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Someone who plays for the community of the game, then for himself/Corp.

At least that's who I try to be.  I like leading guilds to train/teach them what I know of the game.  I like answering questions in help, and chit chatting about "nothing" in General.  I want this to feel lilke a video game we're playing, FOR FUN.   I think a lot of gamers forget about the fun aspect of things.

So, I do what I can to remind them.  I'm not the best at it, I'm sure.  And I'll probably annoy as many as I entertain.  But at least I'll have fun doing it, and well, that's what it's all really about anyhow.  Me having fun 8-)


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basically, give them some free advertising, especially since they Greenlighted, that means "GO!!!" already

Do some advertising, sell your game....


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I can try, I've been out of practice for over a year now, so I am indeed rusty.  And I also posted this on a few other gaming sites, as well as FaceBook (and paid the $7 "promote fee, twice actually).  Trying to get more outside attention.


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Thanks Celebro.  I was here a while and was starting similar, had to go, but now I'm back,and back at it.  Hope everyone enjoys it.


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Got you down as Vagabond, I need your trial character's name 8-)


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Greetings Player of Perp,

I hereby invite you to take part in an In-Game Event I am calling "RIDE the Ring."  This event is open to any and all people who log into Perpetuum, and has "registerred" to particiapte within 2 days prior to the race.  The details of the race is as follows:

1.  On Sunday, November 4th, at approximately 8pm EDT, is about when the race will begin.  At 7pm EST, any Racer who has registered will be invited to join a squad, and given a T4 Light Weight Frame outside of the ICS Alpha Terminal on the island of Attalica.  You then may enter station and equip it, put it in your hangar, I don't care what.  It's yours to do with whatever you like.

2.  All racers will line up at 7:45pm, if you not at the starting line at that time, you will be removed from the squad and disqualified from the race.  It doesn't matter if your computer crashed, your client went off line, I don't care.  If you are offline at 7:45, you're out.  You must be in a regular Light Robot, no MK2's, no EWARs will be allowed for this race.  Again, ONLY M1 LIGHT ROBOTS.  Those are Yagel, Promotheus, and Castel. If you are in something else at this time, you will be removed from squad, and disqualified from the race.

3.  When I give the command in General chat "Regulators, Let's RIDE!!!!," that is the command that the race is on.

4.  The goal is to "RIDE the Ring" in which you travel any way you are able (without using any form of Mobile Teleport Devices) to Tellesis.  Then Daoden, Shinjalar, New Virginia, Hershfield, and then Back to Attalica.  The first player to enter ICS Alpha Terminal wins.

5.  I will have a Race Staff member, who is not elligible to  participate, on every island.  They will attempt to keep up with the racers in the fastest Robot they can.  Their job is to monitor the racers, and to ensure no one uses the teleport beacons.  If someone magically jumps from one side of hte map to the other, we "should" be able to tell.  Let's try to keep this honest and fun all, I really don't care for controversies.

6.  You are allowed to fit your robots any way you want.  You will be in a squad, so anyone using a Nexus Module, will be helping out those who are close to them.  You are allowed to kill each other in any way you deem you can.  You are allowed to dock up at any station other then ICS Alpha while the race is going on (if caught inside ICS Alpha you will be DQ'd).  You are not allowed to use Spark Teleports.  That again, will result in a DQ.

Rules:  Including the ones previously mentioned.

1.  Every participating In Game Character must be a Trial Account.  You are allowed to be in a Player Corp, but you are not allowed any outside assistance from your Corp that would effect the outcome of the RIDE.  You are not allowed to use T4P on your robot build.  Sure, .50 Kg may not seem like a lot, but it's still an advantage, and since this is my event, my rule is if we find a T4P on your robot, you will be disqualified.

2.  Every player who shows up to ICS alpha as a Trial Account, will be elligible to take part in the race, veteran and new player alike.  You MUST enter with your Trial Participant.  Trials cannot respond in this section of the forums, so please send me a mail in game, or a private message here on the forums or speak to me in game if you have any questions.

