I still don't see how open stations would benefit anyone but the gate/station game player.  I still think you want to just play station dock/undock games and gank new, unlucky or inattentive players.
I still don't see the demand for it, I have sat in TMB, ABT and I don't see new players (or anyone much) running around there.

This is a blatant recruitment post for jasdemi's alt Corp. this needs to be moved to recruitment (unlike a service which does not require a player to be in a specific Corp)
A service is something that is offered to someone without them joining your Corp. recruitment is asking them to join your Corp.

Gwyndor wrote:

Needs to be moved to recruitment

I wasn't recruiting. I provided a service opportunity to the population of the game. I never said they needed to join NSE.

Back on topic getting stuff around could be easier no one seems to like doing it anyways.

I would +1 making private missions more/better. I don't think making a new mechanism to bypass them is the right answer.

Want to get the BEST production in the game?
Want your combat accnt to have the same production bonuses as a alpha dwelling indy accnt?
Want to mash together your CTs to make them even better?

Look no further, contact the NSE corp and you can have access to our T3 facilities.


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Jasdemi wrote:

Keep it as it is, just make it flag you up.



1. Caters to alpha players.
2. removes legit transport careers.  Put up a private assignment and give someone a job.


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I swear the Devs are in Inda's corp.  With the number a re-dos on that Ethos base, you gotta wonder at this point.


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Goffer wrote:

You are right that having higher extensions is not on first glance effort, but on second. Consider the extension needed to move 5kU around => Indu bot control, glider control, navigation Nexus.

You don't need to be able to move anything better than sequer, but you will not be able to finish this assignment in 1h when you lack extension to move Lithus/Scarab. In fact I would say, every sane person aborts this assignments, when not able to use a bot with more than 80U.  So in fact this assignment requires some higher extensions, but none production related in order to do it proper.

My point is why should a production assignment perform better for hauling skilled agents, than for production skilled agents? It is safe to assume that a typical production agent has at least 5% less speed due to nexus than an haul agent for the first 1 million EP.

You can not do lvl 5 combat missions in an arke or light/assaults either


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Inda wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:

Next up is surely the syndicate shop additions, but I'll know more after the everyone-is-away-for-holidays times are over.

Thank you Zoom, that what we need! Info.

So at January we would get more content until that peacetime!

He said he would get status on what's next in Jan, not that we will have new content in Jan. big difference.  We don't want expectations set incorrectly here.

Ville wrote:

More bug fixes?

More bugs?


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With the lose of static spawns and the dumb new beacon mechanics, pve options are limited. Maybe this is pve idea will create something to do.

All politics aside, this was a very big missed opportunity to re-engage folks who haven't played this game in a while.  Many, many old faces showed up at the time that was originally picked for this event and due to some strange bug changing the timer, those players were left with a bad taste for this game again.

devs should have been more proactive and have fixed the timer back to the original times.  both sides had plenty of folks on and I suspect it would have been a very fun time.  instead we all have a bad case of blue balls.  better luck next time


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Confirmed. Buggy as hell.

I have gotten stuck in the area S of NSE siege base and in the SE turret area of the Ethos base. I lost a HM due to this buggy crap.


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Confirmed. Buggy as hell.

I have gotten stuck in the area S of NSE siege base and in the SE turret area of the Ethos base. I lost a HM due to this buggy crap.

So to sum up the new beacon mechanics.
1. High risk
2. low reward compared to more enjoyable things
3. slow and interrupted by very long loading and lock times.

Why would anyone want to do beacons then?

And it is not like you can kite them, if you do the NPCs de-spawn and you lose the beacon.

This new beacon mechanics is good.

Link it to level 3 TAP echoes

Annihilator wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:

Arkhes can be misused for a number of things. This would need a new robot specialized for the task you mention, which means very few slots (if any at all), low cargospace, and low masking/detection. Could be a candidate for one of the new Syndicate-built robots.

what for?
the laird/argano is ultra cheap (100-200k) and does the job perfectly fine. they require the least materials of all robots, and you can mass produce them with little to no effort.
seeding every terminal with 100 of them should be doable...

It sounds like a potential profession for an enterprising player to get into. Seed away the markets with Arganos.


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Jita wrote:

Een simple fixes such as pvp zones within 1km of a beta entrance tele and changes to the undock mechanics would fix that.

Lol. like a dog with a bone.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

Probably the next larger patch, along with reworked NPCs. No ETA yet.

Make smaller and more frequent updates. Don't combine and string us out!

Tuners should also effect this

I encountered the problem again tonight were I jumped through a TAP (might have been an echo this time) and upon landing, all my terrain windows were closed and the camera continually spun.

Chemist wrote:

In honor of this holiday, we got 3 bags of bugs. big_smile


I am stuck on field now.

when I restarted client, I click the char and nothing happens on my end.  char shows online in chat.  I tried on different clients. all bad.  other char on same accnt can log in ok.