Ok, lets talk about it.

First off, and most importantly: it's way too soon to be calling it a failure or a success.  Honestly.

My impressions so far are pretty positive, I think it's been quite fun--with some exceptions I think are key, key changes that need to be made:

1.  Being able to scan SAP timers so exact.  At any given time our corp usually knows the EXACT(sounds like I'm exaggerating but it's accurate within like 5 minutes every time) time a good 50% of the outposts in the game will have a SAP active.  Preferably the whole scanning of timers will be removed completely, honestly it just makes alarm clocking more prevalent and bite sized--and constant.  Removing SAP scanning will only work if we make a couple more much needed changes too though...

2.  Such as how simple it is to complete a SAP.  Passive SAPs are way too easy to cap, 2 and a half minutes out of a one hour window is way too short.  Active hacking SAPs I don't have an opinion on yet, but if it's in line with the other SAPs so far it probably needs to be tweaked.  Destructive SAPs can be ninja'd by a light EWAR and an assault in almost no time at all, they need more hit points.  Specimen SAPs are just terrible to begin with, they throw the entire flow of the game out the window, and under certain circumstances will be impossible to take.  I'd be all for just removing specimen SAPs all together, I think they are terrible(what do the rest of you think about specimens in particular?).

3.  Letting defending corporations complete their own SAP.  I'm not so sure this is a good idea, but if we drastically raise the required effort to take a SAP it could be a prety good way to go.  Really it comes down to my second point, specimen aside--the other SAPs are way too easy to take in the time that they are open.  With a significantly reduced gap in SAP completion time to the window they are open perhaps letting the defender actively shut their own SAP off could be strong way to go.

I see the frustrations people are having with the whole "my alliance is having a hard time doing this."  But honestly,  why should it be so easy to hold so much land.  It wasn't easy for the British, it wasn't easy for the Romans, and it sure as hell shouldn't be simple in this game--it would break it.  Here's the thing, you don't have to defend every single SAP that comes up, and you're not expected to in this new system.  However, if you put any effort at all into it you should be able to maintain 70+(85+ I dont think is out of the question either) points pretty easily and strike out against your opponents SAPs.

Right now it's really hard to gauge how the system is working because it's so fresh and we have people either marathoning the game to ensure 100% SAP defense up time so they can bring their SAPs from 05 to 100 points.  Give it a week or two and once some of the fatigue of compulsively needing to maintain every single SAP timer that pops up kicks in perhaps we'll see things settle down a little as some of the community sees it less like "AMAGAWD I need to be awake and at a force of 1000 men to defend every timer or this system is a failure!"  Relax guys, there's some problems with it now but with some tweaking I think we are looking at a pretty fun and rewarding territorial warfare system.  Let the DEVs see it in practice and get some troll-less feedback.

On a side note:  We've been getting some pretty fun fights out of the system, even if we are being sucked into the whole "crank the SAP awareness to 11" type of thinking.  We were fighting SovNov forces for hours last night--good stuff.

Keep the stupid Corporation Dialogues crap in Corporation Dialogues please.


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Congrats CHAOS.


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F-NAVY is cowering out.  M2S is falling to pieces.  NEX and TOG are going to try and hold onto the scraps I hope.  So where does this leave us...

Crimson Imperium Reborn, Roving Guns, CHAOS, Immortal Legacy, Rue Tang Clan, Bob Squad, Regulators, The Republic, The Hardened Steel, HYDRA, christwhoelseamimissing?  I'm aware some of these corps might be inactive, but you get my point.


62nd Mobile Infantry and War Dec.

Rest of server:  Please, man up.  And for the love of the celestial powers, stop bemoaning the size of SovNov, they are allowed to do whatever they want, just like you are.  The lack of you doing anything about them is on every single one of you that complain about them but don't fit up a damn bot and go fight.  I know we have our peaceable industrial players and all, but J.C., where are all the other PVPers in this PVP sandbox game?  Is it really just going to be a two faction game?  hmm

SovNov: At least we have each other smile

Tiggus: Nah, there's a few with regular activity, there's just a lot of hubbub going on right now.


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sad I hope half the ideas in this thread so far don't even get considered.  I'd fully support bringing armor tanking back in proper form though.  Nerfing the Troiar's accu recharge was a bad idea too, it totally missed the point of the general problems w/shield tanking right now vs rep and resist tanking.  Shield absorption ratio math and accu math needs to be tweaked.  And lets move evasive modules from a fixed number to a scalable percent. 

