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Exploit, Exploit!  HAHA!  QQ! Exploit!   no its called playing the game even when its messed up.  QQ! Exploit!


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Stranger Danger wrote:

LOL...so the games finally inactive enough to provide the "zero competition pvp" STC craves?

Gunner just afk an arkhe at the station, they'll think its a trap and scatter back to alpha instead of risking having fun.

Far too predictable STC.  I was just thinking yesterday the games starting to get so inactive STC will come out and beat their chests about taking saps no one was on for ect...

This is exactly why the intrusion system needs to change.   This will stop the non-pvpers from hitting stations just to harass.  The point of saps shouldn't be that you can avoid pvp to take a station, taking a station should be guaranteed pvp instead.

Umm yeah you must be bored at work, I didn't see any chest beating Broski, but keep twisting it if you want.  No rollback of the server because you guys couldn't play even though others managed too.  But Cry more, all your tears are so sweet smile     sound like little babies, "devs rollback the server we couldn't play"  "exploit exploit"  Your people cry more and submit more ticets than any other alliance, sad

P.S. Please keep crying, im collecting your tears


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EXPLOITS! Lets Ban everyone in game!

Syndic wrote:

I believe Kane Shafter disconnected and should be reimbursed. In all the videos you can evidently see him standing still. There were 2-3 people there like Merkle who also evidently crashed.

Everyone else who was "lagging" apparently had no problems whatsoever running over 4 kilometers from the battle-site to Truhold Markson Beta.

Lol yeah merkle's client froze/crashed real bad


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Sorry broski, if we can manage to rubberband our way to saps and complete them then too bad that you guys dont show up, we showed up to win or lose with the messed up game and so could you.  Not our fault you were lazy.


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Yeah, same problem as described above, all of our people are rubberbanding, and having to log off multiple times before it kinda fixes it for a little while.  game is unplayable for anything serious


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Updated ct list


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Haha, artifacting is like watching paint dry....


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Sorry Ville, old block but its fixed now.  I tried to contact you but your offline, might log in a bit, but will be back on later for sure


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I have extra Pelistal CT's in Hersh I would like to trade for Nuimqol CT's 
bot type for bot type and same efficiency is how I would like to trade them with the exception of my 
Waspish & Gropho CT.

all CT's in Hersh

Trojar Mk2 100/100

Waspish Mk2 174/174  (gone)

Ictus Mk2 (gone)

Tyrannos  Mk2 50/50
Tyrannos  Mk2 100/100

Gropho Mk2 174/174   (gone)
GrophoMk2 215/215    <---- open for negotiation for a combo of various Nuimqol ct's

Please contact Lucian Night, or Lucian Cain in game if interested, thanks smile


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Merkle wrote:

Also adding in Racial ECMs would help out greatly on the balancing front.  You have to choose your Jams that you want, its not just a blanket ECM's

So true, would make fleet coordination of jam types a must and very interesting


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I like the idea, +1


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Stranger Danger wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:

The change was free, all you have to do is ask. Expect low priority though.

Can you import a photo of kim jong un?

jpeg or bitmap and what size?

http://www.nti.org/media/images/Dec-20- … 1324406779

need to find a smaller one ofc



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I did business with F1R3F1GHT3R and he is very professional, seems like a good corp smile


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Syndic wrote:

I would mind a red Mesmer, with golden hammer & sickle heraldry ~o~

LOL, like a Thor Mesmer or something?

Just curious how many of those kills are in your own alliance?  Just wondering:D

Very fair prices and fast delivery.  Great service!!!

just a reminder still want Kain mk2, Mesmer mk2, and assaults, will watch this post for updates big_smile


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Stranger Danger wrote:
Lucian Cain wrote:

If your looking for a corp that works as a team and does not rely on an alliance then join the RPS channel in game for more info about STC.

* since two weeks ago

good luck guys free bump

Very true, its been several weeks but we do stand solo.  We win some and we lose some, not bad when we fight several corps that are allied. smile


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Ensireka wrote:

So, I was leveling Accumulator Expansion to level 6 today and according to my calculations ... 552 x 3% = 16.56 which I should have ended up with 568 ... instead I ended up with 566 ...

Care to explain?  Perhaps I missed something.  However, if not, then the math needs to be checked for each of the levels.

Thanks for your ear,

We have dealt with it on many occasions since the game was created.  We wanted it fixed and after many many years its still the same. It is referred to as Hungarian math.

+1 remote delete except gamma


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Im almost certain a forum post has already been made on this topic but PLEASE can we get a market tab for CT's.
I know you can go to the trade channel and people also use forums to list what they have for sale, but finding the right person online that has the CT you want when you dont have much time can be a pain.

If it is too much to have a tab for all CT's on the market then just get us a tab for mk2 CT's as long as it shows the time and material ratio even If its a used CT it would still be great for the market.


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Oh and ofc one day if the single tile issue is fixed you wipe the bot I described and introduce the bot that is actually larger than 1 tile.


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I cant wait for bigger bots or different bots.  Also just an idea, if anything bigger than single tile is an issue then couldnt the devs use a heavy mech lower body size and put a upper torso just a tad bigger than a heavy mech.  Then you can have 2 or 4 large weapons mounted on it.  that could be a way to bring large weapons to the game if 2 tile bots wont work.