Glad its FTP now.  Just log in, check the market, and wait for the game to be fixed all while doing other things smile 
I always felt the game was more fun when observers roamed alphas, external gates didn't have protection when you jump through, no mobile beacons etc etc.  But then again, I was never a big fan of gamma even when it first came out.  lol


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Keep wishing...  sad

Smokeyii wrote:

This game has so much potential from a PVE standpoint. Remember the opening of the Alpha 2 Islands? We had to clear out tons of npcs to "unlock" the terminals. I had a great time, rolling out with RG and 62nd to clear out Shinjalar.

Incursions by npcs would be an awesome idea. Random events where the natives attempt to take back an Island, or two or three. It fit's in with Hunter's post about mutual goals as well... Maybe the NPCs are so strong most of the player base has to band together to force them back...

Islands with real time npc wars taking place. Band together with robots of your same race in order to win objectives.

Teleports that take you to another island (instanced probably) where you have to complete objectives with some sort of boss robot fight or a big fight against a walled off turreted npc fortification. Maybe even make some of them put a sort of beacon that can be hacked by enemy forces (players) and raided for further pvp content.

This game needs this pve content, as well as new shiny (super expensive bots most everyone will only use for pve -- that doesn't come from materials only found on pvp islands).  I've been saying this for 3 years. Maybe we'd be able to hit those 5000+ concurrent player goals I know this game is capable of... if only it had a touch more.

Problem is, Devs are too small a team to be able to implement anything like this in any kind of timeframe beyond years, and since moving the servers they're too broke to be able to hire more devs for that content. I don't mean this to be offensive to the devs, you guys have worked so hard on this for so many years... but realisticly it's just a pipe dream.

Probaly doesn't help much that the current playerbase is screaming for Gamma to be done either, but I doubt that's going to make much a difference with the population. (i.e I doubt we're gonna see more people playing once gamma is re-released than there are now.) I know a 2nd look at missions is planned after the gamma re-release, but hopefully, as soon as possible after gamma we can get some PVE love going in this game.

I agree


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oh... I remember the character but didn't catch that Crepitus but very funny lol

Syndic wrote:

Beacons aren't being used as a group-activity, they're used by bot-users and macro-users with 6-7-12 accounts to print money in perfect safety.

I spent several hours the other day helping Cons to do beacons and I see them in groups all the time doing them, so once again Syndic is spinning the truth............


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stop crying please

lol Ville

Also I would like to add to Dev Zoom, if you make 3 stripe beacons Beta only then give an option for returning them for Syndicate tokens or some type of refund since people like myself acquired a bunch back in the day knowing they could be done on Alpha

with all this crying and complaining from both sides about beacons in the last few weeks, just remove beacons and issue some kind of refund.  No more "exploits/abuse"  and no more crying to the devs


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Crepitus wrote:
C 3PO wrote:

I think he is friends with Prince Valium now

Are you friends with mega maid?

Lol, I was logged in as c3po and forgot when I went to post, but its not like people don't know who he belongs to.   And Ville if you didn't get the Valium joke then its too much to explain but you must have found some strong drugs to mellow you out smile


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RedKGB wrote:

I have blessed Ville with a mushroom stamp, the effects should wear off in a day or two.



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Ville wrote:

Excellent idea!  However, I feel we may be wanting too much, too soon!  The DEV team is work way hard and we need to fix things first than add more content!

True but trying to get an idea from the devs when this might happen, since its been sooooo long.   I would've rather never had gamma and had new bots/mods already


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Beacons working as intended on Alpha


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I have been playing for 3 years roughly, and the only new bots I have seen is lithus mk2, and the scarabs.  So when are we getting new combats?  When are we getting new tech mods?  It would really give something new and exciting to work with in the game.


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-1 to this thread, Beacons work as intended on Alpha don't change, but I do think AOE damage for NPC's on Beta needs to be put back without the loss of cans when one npc blows up another, and make bombs have no effect on NPC's to solve the issue people were complaining about in regards to CIR/77 popping beacons with bombs.

  I had no issue with the way they were popping beacons on Dom using bombs.  They were creative and made it work using bombs and walls or whatever, just like beacon pits should have never been nerfed and should have been one of the rewards of Gamma by being able to actually TF for a productive reason.  Beta should always have explosion damage and all loot cans should drop from those NPC's. 

Devs lets not nerf this game any further into the ground and actually fix what needs to be fixed please


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Smokeyii wrote:

1 alpha spark, 1 beta spark, 1 gamma spark (when it's implemented again).

Problem solved.

+1 something like this would be great, keep sparks to a minimum


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Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:
Norrdec wrote:
Lucian Cain wrote:

Guys please stop posting, my buckets are full of your tears, thanks and have a great night

Can I has my tears back I think they got exploited!

I think some one has started Duping tears.

ROFL, too funny  +1 Obi


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Burial wrote:

I remember back in the day we always did a restart of clients before the fight. As fights went smaller and smaller the need gradually disappeared but it might be something to think about.

True true


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Stranger Danger wrote:
Lucian Cain wrote:

Guys please stop posting, my buckets are full of your tears, thanks and have a great night

All talk on the forums buddy, absent from the game.  I don't even know why you post to begin with.

What have you done since April to even warrant an opinion on stuff going on today?

don't get mad Broski, its just a game, oh and Hoop was fun, good night smile


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Guys please stop posting, my buckets are full of your tears, thanks and have a great night


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Ville wrote:

Hit us up when your on the map longer than a day. ^^

Then you will cry Exploit again?  Rgr that


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Norrdec wrote:

Can we find you on the field too, or forums only? We could go and mine HDT?

Maybe not, you guys cry Exploit so much, I might get banned for using an armor rep or something


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Oh Snap!  Burial did Darm sap solo a few min ago.... I call EXPLOIT!  Devs please roll back the server so the sap Burial just did doesent count.


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Still QQ?  Good I just got back from Home Depot, had to get more buckets to catch your tears smile


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Norrdec wrote:

In that case the insurance scam was legit. Because when the game is messed up and you profit, its not cheating! wink

Time to dupe some more stuff, because the game is broken, not us!

No they actually were able to make bots and equipment, we drove across Beta even though we were rubberbanding and still managed to do Specimen saps as well.  As I said above its called playing the game even though its messed up.  So what you guys are saying is everytime the server lags I should cry EXPLOIT!  and demand a rollback?  Haha Please continue to Cry me a river smile