Burial wrote:

Haven't followed all the new mechanics, but back with Gamma 1.0 the technique was to build a single standard terminal right next to the field and mine. Deconstructing the terminal and constructing it back up took only 20-30 minutes.

I don't mind Epriton being on more islands, but the risk needs to remain persistent or players will use the most safe option and disregard all others.

Also, ahem. tongue

thats a balance issue that the devs need to consider to prevent that from happening again. not every nerf or buff will solve every problem. you just have to figure out how much time a person is willing to wait for take down or set up.

Burial wrote:

Elephant in the room is terminal placed next to an Epriton field. If it's possible to mine with a peace of mind knowing safety is one click away, it's radically different from Betas.

I disagree. an epriton field will move more often then a gamma base. you would maybe mine 1 or 2 epriton fields that is really close to the base before it moves to a far off location. pre patch, there was an epriton field right out side the SI beta base and after patch, it was in range to allow us to wall it off with the wall mechanics. matter of fact I was going to do it before my mk2 lithus and riv was popped... but that is beyond the point. the point is: if a 2 clicks till safety seems game breaking? then proxy probes should be nerfed to remove that "peace of mind" that you are worried about giving to us newbes.

Stranger Danger wrote:
Ville wrote:
Burial wrote:

The problem is it devalues mining on Beta. If it's way easier to mine on Gamma and market price is dictated by that, why even mine it on Betas?

We would explain it to you but you'd just disagree and say the sky is yellow.

Yup all the noobs are hauling masses of ore across gamma, through beta, and back to alpha.

Also at the same time theres no reason to be on gamma or beta.

If you are too lazy to play other than an occasional pvp undock, perhaps you should take advantage of these "devalued" ores on alpha and buy them, which would raise the price and make you happy.

for the sake of argument. if someone DID want to live in gamma and only gamma, you couldn't now since the eppy was removed. there is no way to live off of the land now. yes there is still the restriction of helio on a yellow island. but it wouldn't stop the yellow players wanting to live off the land of yellow island. the point of gamma, is to have a sand castle and maybe live in that castle. thus allowing bullies having the ability to stomp on that castle.  thus moving the market if those bullies bought things or reducing the stock pile that they had if stuff was blown up in the process.

I risked my *** getting shot by crossing beta to get into gamma to mine eppy. now that its gone, the only use of gamma for a solo player is artifact. gg devs. gg.

Inda wrote:

Balance patch always come with somebody who dont like it.

Pls. try to adapt and wait a bit, this is not that bad you think.

can you explain to me why noobs have to grind even longer on a already long grind to get anywhere in the game? how is that not bad? we went from a hill to leap over to an actual eve online cliff. the only way to adapt is to.... buy more accounts? thats not increasing the player base, thats just adapting to a problem.

Stranger Danger wrote:

I think that it should have been implemented differently.

Im not totally against the changes, though I feel the end result (due to how a lot of bonuses work a small % change = a big change) changed some bots too drastically.  Perhaps a longer term very slight creep of stats would allow for the game to find a better balance. 

I don't mind the new skills that were added however everyone with a pre existing character should have gotten lv1 on all of the specific bot type skills (unless there was no industrial or combat faction prior).

I think peoples biggest complaint here....one heavy mech got a nice buff the rest didn't.  One ewar got a complete nerf.  Not only was its neuts majorly nerfed....green bots wont have accumulator madness that require an ictus to be present...and they still need to deal with line of sight.

Then theres little stuff that doesn't really matter but shows the devs don't really get how the game is played..."hey if we put a small boost to weapons people will start rocking weapons on light ewar and people will stop RSA'ing on mech ewar and shoot stuff!!!!"

I think this patch had the right idea.  Im fine with assaults being stronger and the bot class being less linear.  This patch is going to end up with a less diverse battlefield than before....at least before there was some semblance of balance other than the favoritism with cheap to fit and use green bots due to accumulators (detectors and tackle mostly).

Also whats the point of a test server when its on there for a short period of time and theres no communication regarding it the changes?

I liked it, till I noticed that my income got hit as well. I wanted to test it more, but I was waiting for a dev to comment on the rational. I had no idea this patch was on the test server until a vet posted it on the forums, nore knew when it was going to be patched till the day i logged in.

also, the nerf on mining, will increase the prices of bots and other materials. I haven't done the math yet. but just in case, I jumped my prices on my current bots for sale. I wanted to increase the prices more, but the NPC seeded market capped me.

I want a roll back, but the dmg is done.

Rasnath wrote:
Syndic wrote:

We're the friendliest kindest people in the world.

Usually we give every newbie corp a very simple line of advice; we can be reasonable about everything, but from the moment you sign up with our enemies to fight us, the gloves are going off and they aren't going back on. You will be fair game.

Pretty much all newbie leaders come into the game like Zoom, thinking they're smarter then everyone else and don't take the time to research just how many newbie corps did the same dumb sh*t and got murdered. Hell, even I lost track and I used to keep a list in my sig until the list got too big. lol

Well, i joined NSE before i even knew there were fights. But at the current state of the game, wherever i go, there will be bloodshed - either CIR or RUST hunts me down. And i need a corp, im useless alone. What you're telling me is that im screwed as soon as i join a corporation? XD

you also make it sound like you were there for the start. when I was looking for a corp, i had no idea you exsisted or even active. so now you are saying that you were even an option to join?

what i want to know. why indy bots got hit. you just nerfed the income/assets that is needed to take down the king pins. I had to dump my harvesting skills so I could get an extra buff to mining again.


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does basic bots and adv bots play a role with each other? right now its so nitched as is. my adv skills are way better then my basic since i am always in bigger bots for mining/harvesting. the moment i get into a light bot, I get gimmped. I feel like that my day/weeks of putting points into basic is kinda pointless since I have a lot better results into bigger mechs.


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derailed thread is derailed. troll post 10/10


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doesn't this thread need to be in test forum?

so this mean little newbe corps dont have to sit at a uncontested sap for a full hour!?

and there was much rejoicing


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on shinjalar near 1401 by 1286

https://www.dropbox.com/s/dechmj0ydh0pz … 2.png?dl=0


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I find it funny that the people with the most power in the game in terms of money and assets, are the ones that started this topic. while the people who dont have that much money and assets yet with more active people, are able to topple some of the stations.

the way I see it. the mechanics are working.


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can I have your stuff?


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Ville wrote:

Noticing a large rise of unfamiliar names in GC breaking 100 today.  Lots of new faces, GL agents!

if you are wondering where some of the new players are coming from.


they might have came from Extra Credits community. its a community that takes a look at games and talks about tough subjects that the games tries to tackle.

I'm a returning player. I came back because I just realized that I have an active account. (thanks!)

link is broken


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I love this program. but why is it slow on my 64bit chrome?


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the sheet is missing industrial robot control skill. which can add 10% to mining amount depending on its level.