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Malsier Dabian wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:
Malsier Dabian wrote:

Zoom.. What about making gammas Procedurally generated? As the player base grows? Would this not fix some of the issues?

That depends what you mean by procedurally generated. The initial terrain is already procedurally generated.

Malsier Dabian wrote:

Also, what about upgrading your servers and Engine? This game is 4 years old, At some point in the next 2 years you'll have to upgrade anyway in order to simply maintain the thing. Why not do it now, get it overwith, and be good for the next 10 years, and able to support such things as well as better graphics.

You just basically proposed that we leave gammas closed for at least a year. It all seems so simple when you write it down in a sentence smile

You know what Zoom if that's what it takes to do it right, then do it, I'd rather have something done and done right, then get a pile of crap because people wanted it immediately. (But that's just my opinion).

I think you're being a little extreme, I don't see this as being a pile of crap and i also don't see your concern as being a significant lever on which it will be successful.


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DEV Zoom wrote:
GLiMPSE wrote:

And i dont agree with the thought behind random points of deteraforming... i'd like to see something similar to errosion that takes long periods of times...

It's a technicality, maybe you misunderstood me. The server can't just calculate the degradation on ALL tiles at once, it either has to do it linearly from 0,0 to 2048,2048, or randomly. I think random is better.

Gotcha, just seemed like another maintenance mechanic, and I'm worried with you stonewalling the conversation about risk vs reward, you're gonna launch gamma and it's going to be a ghost town. Then we'll knee jerk it into being hyperprofitable...

i'd rather the discussion about the gamma launch be holistic and that risk vs reward be at the center of our focus. If we're going to make these colonies 'fragile' there needs to be a conversation about making it worth the effort.

I'm all for making gamma colonies fragile, but extremely profitable, it will give people a reason to fight for them... even if they only hold it for a short time...


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DEV Zoom wrote:
Gremrod wrote:

What speed are we talking about here for the TF degrade overtime?

It's random because it works similarly to plant growth, so randomly picked points on the island over and over, but the rough time is open for discussion. Weeks, months, something along those lines.

And I know that the incentives for gamma are few and far between, but I think we should rather have a solid foundation for gamma mechanics first before moving on to that.

I think we need to have a vision of what your goals are with gamma first. If we're not looking at the blueprints for the whole house, what if we make the foundation to small?

And i dont agree with the thought behind random points of deteraforming... i'd like to see something similar to errosion that takes long periods of times...


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If we're going to introduce these new mechanics to gamma that are geared to cause more 'upkeep' we need to take a look at what kind of NIC faucets we're going to add.

It sounds like the question: is gamma worth my time investment? Will be harder to answer in the affirmative unless there's something amazing out there....

Wild growing nora?! epi back on gamma... ? Better logistic capaabilities for war? Think interzones, maybe the ability to setup your own permanent teleporters (think jump gates) between other gammas across the map?


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I'm not going to be greedy, it's amazing, let them move onto something else with their developmental resources.

SkyMarshalbrandontv wrote:

Hello all,

I am Skymarshal Brandon from my corp Decepticons.
My corp and I have recently come over from a game that most of us have been playing since beta so a little over 10 years. Most of us have closed our accounts and have jumped with both feet into this game. We are still very new to the game and are still figuring out all of the new tools and how the mechanics of the game as most of you see when I lose a robot on my stream. roll But there is one constant that we have come to love about our new home. THIS COMMUNITY. You guys are so awesome, so helpful, and to be honest, there is no other gaming community on this planet like you guys. I have to certainly give a huge hand to the devs as well as they have made this transition so much easier for us. This is not because they just answer tickets in a timely manor but because they care. - About the community, about growth, and most of all (about their game). There is nothing like these guys found anywhere else in the gaming world and I hope that no matter how large this game gets, that the core value of this game never changes.

As a pvper - I look forward to skilling up and getting my daily/hourly pew in (and I know my corp feels the same)

We appreciate all of the help from everyone and look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield - either looking down on our burning metal scraps or up from them.


www.fromashesgaming.com - Support Fallen Soldiers/Police/Fire

Welcome to Perpetuum Skylander Brandin-o.


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BeastmodeGuNs wrote:
Kaldenines wrote:

Nop it's more like Rock (blue) Paper (yellow) Shotgun (green).