3.  I would like to say "only one trial participant per person" as in no multi-client/boxing, whoever that one is giong to be difficult to enforce.  As how would I know?  Going to go by the honor system here, and hope that having more then one will slow down your Computer's load times, or cause your attention to be drawn away enough that you'll get beat, but I dunno.  So please, don't use more than one character, I'm asking respectfully to honor the "idea" behind the race.

4.  I would also like to say "It's every man for himself, no team play allowed,"  but again, there are ways around that as well.  So again, trusting the Perpetuum community to be honest, and use this event as intended, having fun.

5.  No Navigation Nexus Modules will be allowed for the race.  The staff of the race will scan every squad member prior to the start.  If you are found with one, you are Disqualified.  During the race, the staff will scan the leaders, if they are found with one, they will be Disqualified.  When you are DQ'd, you are removed from the Squad.  If you leave the squad on your own, you will be Disqualified.

Prizes will inlude (but not limited to)

1st Place:  One I.C.E.  (Integration Cycle Extender)
This is a Syndicate-issued warrant that can extend the validity of a Perpetuum account by 30 days.
To use it, right click the item and select "Activate". This item works on previously subbed or Trial Accounts.

2nd Place:  One Mk 2 Mech-sized robot of your choice fitted fully with T4 items.  You tell me what you want installed, and I'll make sure you have it.

3rd Place:  One Mk 2 Assault-sized robot of your choice fitted fully with T4 items.  Same deal.

All prizes will be awarded Wednesday, November 7th at 8pm EST at ICS Alpha at an in game "Awards Ceremony."  If you are unable to attend, you may still receive your prize by getting in contact with me, Willam Bonney, in game and arranging it.

Again, I make a plee to the Perpetuum community to have fun with these event, and help keep it for others who are attending.  Play by the rules and you can win a free month of play.  For those not participating, I ask you not to interfere with the Racers.  Please, watch and have fun with it too if you like.  If this event gets popular, I will attempt to host this event once a month.  If you or your corp would like to donate modules or NIC (in game currencty) to aide in this event, you are welcome to do so.  I am not too high and mighty that I won't accept charity.

I also am asking for volunteers for staff members during the race.  I will be conducting informal "game character" background checks for those who volunteer.  I am also personally asking some players who I know to be apart of the staff, I have done so already.  If you are not choses to be staff, do not take it personally.  I will choose people I feel I can trust not to abuse some sort of system to allow someone else an edge or advantage.  If it turns out I am wrong about the person, well, that's my fault.  I've been screwed over before, but I don't live my life expecting that, unable to trust people (especially fellow gamers).

If you have questions or concerns, please reply and I will answer as fully as I can.

Oh, and "Rules of the RIDE event may change before the race takes place."  I might have forgotten something, or not known it, that could alter and give someone an advantage over another that I did not anticipate.  If this occurs, I will adapt the rules & conditions accordingly, to fit my vision of this race.

Good Luck to any and all RIDE! participants!!!

Edited to add:  Navigation Nexus Modules have been banned.  Read part 5 of the rules section.

Edited to add:  Specific names of the robots allowed for use.

Staff Announcement:  These are the players who I have spoken with in game, and they have agreed to be apart of my staff, to help the Event be a success.  It's tentative of course, because some weren't sure of their schedule, so it may change from this time, until next week:

Azyre - Axis Inc (AIC)
Phalanxx - Hydra (HYDRA)
bobo1994 - Pretty Hate Machine (PHM)
Annihilator - Bunkerkinder e.V (BKK)
Reynava Mohric- Immortal Legacy (IL)
Slouson - Brotherhood of Steel (B.O.S)
Cassius/Brutus - Statecorp (STC)
Warblade - Hyrda (HYDRA)

Warblade is the only player who has volunteered so far, thus why Hydra has two, and will be used as an alternate for Phalanxx.  Thanks for your interest and support all.

