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I would pay real dollars to pilot that.


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Imo this game is suffering from lack of Hello Kitty.  What we really need is a hello kitty HMech.

Want active and lively conversation?  Tired of sitting in your corp channel for hours on end with 1 maybe 2 people online?  Different timezones shunning you out of the game?  Never can find that right group of people who are not only helpful but want you to succeed in the game?

Immortal Legacy is for you!

A great place for new members to get their feet wet with tips from Vets and active enough to keep an attention span of a gnat.  Veteran players welcome too!  As one of the largest Corps that has Alpha side and Beta side development,  Immortal Legacy has it all.

Capitalism:  The driving force of our corp!  Internal Markets with corp buy orders and sell orders with almost every module in the game available!  Tired of paying 10 Million for that T4 Medium Missle launcher on the market?  We have access to that gear at rock bottom prices.

Communism:  Sick of losing that bot you worked so hard to get?  Sick of watching hours of tedious grinding out the window because 10 people zerged you with ECM?  Yeah it blows, we've all been there.  Here at Immortal Legacy understand how limited your play time might be and you don't want to spend 19 hrs grinding for another Mech.  At Immortal Legacy we cover your pvp loses.  ALL of your loses, as long as your pvping for the motherland and her assets.  Worry free pvp is what we like to call it.

Afraid you can't pvp everyday?  That worry is cast out the window as soon as your field ready.

Young or Old, Noob or Vet all is welcome to Immortal Legacy!  We treat everyone with respect and honor. 

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~Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.


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Bad troll is bad.


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Is GM Blaster still active?

Possibly add an extension that boasts your ECCM Skill/resistence?  I know there is skills to enhance your ECM abilities how about one to enhance your ECCM ability?


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Did GM Blaster get canned?

t;'dr Hello Kitty Paint Jobs!

Just saying Hello Kitty Paint jobs are the answer to Beta's problems.

Perpetuum Online is my Favorite Show!

We have affectionally termed this new spawn as "The Snowman Response".

So firing up my usual squad for a massive mining OP on Nova and I roll out to the one of the biggest epi fields on the island and as I am trololololol to the spot there are a set of 5th star Mesmers there.  Thinking to myself "Oh great theres that annoying hauler spawn."  So the combats quickly dispatch the mesmers to only have another 5th star set of Cams spawn... then kains...Then more Mesmers....And Kains...  Then we realize.  They added a frigging spawn here.  A spawn was added on tellesis too right on top of a great sterminot field.  Can we get this new 5th star spawn that was added removed?  I mean its not like there aren't other spots but this one stays untouched because its a cluster *** to get too.  Maybe I didn't read the patch notes clearly but spawns upgraded to dynamic?  Was there anything about adding spawns?  Besides the SAME spawn is directly south of Danachov...  Also Hello Kitty Paint Schemes would be nice too.

I got working as intended when i asked the GM =/

This is awesome.


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3 sounds viable.  So hello Kitty Paint schemes next patch right?


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It's rock paper scissors lizard Spock.


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Hello kitty paint job?

Holy wall of text beasty.  I am not caring about gate camping once again.  Just want to lock them again.


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+1 Mancs.  Oh any word on Hello Kitty paint schemes yet?

A snake, a snake!

Beasty wrote:

The author is obviously wanting mechanics in game that allow gate campers to be successful against even the well trained, this is a garbage request and is not what beta is about. Load timers are for network issues to flow from client to server. This is normal in any online game currently worth a ****.

I would be perfectly happy with no outposts on any of the beta islands for players to camp in but there needs to be some functionality for the beta islands such as factories, and reprocessing plants or all your targets go away. The current outposts are useful as they are, are they 2x or 4x better than alpha ? NO but they don’t need to be. There will be more and better outposts later on with more reward for more risk. I’m sure when you have to run over 7.5Km from a teleport with no highway to the only outpost on an island the risk reward will be worth level 4 or 5 services at outposts. 

You may think you want an area in game to only PVP but you don’t. If they made an island with no minerals (something care bares/targets are attracted to ) you would have a whole lot of empty game space that would do nothing. This works in other games like eve because these places are designed as in-between routes. This game does not have enough islands for there to be a grievers paradise island yet.   

Making it easy to gank people does nothing to advance the game.

Come up with something original . . . or at least worthwhile.

I stopped readin after gate campers.  So.. Beasty... How many times during the defending your Beta Island days do you get that annoying gate jumper who spends HOURS waiting for you to get bored with them jumping around gates before you just get frustrated dock up your miners and go play minecraft?  I going to assume none. 

I don't mind not being able to shoot them until the protection wears off.  Were I think this is dumb is because we can't lock them.  Theres absolutely no chance at killing someone getting over the gate.  So they jump in, print screen the force, go get a cup of coffee, Bio, Take out the trash, wash some dishes, play some tetris on their phones, and then leisurely walk back to the gate and jump out.

Beta is for pvpers.  Not for people who have too much sentimental value over their bots.  If you get a popup on your screen before you jump into beta saying " Your getting ready to die."  You should atleast use it.

Please remove the syndicate protection at teleporters.  This is stupid. kthnxbai


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I like to.cuddle..

Welcome to Perpetuum.  Feel free to swing by the recruitment channel or even by pass thaqt and come hang out with the cool kids in Immortal Legacy.  Join our public channel MORTE and let's make this game an even better experience for you by bringing the multiplayer of mmo to reality.  smile


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Nicely coined grim.  Very nice.