What can I say that hasn't already been said?   I started playing Perp before I really knew what a good MMO was. After playing other MMO's I came to recognise that it was the atmosphere that Perp created during game play that had me hooked.   That atmosphere was there during solo excursions to blow up enemy proximity probes or during a multi corp operation to break strong points to access bases.  Even farming spawns was atmospheric, and that's saying something, that can't be easy to create.  Thanks to all the Devs and all the players, and I do hope to have the pleasure of meeting up on a Perp server in the future.  Thanks to the Dev's for their generosity in making it possible to have standalone servers!  I really hope Perp can live on to be an inspiration to future game developers, and show them how an atmosphere of apprehension and constant uncertainty can be created in an MMO.


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Guys, this is wrong from the most basic level.
If you have achieved the ability to pilot a bot. Any changes made should not remove an existing ability.
That is simply not fair for any pilot that has the existing ability.

Guys it's glaringly obvious that this is not  fair or correct.

I leave it up to you how you will correct this injustice.

The rest of the changes I can live with, this particular cockup is not acceptable.


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Maybe I'm misisng something, but I cant now get into my MK2 bots ?? I thought everyone got level 1 extensions by "default" ? I talking Hi-Tech robot specialist skill here.. Mine at 0..

Same with Blocker.. Just confirmed..


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A networking/internet issue this is not!   That it is intensified, or amplified, by the slowness of the clients base, or static ping time is true.    That it is reproducible on demand is true.    All these things have been identified, and proven beyond reasonable doubt by players at both ends of the world.
The question now is, given this reproducible problem, "Can the developers provide the user base with a game that is playable outside of the terminals?"     I sincerely believe it is possible, and I intend to stick around and enjoy the game after this is fixed.    However I do urge the devs to first make the game fun again, before they add features that may accentuate this existing, reproducible, debilitating problem.

To the Devs, "Thanks for a very entertaining game, and please don't let it degrade so only half of the world can hope to play competitively"   

I'm in Australia, and have a base ping time of 440 to 460 secs under good conditions.    When people with 40 - 60sec base ping times are having problems you can only imagine what happens on my screen, sometimes I don't even get to see my own explosion.   I have to look at perp kill or combat logs to know what happened.