Edited to modify:  There is no longer a registration requirement.  Hopfully I'll have enough T4 LWF's to cover it

A BIG thank you for all Staff who, even though we only had three racers, seemed to have just as much fun with it as the racers.

So thanks again:
Hydra - with Phalanxx and Warblade
Statecorp - Cassius/Brutus/Atticus
Axis Inc - Azyre (who also let us jump on her TS so we could have VOIP)
Brotherhood of Steel - Slouson

Ludlow Bursar wrote:

You know, Billy, you aren't half capable of producing a lot of text that essentially does exactly what it says in the subject line. It is curiously very readable, though.

+1 anyway.

William Bonney wrote:

...stuff ... It needs to be a "weighted slope change" from the "median average."  Now, that's key, median.  Not the "true average" ... more stuff...

-1 (sort of). What we need is more options.

Hehe, writing a better algorithmic function would open up the capability for more options in the graph.  As in, cut it down into sections by weekly, monthly, yearly. similar to how it is now withe the "grayed out" attempt that was made to smoothen the rough edges.  They did try.  (yes, we have that option now, but it would make it more viable.)

If i knew their source, i'd do it myself and send it in to 'em.

Greetings all,

While taling with a few folks about my first day in Perpetuum and helping out new players with the game, I have been telling them the story about how I made enough nic in my first day of playing, to purchase a Termis, fully deck it out in T2 and T3 modules, and fit inside the bot with my careful EP expenditures (20k back then).

When I purchased that bot, I Paid roughly 6million nic for it (i don't remember the exact number, I do recall the number began with a 6 or and 8 and it was in the millions, mining all that in an Argano was tough going).  I did all that mining Stermonit outside of ICS station (where I first spawned at).

Well, the one thing I did not know at the time was that there was a setting on the market for "Markets in Range."  I don't know why I didn't notice it before, I just knew that the markets were localized, and even though I had Eve experience, it had been quite a few years since I was used to that sort of system.

Well, not a day later I figured it out, and I realized that I had paid about 4 times as much as the ones that were selling on the next island over.  I was, well, not pissed, but a little perturbed by this, I felt cheated.

Well, tonight I was again looking at the market, and I realized, every single time I click that button or push my hot key to open market, I immediately click that "Markets in Range" tab.  I have a feeling that many of us do that now, out of habbit, it's become a normal thing to do, see where it is the cheapest.

So, I was thinking, why is that tab not the default tab?  Why is the local market the first thing that pops up?  Wouldn't it be easier for all of us who are playing the game for it to be that way?

I understand that it takes 2 seconds to do, but I gotta tell you, those 2 seconds I'm wasting every time I open up the market, they add up.

I know there was a true "drive" to make as much as possible different about the systems in this game than in that one.  I recognize it, understand it, and applaud it.  However, making us work, even this minutely of an amount, "harder" then is necessary, not only seems petty, but it also seems a bit careless.

I say that because three times today, I had to tell new player that were searching for something, trying to buy it in trade chat or complaining about a 300k cost for a robot, that "no, I see one is up for 100k."  I then have to explain to them the "market in range" deal, and I even take the time to tell them how to read the "Rates Tab", what the graph means, what the colums on the bottom stand for, and why exactly that line goes up and down like it does.

My other suggestion on this market, is I really don't like how it does that.  The lines should not be jagged and straight like that.  They should be a "smooth gradient" of change, again like Eve's.  Having it all jagged like that, not only makes it look bad, but it also makes it harder to read and comprehend.  Because one person sold that one robot for 500million nic, doesn't invalidate the 4 people who sold one for 200million the week prior.  It needs to be a "weighted slope change" from the "median average."  Now, that's key, median.  Not the "true average" of all of them sold throughout the course of the game's history, but the median average.  That is the difference between the highest price something sold for, added to the lowest price something sold for, divided by two.  You "weight" those medians in your formula based on the number of modules sold at that highest level, to the number of modules sold at that lower level, and get a "weighted median."  That number is then averaged over the course of the sales for a set period of time, either the lifetime of the game as Eve does it, or it could be shorter like a month.  Now you have a "weighted median average."

