for the CSV import?

having had some training on public speaking I was several times marked with having to improve on  Um's and Ah's and theres quite a lot of psychology behind it.

But thats public speaking in front of an audience were you need to be convincing, using  good natural hand gestures and confident body language, its intended to give the impression that you believe what you say so you go into a kind of 'speech mode'

I also do a lot of telephone work, sales and consultancy where, again, you need to be confident use precise accurate words and keep 'um's and ah's to a minimum.

But sometimes they are more of an empathic response,  If im talking to someone on the phone who sounds nervous, is natural slow talker or its obvious their first language is not english,   I'll purposefully throw in some um's and ah's to let them know that, y'know, I'm human too!  its just a natural response to slow a conversation down and not be intimidating.

With pod casts like these you know that your having a meaningful conversation, its informative and want to make sure it stays on track, but at the same time appreciate that you have a very wide audience, its easy to forget that and come off as arrogant or too abrupt, so um's and ah's in this case are more of a natural empathic response to build rapport.

It was a good cast, hope they continue!

Winter Solstice wrote:

For real, I suspect that the items will move to that island's terminal, or an Alpha2 terminal of the same isldand color.

which items do you mean?


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WTB : Bloackade runner! cool


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Ah, thats great, thanks Zoom.

Would it be possible to look into that and make sure that its defiantly the case?  Only ive done a lot of scanning on beta,  but alpha scanners are always getting better loot.

Example ; I've been scanning of an on for several weeks now and only ever found one lithius Mk2 CT.   Yet a comrade only ever scans on alpha and constantly gets Mk2 ct's.

Ofcourse, it might be just my luck,  but I suspect something isnt right.

Or maybe doing something to increase chances on beta,  to make beta more appealing?

Will they ban Marmite???


Melor Rend wrote:

Personally I HATE micro transactions in none f2p games. I pay the devs my hard earned cash (3 accounts atm) so they make the game better. Not so they can cherry-pick every new feature that I paid for with my sub and then sell it too me a second time if it can be "monetarized" (spelling?).

Well, thats where your wrong.  I understand why you hate MT but from your comments it stems from a misunderstanding.

The trouble is people want to give themselves a unique look,  but at the same time they also want more content, game play changes, expansions.

An mmo development team uses the subscription to expand the actual game because thats what your paying for.

So the only way to justify paying developers to make stuff that just looks different and doesnt add any gameplay at all is to charge for it!

That way, the people who dont care about looking good and care more about content still get their content and the people that dont mind paying a few quid to look different can do!

The reason why I like MT is because I dont care about vanity in game, and I would be very pissed off if my money was going toward something other than game content that I dont care about.

to me an item shop in a sub game keeps the game updates coming, which is what I want, but also satisfies those who want vanity.

And you should like MT as well, because your subscription is still going towards giving you content and NOT fancy items.  The fancy items are being paid for by people who want them.

You can feed a hungry man, but he will grow hungry again.  Teach a man how to fish and he will never go hungry.


A very long time ago I created a guide for new CIR members on what was, at the time, the best and fastest way to make money.

Since this guide is no longer relevant to CIR and since certain elements of this guide are OUT OF DATE (!) I’ve been given permission to release it.

I reiterate in the strongest possible terms, this guide is OUT OF DATE!  However there will defiantly be things contained within it that every new player can benefit from.

It involves a certain mission which requires going to a certain beta island so just to be clear:

employing this technique will expose you to pvp combat (all be it with minimal risks) and won’t be relevant for any other island (although there may be similar missions)

I appreciate this is probably meant for the guide section of the forums but I humbly request it stays in general for a period of time to get maximum exposure.


This was a personal project and does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of CIR and/or its members.

As eve players know very well, having too many blues and not enough reds can get real boring for pvp based corps.   

CIR is a corp that likes competition, conflict and action, so no, the donation is defiantly not to cement any kind of blue relations. yarr


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You will quickly find that the pve is pretty mundane, even if you stick at it eventually your forced to the PvP islands.  Which, isnt a negative thing at all, its pretty much what the game is all about.

So, the only real "catching up" you need to do is to read up about the major powers on these islands, so called 'alliances' made up of corps who band together to help each other.

There has been a lot shifts and changes in this 'political' landscape so its worth reading up and deciding which 'side' you want to take wink



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Ive just read about this on another site.

Seems the rest of the world are impressed by Devs that finally have the stones to name and shame,  and I just came to say that I agree with that feeling and to say how much respect I have for you.   I genuinly hope that you continue and dont be put off by the QQ.

Oh, I also admit to coming to laugh my *** off at those shamed trying to justify their actions and even try to deny it!...

great.. great reading!

I'm even tempted to play again xD

Alexander wrote:

I want to know how this is going to effect alpha island miners. tongue

Will they be effected?

Excellent point!   Having your interference effecting others is just the same as body blocking imo,  still open for grieving potential

Bastian Croft wrote:

Just remember that interference must first 'accumulate to critical levels' before the debuff is applied. 

A blob traveling as one will have the debuff by the time they enter combat, while the debuff may not be applied to the smaller force (by the larger one) until combat has been engaged in for an extended period (at which point it is likely to be over anyway).

