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Gifts are always nice, absolutely.  As in, Earth and Beyond again, used to give out like "presents" that were just cool to have.  As in, punkin' chunkers during halloween, Valentine's day shields (that created a heart around your ships).

Basically it was just fun stuff that you had because you were around during that time.  That sort of stuff I love.


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o.0, another good idea honestly, more more


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Well, looking at the calendar today, and thinking that the "One Year Anniversary" of the release of Perpetuum comes along in a few months.

Was wanting to suggest, if not already in the works, maybe an event of sorts.

A game I played a long time ago, Earth and Beyond, had a great group of programmers in Westwood, and they hosted a "Lan Party" of sorts, in which One Dev went to a different major city all over the U.S and think they even went over the pond to London.  Was kind of hoping, even though it's a different crew, that maybe I'd see more of the same with this one.

Meeting one of the people that worked on a game I enjoyed the hell out of, was a very great experience for myself personally, and all the other players who attended at the time.

So how about Avatar Creations, wanna throw a party?


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Regulators have openings for new hands to come and train.  We are a Gang that wants to help new players git used to life on Nia.  We offer up a bit of advice, but no one forces ya' to lissen, wanna do it yourself, by all means do.

We offer ya' 30 days to figure things out with us, after that we cut ya' loose to figure it out on your own or go make new friends.  Oh yeah, did I mention free rides?  Join Public chat RIDE for more information.

Yah, we give ya' a free bot every weekend, with sum junk to throw on it and make yerself useful.  We then take ya' out with us to the Beta islands to hunt some folk down, keep the area Regulated, and make things interesting.  For the first two weeks, yu'll git a light pony, a better assault pony fer yur other two weeks.
So come and have sum real fun all.  Ain't worth playin' if you ain't havin' a good time.

Regulators is not currently, nor ever will be affiliated with any Alliance while William Bonney is the leader of the Posse.  We're here to learn to play, teach some others what little we know, and play weekend warriors.  We're not interested in Politics, just giving folks our ammo the right way.

Staff positions are still available for those with an "Instructor" attitude, that don't mind putting a bit of their game time into helping others.  All contributions given, in time or resources, is completely voluntary.

Join public chat RIDE, Contact WilliamH Bonney or William Bonney, or head to our site:

http://regulatorspo.guildlaunch.com/ind … gid=220909