That number is then applied to the graph, and we see how the "median" average has changed over time, not the true one.  That will give you a more accurate representation on the supply/demand changes that are being delivered by the players who are playing the game at the time, without factoring in what occurred a year ago.

Edited to Add:  Please note, that this topic is concerning what you see in Markets when you are docked inside of a station.


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You didn't read what I said carefully enough Kokomut.  Had nothing to do with booting inactive CEOs.


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Here's the Guy:
http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=UU … ature=plcp

Hopefully I can get back in touch with him and he'd be willing to come over if I offer to pay for a month or two worth of subs for him.  He's really great at what he does, and is a pretty hardcore gamer, and well, I love his accent.


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I had a decent friend in another game that used to do that for every game he played.  I'll see if I can still get in touch with him.  Last I heard he was over in Xsyon doing it for them, even made a paid staff position from it, heh.  I'll check and look to see if I still have access there, or if I can find him in mIRC or something.  He was really good at them.  Some examples can be found under the SaintBob001 username on youtube.

Appreciated Celebro, I was just in the process of looking for some of those broadcasts at this moment.  So truly, thank you.

First off, I apologize if you feel as though I am typing in a way that is confrontational.  A lot of people tell  me that, however it is difficult to express emotions at all through forums such as these.  I am not angry, and do in fact want to bring up this conversation again to discuss the introduction of an Alliance feature into the current game of Perpetuum.

I apologize further if you feel like I am side tracking or getting off topic by ranting a little about my other current problems while I attempt to return to a video game that I enjoy playing.  I will try to stay more on topic.

Now though, you have yet to answer my primary question.  And it is a true question, not rhetorical, because I have been gone so long, and I have very likely missed something in the blogs and changelogs.

What exactly has been added to the game that has altered PvP combat?

I'm just not seeing it to be honest.  I see all the new structure building, the new islands, Intrusion changes, and a good deal more.  All of those additions don't seem to have changed how or even the implementation of PvP, just the where and the when.

Edited to add:  Oh, and by the way, I started a topic in General Chat already to vent a bit of the frustrations I am currently dealing with my return.  So thanks for the suggestion, I already came up with it myself.  Feel free to comment in it or flame me as much as you want.  It has little to no effect on me as a player of Perpetuum.

Arjha ShanooYou trolled your own topic, so I can't see it anymore as a serious request from you.

When did I do this?  I can't tell here, anyone tell me please if I'm being trolled?

Oh, and I have to ask, whatever happened to that "Energy Credit System" they were talking about over a year ago?  I was expecting to see it in game by now.

Oh, and "zombiepilot", that wierd Pathfinding for inputing automatic bot controls over a programmed path?


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Ah, so that in and of itself was the mechanic added?  He was able to boot?

That's interesting.

Edited to add:  Well, oops.  I guess I kind of just gave out an exploit.  Oh well, I reported it over a year ago, you'd think it would have been fixed by now.

So now I have to ask you a similar question.  What major PvP changes have occurred in the game?

Buildable outposts?   That intrusion change was a modification of an existing system, not anything new.  Those outposts in my eyes are a lot more of an industrialist/manufacturers fortay then someone who PvP's.  They're the only ones that get any bonuses for having them. 

As for player driven PvP events, I don't know what you mean by this statement.  Has something been added to the game in the last year that I've missed?  From what I see, it's the same pew pew bang bang "have a new arkhe and welcome to station" fighting that I'm more than used to.

PvE however, orange bots don't agro, so no agro mobs on alpha-1's at all.  Only patrols agro on alpha-2's.  I haven't been out to a Beta yet, so not sure really if there are oranges there yet or not.