I was glad to see Troiars get a neut amount increase, although I think it was a terrible idea taking neuts off of a 10 second cool down.  For Troiar pilots it's going to be great to re-lock a chameleon after his ECM and be able to neut him dry with our 8 second neut cool down while that poor bastard is on a 10 second cool down for his second ECM attempt and can never catch back up with the EWAR cycle because 8 second neuts are perma-raping him.

I'm getting off topic.  I like the idea of shields being super tanky, but I do think some tweaking needs to be done.  I think a lot of us would agree, though, that the the real problem is armor tanking isn't anywhere near up to snuff.

One to two second faster cycle time is huge.


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In the very least--the leaked proposed "fixes" for the "problem" people are having against MK2's are totally missing the point.  Actually, all you're going to do is make my Troiar better at neuting, as a workaround has already been found for the tank changes.

In the interest of cleaner balance, you might want to take a second, or third look at how you're going to be changing the MK2's.  Why MK1's need to be affected also, is beyond me, they were never hard to kill.


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With hundreds of thousands of EP, a MK2 Troiar can be a total nightmare, but come on--a MK1?  MK1 shields aren't THAT good, and under pretty much any circumstance a Troiar is markedly slower than any Intakt/Chameleon and has laughable demobbing range compared to the other two because of extension point priorities.  And are you not sending counter tackles out?

3-400k EP MK2's I can agree need to be looked at(lets face it though, its really the fact that T4 evasive modules mixed with shields on light EWAR is a nightmare to fight AND counter-neut).  But regular factory churned Troiars, even T3-T4 MK1s aren't that hard to kill, and they certainly aren't hard to counter tackle.

Tell you what, I don't even need numbers, just give a good breakdown of a fight where a tackle fit MK1 couldn't be killed and it should probably be pretty easy to tell you what was going wrong on your end.


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It's not more powerful than ECM, it's different for sure--but outside of that its highly subjective to the situation going on.  Yes, being drained to zero shuts you down like nothing else--but that's not always easy.  And I can tell you right now--if we're bringing ECMs and/or supressors into the mix that's about all you need to make an Ictus useless.  Any vagabond or zenith pilot worth his salt will absolutely out range an Ictus, sometimes by hundreds of meters--and that's NOT affected by LOS like neuts are.

I haven't heard anyone complain about being a drainer bot post ERP nerf(which I don't specifically think needed to happen anyways) because an Ictus or even a Troiar if it's fit well can be a nightmare on any bot still.

Ictus are naturally balanced around other gameplay mechanics, such as needing LOS on your target, being slow, and being a fairly close range mech compared to whats out there shooting back at you.  The last big fight I had in my Ictus involved fighting a CIR squad, and I was being hit at 1000 meters by Lemon's Seth--there isn't *** you can do as a green EWAR pilot except hope they don't have a good vaga of zenith out there, hope you DO, or fire up that injector and make use of those tough Ictus shields because 500+ meters can be a long walk at 72kph when everyone on your damn landmark list has you on primary.

I actually think green EWAR is balanced quite well at the moment, it sucks to miss out on a lot of the real electronic warfare bonuses and nexus boosts--but it works out fine because they would make the damn bots OP.

And most importantly--neutralizing is a two way street: you're RAPING your own accumulator in the process.  If you happen to chew through the 47 total injector charges an Ictus can carry, while sustaining fire through it or being ECM'/supp'd/neuted yourself you become exactly like the targets you were neuting--totally useless.  It's a delicate dance of death yarr


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This is a weird issue, one I bounce back and forth on.  You're definitely making a choice to play the oddball out going Pelistal(intentionally or unintentionally).

I've got two main issues with the OP though:
1. You're already preempting a discussion by stating it's about weapon related extensions only, which it can't be--there's a lot more going on with EP "values" and distribution than just weapon enhancing extensions(especially for greens).

2. You're assigning an EP value for extensions that doesn't actually exist--it's your own subjective feeling on it's value vs other colors and using it in a balance type of discussion on turrets and launchers.

Yes, we cannot cross train as easily as blues/yellows can(or at all honestly if we're being effective with EP).  So yes, that gives you less bang for your buck if we're talking about one extension giving you multiple benefits.  But one thing you have to keep in mind is I don't think the Devs want to balance yellow and blue strictly around the idea that all yellows and blues are cross training.

