Aww... I thought I won something.... sad


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Later Grem! Have fun with Darkfall; the changes are fun for a bit but the problems are still there. Hope to see you around sometime.

Annihilator wrote:

do you believe sending refugees back into the countries they fled from would solve the problem that caused them to flee in the first place?

If they have Ebola... then yes! They will kill everyone else... tongue

Can we please! not bring gamma islands back anytime soon? The game is so much more enjoyable in the current state of Alpha and Beta islands. Tweaking/adding beta islands sounds good, just please don't add several useless and player devoid gamma islands. Do the right thing devs... wink

Thanks Zortarg, you da man! big_smile

Anyone still have a link to download this?


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That restricted guy is a beast!! Sign him up!!


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For the new people that don't have the KB link:


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Kudos to the Devs for creating the API feature to allow automatic killboard updates! A step in the right direction yarr

Also, thanks for Mitix for the keeping the KB running and up to date!

Thumbs up for plant incubators! yarr


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Titan ore on beta makes sense! +1


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Welcome to Perpetuum Rupiefied! Glad you're enjoying yourself and glad to hear you plan on staying for a while! Seeya in game.



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With a test server active they'll be around 5 people left on the live server..... hmm  You'll need a larger population to get productive testing. I'd rather see more communication between the devs and the community before you stand a test server up. A lot of these new content problems, as well as other patch problems, could be resolved with simple two way communication...

First time using this service, was a pleasure doing business. Definitely look this guy up if you need proto's!


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Welcome back to Perp! I'd definitely keep your toon. yarr

This community needs more of this. I'm sure you'll get plenty of requests to keep you busy Tonnik. +1


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Has there been an efforts towards or progress made on this issue devs?


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Multiple tank styles sounds like a good concept, as long as there is an "effective" counter.

Working as intended... nothing else to see here...

As everyone has stated, the falloff feature is pewp. The demob resistance feature sounds reasonable, especially after all the speed nerfs.


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GL with your corp bro smile


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Glad you're enjoying the game so far and I hope you decide to hang around. Welcome to Perp!