Look I'm sorry your logged off on nova assault and ewar fleet is going to have a harder escape route but that's how balance works. You can't expect to engage and the enemy has to respond anywhere on the island in three minutes. That is not balanced.

That's just it, you nailed it right on the mark Jita except you actually can respond in 3 min.  How long does it take to warm up a interzone to come from tellesis or anywhere near the island being attacked?  You do have sparks right? So with sparks and Interzones/teles advantage goes to blob 100%

But when your actually online you could've killed him

sorry it takes you guys so long to form up and log on to kill an assault

When they changed the sap design so that corps had to show up more often on random times it was a smart move to help smaller corps to gain control of a station rather than signing up for 1 big event and not having a chance to win the sap against a big blob.

Now with the mobile tele change, you guys are able to undock from tellesis, drop interzone jump to Dom/Nova while taking 10 min forming a blob and the smaller force would have no chance of escape.  If the smaller group flags they have to fight off people from the beta station which keeps them flagged, all while the bigger group forms up to come kill. All plays in the favor of the blob. 

  So if the Devs don't want people using mobile tp's flagged then they basicly don't want anyone having small scale pvp with an alliance like the "blob" currently has.  Either remove the Armored and let people jump flagged through standards or emergencies, or just remove mobile teles, change the jump pattern maybe on alphas to be able to jump across faster for travelers and let the "blob" actually have to have sparks closer to the places they really want to defend.

^ +1  its a fair balance to make both sides happy since standards and emergencies can be 1 shotted

Tuck away smile

oh wait, they wont need to shoot the armored, since it got nerfed all they need to do is blob the smaller force, so yeah don't worry about the Armored tele test Syndic, you guys have the Devs in your pocket anytime you want something tweaked to your advantage.

or for the blob, take 2 heavies and 4 to 6 mechs, click the stop watch when you start firing and see how long that armored lasts.  Blob wont post complaints.


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if your going to change the KB with api or whatever then do it right like other large scale games are.  make it so anonymous cant post anymore and only the actual in game account can post.  In the end it will clean up the KB from racist comments and useless trash talking that actually hurts the game in the long run.  Most people "other than trolls" don't want to see all those ridiculous comments and if they are to be posted then at least the real persons name and picture will be there.

with you Syndic its all about numbers....

[02:55:26] <Syndic> I prefer 15:1 odds

-1  Dev Zoom gave the blob what they have been crying for.  Like Cassius says this game truly boils down to numbers now.  When we were the "blob" we excepted it as part of the game when the enemy used a tele while flagged to get away, and we didn't cry about it, but now I see how crying to the devs can change the game in ones favor.  Perp takes another step backwards once again......