But as a green player I don't think it should be viewed as a given we're supposed to get a certain multiracial benefit out of our EP.  I see where you're going though, launcher skills only apply to launchers, and there's only 1 type of launcher that gets benefit from these EP(sans size differences).

A big benefit of having such a restriction in our non ability to cross train is it indirectly forces your EP elsewhere into things the green master race specialize in: shields and accumulator destroyers.  Sure blues can pick up EWAR skills to supplement their combat robots, but if they're cross training they are doing it to a way less effective level than a green pilot who's supplementing his combat skills with EWAR skills(ENGINEERING warfare big_smile).  Even with a modest amount of that side EP into drainers/neuts you're making a green combat bot already nastier than it is, particularly if you pump serious EP into shields/accu, which we're basically made for(and keeps extra weight from drains/neuts off).  Green speed issues play into fitting additional non shield modules though, so that already kneecaps my idea already.  A Tyrannos w/launchers and 2x medium drainers that's shield fit is a nightmare to kill, but his speed isn't doing him any favors.

I really don't know though, I see your points, and you could be totally right on the issue.  I'm just offering possible alternatives as to why we're sequestered off.  Don't forget also: Devs have more modules/extensions on the horizon, so they might have been or are planning things around that for some sort of balance issue.

This all being said, I'm a green EWAR pilot, so I don't take combat specific bots into battle outside of NPC farming.  But discussion is always good.

Oh no, no slight intended Arc, hahah.  This shall be rectified immediately.  ^ Edited for supreme victory!

Lemon's post broke it down decent enough, but we're a small fkn timezone so get ready for the doldrums.  I'm positive if you read gen chat you'll find someone mouthing off feeling overly safe, you might even see us blabbering on.  So come stomping over  =]

Also on the small bot thing, I think it's more of a symptom of simply having less targets, so cruising around in 80-100+ kph bots greatly increases your chances of finding someone in a half decent time in our zone.  If the population picks up I'd wager we'll see more mechs out there(hopefully).

If you're a serious night owl though too often the only 4 corps on that field any kind of fighters late into the US graveyard TZ is 62nd, WAR(our glorious brothers in arms!), NEX, and MORTE.

USTZ picks back up a little around 5-8ish AM EST when some of the rest of the world starts waking up across the Atlantic and you get increased TOG, CIR, F-NAVY, and M2S activity as their respective days ramp up.


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Stacks of doom were definitely an issue up into civ4.  However civ5 basically killed that problem, so island based maps can be substantially harder than continent based maps because even a *** ai setting can defend against an attack much easier because there are generally less tiles to spread a death machine onto.  Also: cities can strike vessels.

Arga: I'll take your blueberry syrup and raise you boysenberry syrup!

And to answer the question posed by the above necromancer: teleport nonsense abilities are at an all time high.


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Syndic wrote:

But Devs disbanding player-corps because they're too good at what they're doing... No-no Arga, that's a line no Dev company stepped over and survived the fallout.

Sure they did.  Back during EQ1's glory days(and more importantly:pre instancing) the GM's had to forcefully break up guilds because they were too strong and began to monopolize entire zones in the gameworld--and locking everyone else out.  That game has been fine since it launched, and apparently has yet another expansion coming out, so it appears to continue to do fine.  If anything that dev team(the one that took over for 989) has grown substantially over the years.

Most of the players at the time didn't get all insane about it because most of the players were getting shut out of content, and we're talking PVE servers.  And the players that did get split up would just find a way to reform, or rebuild elsewhere.  It wasn't some constant well publicized cycle but it definitely happened, and more than once.

That being said, EQ1 was no sandbox.  Yet, dev teams did take action, and were not burned at the stake.  I guess don't believe everything you think.

Annnnnnnd that's my fun fact for the day.


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Hunter, go play Mechwarrior 4 Mercs, hop into a Fafnir or a Daishi, and go to town.  You'll be in heavy mech heaven.  You're probably not going to get what you're after in Perpetuum because the game isn't built around pure vertical progression with robots.  The devs are clearly trying to create and keep niche's for each class of robot.

You're absolutely right that more expensive gear should absolutely trump cheaper gear, but I couldn't disagree more about linear robot progression.

The only issue I have with the (new) forums when viewing on a mobile is the frames overlap a little bit, and it obscures player names and certain parts of the upper frame sections of posts.  Old forums worked just dandy on mobiles though for me.

I check up on the forums semi often on my phone, its mostly hassle free to be honest with the exception of some new formatting issues.  I use a Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 to be hard/software specific.