Agree with The Omen, but there is a generic issue when displaying map I think.

Not too much scans in my geoscanner is a good rule (I use delete a lot).
I bank decent mining spots (after giving the green thingy an intelligible name) to re-use them later.

The first item described by Campana applies also to large groups of items (modules, resources, etc ...) in a container.
They are reordered when one (or several) of them is moved out of the container.
It is particularly painful when manipulating large groups of items (repaire/recycle for example).

  • Refreshing inventory after that a assignment have been completed would be helpful.

  • Order items in a container by various criteria like stack size (for resources in a field container), repair status (at least group red/yellow/green together), technology level (T1/T2/T3/T4), regular list order of modules (like the one shown in market).

  • When attempting to move more Units that a cargo allows, the system rejects the transaction. Could we have the option to fill the cargo and have the exceeding part back in its container ?

  • In-game calculator please smile

  • I want to target the members of my squad using the squad window

Don't feed the troll please.
Just answer to my question thanks in advance smile

Perhaps it was just bad luck ...
I want to be sure that no one else had encountered a similar isue before "eating" more observer kernels.


  • I am maxed in  Research.

  • Both observers were of the roaming type (not spawned by an artifact hunter).

  • Both were freshly killed (that happens 2h ago).

  • I have first researched the mech kernel (Kain) and failed.

  • Then I have researched the heavy-mech kernel (Mesmer) and failed.

Those "annoying" tiles had saved my Sequer several times, do not iron the map please !
A line of tiny obstacles when you drive a bot with high maneuverability (light bots or Sequer) can be a real barrier for less maneuverable bot, so a good way to escape sometimes.
Up to you to chat or watch market when driving,  it's your choice to play the game big_smile

I don't want devs consider them what was wrote as a major feedback from our small community, we are still divided on that smile

@Kristan : It don't seem (to me) technically more difficult to speed up (through weight reduction) a large robot than a small one.
Using the same module is not an argument specific to lightweight frames, look at sensor amplifier, armor hardeners, etc ... several modules are not declined in small and medium categories.
(Btw you forget the demob resistance bonus granted by armor plates vs. demob resistance malus coming with lightweight frames)

About balance, why mechs "should" have a speed penalty ?
When light combat/ewar robots are buzzing around on beta islands, freezing all activities except scout/combat how can you stop this ?
When this happen on our island it seems that often the lack of defenseless targets make them stop hmm
Why cheap light bots (ewar included) should be allowed to disturb "too much" a mech-based defense that costed a lot of playtime and heavy investments (NIC + EP) ?
I do not see any balance here.

PS : sorry for bad English smile

* not sure if this is a bug or a the regular behavior of this new feature *

Artifacts' hunters in my corp report looting undamaged modules that are not packaged.

As a reference modules looted from drones are also undamaged but packaged.

I agree with you that combat bots skills take a long time (EP-wise).

But sit in your transport robot is not enough to survive, specially in beta islands.
The main goal of a transport robot is to deliver your cargo.
You will probably find that a shield is a good way to protect yourself, at least from mobs.
Shields cost some EP to be familiar with wink

Also look at other industrial robots :
. miners roughly need one extension (efficient mining 5) from Argano to Termis.
. same thing for harvesters ? (efficient harvesting 5 from Laird to Gargoyle).
(I am not familiar with heavy mech but perhaps efficient mining/harvesting 5 is enough to stabilize a Riveler/Symbiont accumulator ?)

Sorry to unearth this old thread but several things written here are pretty interesting.

Our game have now two haulers : the old Sequer (assault, 80u cargo) and its big brother Lithus (heavy mech, 240u).

You need to save your EP during more than one month to be able to drive a Lithus, assuming that you are already driving a Sequer. It's pretty long !

Perhaps an hauler of mech size is missing between Sequer and Lithus ?


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Also the bonus to repaired amount granted by some robots apply also to remote repairers.
Verified for light/assault Nuimqol robots, don't know about mech and heavy mech.

Thank you for clarify this point, Annihilator big_smile

I was thinking that :
. completing the research on lower level kernels (green for example) allow you to learn every standard and T2 recipes available.
. then moving to higher level kernels will allow you to learn T3 recipes without wasting a "knowledge roll" on standard/T2 (because you already know them).
... I was wrong ... wink

Could you summarize how diminishing return impacts research please ?
Thanks in advance:)

I find a new home, this topic can be closed:)

Thanks Annihilator smile

Thank you for clarifying this smile

I am an industrial specialized in recycling with 38% in relations and, before last patch, was hoping to reach 40%.

After patch a level 2 transport mission the NIC reward is always lower that expected (in transaction tab).