Its not really fair that a squad should form up, in accordance with the DEV's desire for us to make smaller groups...  only to encounter a larger group and have all that advantage stripped away.

Consider a 5 squad of EW,  encountering a 15 squad.   The 15 squad is just gona zerg the smaller squad as soon as they can so that their, inherent disadvantage is projected onto their enemy.

Whats changed?  nothing.  small squad will run and come back only when they can match numbers, thus the blob mentality continues.

in fact, if anyone's been involved with recent pvp skirmishes on the islands will know, is that the pvp is becoming a better quality,  even when out numbered, superior experience and tactics are winning through.   Proper use of landscape, proper use of EW mix with Assaults and Mechs, playing into the advantages of bonus's and damage types.

The problem is with Intrusions!!   its this system only which is encouraging blob's..  Change the intrusion mechanic, have more cap points and more variety to that, thats were the real problem is.

Siddy wrote:

How about we stop speculating on no data?

And wait for the patch to deploy?

And pass up the chance to say "I told you so" ?

U Mad bro? yarr

Concerning interference http://blog.perpetuum-online.com/

So I asked Dev in chat last night if the interference that robots emit effects all bots, including enemy bots.  And vice versa enemy bots compiles together with your own.

The answer to this was Yes.  Which immediately struck me as a bit odd.

It means that a larger blob could actually use this to interfere with the smaller blob.  Which means that the bigger blob doesn't actually have a disadvantage.  Since the negative effects of the large blob effect the small blob, all negative effects are equal, and canceled out.  The bigger blob still wins.

In Addition;

We know that one way to counter this might be to have a nexus module fitted in your group.  Since Nexus modules dont effect the enemy, only your squad.  Nexus modules have an area of effect also, in order to maximize the rewards of this you would want everyone inside this radius.   With further encourages 'blobbing'

Ultimately, I fear, interference wont be a big enough blob-deterrent.  A smaller squad who encounters a much bigger squad isn't going to say "aha, they have massive interference, we can win"...   they are merely going to realize that "damn, if we fight that our interference is going to be the same as theirs and were going to lose either way.. lets dock up."

We all know that CCP have made thousands of attempts to discourage blobbing in Eve, and every single time it has the opposite effect.   Will interference be another one of those systems which actually encourages blobbing instead of discouraging it?

the main reason why people say 'specialisation' is best, is actually only because of the time scale.

There is nothing bad about having attributes or even EP points spreadout.  Level 10 in Navigation for example, effects you in the same way it effects everyone, no matter what your starting attribute points are.

The only difference is the time it takes to acquire those extra levels, which really comes down to patience,  and most people are impatient.  Especially in a competitive pvp centric game.

Thats the only real reason why people buy multiple accounts.  Because they cant be bothered to wait that long.

if your in a squad specifically designed for fast attacking an enemy island then yea, without doubt intakt has the advantage.  Especially since its nearest competitor is a Chameleon which is weak to thermal its a sure bet.

but your not always going to be in that situation, and you will be called upon to do a variety of different things in a variety of different situations.

I know a lot of people who have re-specced from lazers to missiles, and from missiles to lazers.  so really its personal preference, and you can only know what your preference is until you've got a decent amount of experience.

The grass always seems greener on the otherside, just remember than when you hop over that fence to get at that greener grass, you'll notice that actually there is greener grass available from where you just came from tongue

You pay real money for TIME, and the thing which sucks 90% of your TIME (money) in PO is travelling.

No matter what you do in PO traveling is the activity which everyone does most of the time, and therefore its the biggest drain and bottle neck in everything you do from now and forever.

forget all the other skills in your list, Navigation 10 is the most important and usefull skill everyone should take.  Especially for combat and especially for pvp where every KPH can mean the difference between life and death.

Yea, its completely dumb to use an email as log in.

We've already had incidents where people have been able to discover other peoples user name, and therefore their email address, and therefore their facebook profile.. and therefore personal details which has been used for malicious intent.

Dont understand why devs cant realise this tbh, and why the decision was ever made.  Probably just a lazy quick solution which one day they will be forced to change.

You might want to cover resists also.

ICS Bots main weakness is thermal, which generally means that the bots who are most dangerous to you are the thermal firing lazer weapons of the asintec kind.

given that lazer's are also the lightest weapons in the game, hooked up to the fastest bot in the game, the intakt becomes the most favourd bot in the game for pvp right now.

Damage type and speed really does mould the very nature of pvp.

Accumulator consumption doesnt really come into play and become a major issue until you hit the 'mech' sized bots where the tables get reversed since the slots are available to compensate for resistances.


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I used to love Firearms..  I intended to be the odd one that specialized in them,  however the harsh reality of them hits, and hits hard!

They are WAY too heavy!  like, twice the weight which, for pvp means that you sacrifice way too much speed.

You could use your imagination and come up with all sorts of colourfull situations where you might be able to convince yourself that 'speed doesnt really matter'  but no matter which way you look at it, eventually speed is king.

As with regard bonus's...

indeed there are no bots which directly offers a bonus to firearms.  However, if you understand the maths of the 'fall off' you should be acutely aware that the bigger your 'fall off range' the more damage you do at any given range - therefore the only bots that truly give a bonus to firearms are those which have a 'turret fall off bonus'