Oh and the only reason nobody is whining about the Gropho is because we don't have 40 man gangs that would be able to 1-shot anything from behind cover.

Edit: also most of the problems seem to arise because of stacking bonuses.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQIQUMWBdRU big_smile

I remember this fight.... ahh the good ol days when interference mattered....

Heliaso wrote:

Or just change how shield's mechanic works ? ( maybe shield should not be linked to accumulator )

That solution sounds similar to hammering a nail with a wrecking ball.

You're talking about potentially reworking one of the staples of an entire faction.

Merkle wrote:

So much hate, makes me feel really good on the inside.

I'm sure we can *** up with a few other things that make you feel really good inside. *Smooches*


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Cassius wrote:

Farming is a necessary evil. Same as mission grinding.  Like it or not, it comprises the vast majority of income generation in mmos ... if people can't reliably make income they wont play. Its up to the Devs to make the farming tolerable, even enjoyable.

Zoom, the NPCs following everywhere is ruining many aspects of gameplay.  Its fine when we lure them to kill our enemies and they do it to us, but what is stopping someone doing it to noobs. your future income? Its being done to demonstrate its broken. You need to correct it. There is nothing someone can do when they undock a scarab, and do not appear on their screen on terrain before their stability is up, and someone else drags a red mob to them.

Dont tell us thats not reimburseable. Its players pushing a broken mechanics causing loss to other players, its not normal gameplay. And again, being able to take mission NPCs out of mission areas  ... just no. We already have no idea what mission we are accepting beforehand, and its so slow walking out to the mission area only to find ... nothing? Vets understand whats going on, but new players? Hence this post ....

Anyways, I'm just repeating what everyone else is saying.

I think this entire direction you have gone in an effort to nerf the beacon pits and eliminate farming, is the wrong solution to the problem and is making it worse.

Also, not an hour ago, -77- was able to kill a farming Mesmer Mk2 and support bot ratting the lvl 4 mech spawn on the *** by Weyster II ... by draggin a huge number of reds to him.  You know the area, there is only one way in and one way out ..... how can he possibly avoid this? Cudos to -77-, its brilliant what they did ... but it shouldnt be able to happen. What do you think will happen when people cannot complete pve activities? Bye bye customers.

I think what needs to be answered is what is the problem we're trying to fix with this? Is it to slow down progression? If so, make progression slower not the way in which you progress harder...


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I was told we'd be compensated with subscription time for the server being down..


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Burial wrote:

If beacons are the problem, would it be possible to add the teleportation algorithm to only those NPCs that come from beacons? I don't see a reason for touching Alpha and Beta NPCs at all, those seemed to work fine.

(Or better yet, make it impossible to build beacon pits with new terraforming.)

Or just make some lore that says becaons can't be placed on gamma....


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(Insert something interesting to tide everyone over until the 2nd)


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Jita wrote:

Unban him and give him his accounts back.

He's done his time in nam.

I smell something fish'y....and chip'y....

Kelron Vladseal wrote:
Arjha Shanoo wrote:
Kelron Vladseal wrote:

... If I go ahead and sub in the next few days will I keep the rest of my trial time as well as gain the 30 days? ...

Seems like it wasn't answered here:

Yes, you keep your trial days + gain the 30 days.
By subbing (and with every new subscription) the gametime is added to the existent one, the only thing that changes immediately after your first subscription is the change from trial to full account. Though if you do that while being ingame you will have to relogg for it to be applied.

Edit: for grammar

Thanks, after hearing that from a few people in game and yourself I went ahead and subbed. However it did not add the days left from my trial sad. I am currently talking with a GM about it though, so will let you know how it turns out for future reference.

It used to.. This may be a bug? I can't imagine why we'd purposely dissuade trials from subbing by shortening their total ep they get for their money.

Burial wrote:

It would seriously spice up the whole gameplay.

Unfortunately, i disagree -- creating a land mass which is too small to hide on and easily roamed quickly wont make people want to inhabit it.

It would do nothing for the game.

Tux wrote:

From what i have read here it seems like the best method for addressing this issue is to:

~ Not allow bots that are put into "follow" mode to activate any modules on a target
~ Not allow bots that are in "follow" mode to target at all
~ add additional produced interference from bots that are in "follow' mode.