My concern is getting a maximum reward (NICwise) without any positive relation hit (not even one green line).

According to patch notes if I don't get relation hits, the reward must be lower but transaction tab is still showing 90 000 NIC ... I am a bit confused hmm

assignment: Level 2
type: Bounty Hunting
where: Radholme Outpost
name: Mjollnir #3
Kill: 6 warrior mantis + 6 warrior vipers.

Before patch relations hits were +7% and +2%.
After patch relations hits are +0% and +0%.
Both relations are unchanged before and after completing this assignment.
DFD 3.31 and GMT 3.21.

Do those relations are already to high to get a positive hits with level 2 assignments after patch ?
But some level 2 transportation assignments still bring an 1% hit after patch with corporations that are over 3.50 relation.

EDIT I forgot an important info : I still get full reward (90kNIC + ammunition) from Mjollnir #3 after patch.


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I plane to specialize in recycling and would like some feedback before doing it smile

  • Repair only modules that would be provide Alligior/Espitium is a good approach ?

  • Repair every module before recycle it is self-defeating ?

  • How High-grade recycling works exactly ?

Thanks in advance smile

PS : I currently have 29% in Relation Ratio in my mega-corp terminals/outposts.


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Thank you to clarify the standard > T2 > T3 > T4 process smile

Some more questions :

  • Step 2 can be avoided if you have looted enough standard modules, right ? (there not a schematic ID like in SWG I think)

  • Can standard modules in Step 4 have to be repaired ? (just to save some cash)


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Yesterday (Sunday 12-Dec) I has been warped back in the same location 5 or 6 times.
I was in an non busy area (between the teleporter and the outpost with refinery II).
While I was safely exiting I saw that my icon was located in the upper left corner of the map.
When I came back everything was ok.

Later in the night a similar issue happened while I was jammed (my screen perma blurred) and several npcs were shooting in my weakness (kinetic vs. pelistal).
I was running to de-aggro them but was warped back and re-aggroed etc ...
I tried to reach the teleporter that was quite close better never reached it.
When the armor repairer had eaten most of the accumulator energy, I had to do an emergency exit (safe exit is not allowed in combat mode).

Hopefully when I came back my Castel was not broken tongue

This seems to be more a positioning issue than a lag issue right ?

PS: I live in western Europe GMT+1


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I have some questions, the combat log is not descriptive enough to answer them.
Perhaps you can help me to understand better big_smile

1 - About chemical/kinetic/seismic/thermal damages modifiers
How "strong resistance" against one of these does reduces recieved damages ?
Same question about weakness.

I am a missile user and try to choose adapted ammunitions when doing PvE assignements.
I wrote an exel sheet giving a factor 1 to chemical, 2 to weakness and 0.5 to strong resistance.
Then sum these modified damages for the various missiles against the three factions.
I am far for sure to be right tongue

2 - Passive resistance
Do an armor plate bringing passive resistance will modify the damage input ?
A 25% resist against thermal damage will decrease the thermal damage recieved by 25% ?

Thanks in advance big_smile

Very helpful thread for a beginner as I am, thank you smile
I do not fully agree with you but I am probably wrong.

RE process creates a non-tradable (afaik) calibration template (CT).
CT is required by mass production.
So reverse-engineering and production are linked together.
Both have to be developed by the same agent, right ?

Perhaps this applies to other fields (like mining/refining) where expanding EP in connex activities leads to a good synergy ?

Thank you for this info, I was pretty annoyed to have to re-center map "manually" smile

I have another question :
Is there a way to remove (temporary) the right part of the map with icons description, landmarks, etc ... to get a "square" map ?
Currently the map is pretty helpful for vertical (North-South) travels ... only wink


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The repartition of level II facilities among Alpha outposts is fixed or can change among time ?
Can the info "how to access to level II facilities in noob islands" is available somewhere ?
Thanks in advance smile

XrayIT wrote:

faction have only influance on your primary weapons extension (1 2 point only) , and that's all !

so you can join your friend where you want, join what corporation you want and enjoy the game without limitation.

I understand your point about weapon (and perhaps robot) extensions.
You are right that is not that expansive to buy appropriate ones.

But it will not be an issue when we will doing PvP together, us being ICS and me T-M ?
I will not be subject on "friendly" fire when fighting with ICS ?
Not sure how PvP is handled on Perpetuum btw ...

Similar issue here : I want to join some friends but they are on another faction.
Is there any way to be transferred to another mega-corporation ?
Or is there a way to "recycle" spent extension points in another agent ?
As said before everyone makes errors and it would be nice to have at least one "joker".