I agree/disagree with many things that have been discussed but these three i think most people could manage as this issue will only get worse with a rise in population.

This game needs more subs not less.

I'm against multiboxing when it's done with third party tools... having a followbot is an advantage, but isn't a ridiculous one. Hell, it's more a liability -- when you die you lose two bots instead of one.

Kelron Vladseal wrote:
ZUBO wrote:

Well most people dual-box in pvp by using a "boost-bot" with remote sensor amps, remote reppers and sometimes nexus modules etc. Most people only control only one pew-pew bot at a time.

Since this boost robots are almost always industrial bots you can train for them as pvp-support and still do some mining.

I myself do not use them and have to rely on corp-mates but that is not a big problem. They are mostly used for larger engagements anyway.

Player build structures are very nice, but you have be very rich and powerful to actually use them as intended. The entry-level is high for the current playerbase.

Edit: i have an edit button wink

Sounds good, wasn't sure if getting an indy bots training up for combat would take long. I would probably try to not use it for that however, as it just seems unfair to me in a way for someone who can't afford it but that's another topic. I assumed the player structures would be pretty expensive, but it is a goal I can look forward to some day which helps in motivation.

lol about the edit button, guess trial members are out of luck on that feature! Look forward to seeing people in game and thanks again for all the quick help.

If you're legitimately seeking out a tackle role, you can do fine solo as a tackler, while a follow bot would help a little it's much less pronounced then on the larger heavy mechs who have an innate ability to chew through energy and in general benefit more from the stacking effects of mods in their heads.

If you stick with ewar  you'll find that in larger fleet fights you'll end up pairing up with another ewar to give each other remote amps as your head slots are important and arm slots are largely useless (where RSA's go).

So for a single account, i'd say, you're on the correct path for what you want and what you're willing to invest.


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Line wrote:

It's all ok and cureable until they start to roleplay paladins and elven.

I put on my wizard hat and remove my tunic.


As nice as this would be it is self serving to support this.


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That's not accurate -- primetime is likely around 300ish

Inda wrote:

What I can see, ERP is not high-end afaik.

Greens are kinda good in shield tank vs some bots(3-5?), Blues are good against 2 bot max, Yellow also good against 2 with their resist.

I think where is something bad is the shield tank a bit better than others. But I also needed check again, and try practice this out.

But If I forget the shield is better (because you cant shoot when is up so this is dsadvantage this why I said "bit better") the greens can use the "bonus" + tuning, blues can use "bonus" + tuning yellow dont have tuning for "bonus". But the yellow bonus is really good at resist, so this is nearly "bonus" + tuning in bonus.

Btw, we can count, math them out if needed and practice them out.

I forgot the autocannons adn machine guns for blue and yellow, the yellow have more accu so for them bit better use the autocannons.

Their all balanced fine.

With the nerf to offense while defending of green their increased tankability against raw damage is offset...not to mention you have to look at the fact that they are the lowest dps bots in the game.. we have to look at the bots as a whole..


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Bloodskull wrote:

As I roam the islands (alpha) I see all kinds of abandoned structures.  Why can't we have the ability to place a small structure of our own?  Pay a land use fee and upgrade fee for storage per month.  Im not too fond of the station terminals.   SOME of us just want to roam about and mine. not everyone is a PVP'er.


This has been talked about in previous discussions -- and has been hinted at as a future possibility. But with the landmass so small and no way to 'kick you out' they'd have to balance around a very high maintenance fee.

Another suggestion I made was to limit who can place by only allowing people with 6.0 rep with that faction on that island to place. Similar to how things are done in other sandbox's.

Burial wrote:

Why can't there be such restrictions? There used to be quite a few of these a while back, some even way more restricting and people managed. Having beta or gamma access on a week old newbie is absolutely not vital.

EVE has different game mechanics in 00 and low space so theres absolutely no reason to compare these two. I didn't play EVE back in the days it was new so I don't really know much about its restrictions, but Im fairly sure there were quite a few of "mechanics" that got abused to hell and then removed before it reached the stage it is now.

Solution: If you want to lock down an island... move to gamma, put up guns.

Arkhe's vs Turrets... Arkhe's lose 100% of the time..