Those new devices you can deploy that "summons" NPC's in waves to you, so now you don't even have to go look for the mob, they deliver.  Right before I left, they changed mob spawns all together so that now, a single mob spawn won't spawn the same exact mob over and over again.  There seems to have been three different assignment addition patches in this last year. 
A complete overhaul to the mk2 CT loot in artifact scans, often have I seen that it was too much, too soon even.

I'm not even gonna bring up all of the manufacturing/mining changes that have been added.  I just haven't had the oppurtunity to experience it all myself, nor the terraforming/station building.

So, what exactly has been added to the game that has changed PvP?  The location people fight?  From what I can tell, that really about covers it.


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Just wanted to give a greetings out to the Perpetuum community.  I have been absent for nearly a year from the game due to real life getting in the way.  Specifically, the U.S. Navy decided that my "retirement" did not count, told me I was re-activated and had "one week to report to D.C. or we will put a warrant out for your arrest."

Then they told me it shouldn't be more then a month or two, which then of course ended up being almost a full 12.

That aside, I'm back.:)

I'm also a bit saddened by the drop in population in the game.  I truly hope the greenlight on Steam helps things.  Being a "self publushed" game, it can be rough getting a foothold into the mmo market.

I'm also hoping I am able to get my Coorporation back.  My then girlfriend now wife ended up cancelling all of my subs, so my characters ended up getting kicked out and corp leadership transferred to someone else.  That person seems to still be around, as Jank/Twill/Jandor, and I guess he's still paying his sub if the system is working right.

Now, to be honest, I don't mind at all that this happened.  I myself sent in a bug report explaining what I thought was a pretty "bad bug" at the time, the case in which some cores would make a new toon, pay for 30 days of subscription spending all EP on nothing but corp leadership extensions, and then letting the sub run out on that toon.

That basically allowed them to save all of that EP for their "mains" instead of requiring a true corp leader by the game's systems.  So again, I'm kind of glad it got fixed and I did get kicked from the corp.

That being said, I hope a Dev/GM reads this post.  I would like Regulators [RIDE] back.  Even if it's to just put an alt in to hold onto the corp name for me, I want it back.  If population does start getting better, I'll give another go at making that corp tag mean something, and so, I'd like it back.  I would also like back it's corp hangar.  I'm not 100% sure of everything that I had left in there, but I'm sure in the majority, it must still exist.  I am already feeling the loss of what I no longer have in there.  I am the player who originally created RIDE, on my character "Regulators Holding," who is an alt on this same account.  (plz read that, it is on the same account as one of my mains, so is eating up a chunk of my EP in corp leadership extensions.)  I created RIDE shortly after a "learning" style corp FOOM felt like they needed to do their "foomigation" and got rid of a majority of it's players who were either new to the corp, or those they felt were "dead weight."  So, I wanted to try something new.  I hope to one day try again in Perpetuum, and I would really like the name back. 

It goes with my name theme, duh.  William H Bonney, a.k.a. William Antrim, a.k.a. William Henry McCarty, a.k.a. Billy The Kid was the leader of a notorious American "Old West" outlaw gang back in 1878.  They were originally deputized and given warrants for an arrest of men involved with the killing of their ranching boss at the time, calling themselves "Regulators."  They ended up killing two of those men, they claimed it was due to an escape attempt, and soon "went from lawmen to outlaws" due to political scheming of those responsible for their boss' death and claims that the deaths were murders.

This story was used for the Hollywood major motion film "Young Guns," and the sequel "Young Guns 2" continued on with some of their exploits as outlaws.  I loved those movies.  Mostly because in my youth, I was told by my grandfather that Billy The Kid was a relative, as I have relations ties to the McCarty's.  For many years now, there has been a long standing question about who exactly The Kid really was, he had many alias', and as the sequel to Young Gun showed, quite a few "pretenders," two of which made  names for themselves, Brushy Bill Roberts and John Miller. 

To this day, it is still not a known fact if either of those claimants were telling the truth, or whether as history says, Pat Garrett shot and killed Billy (rumored to have been while the only weapon Billy had was a knife, so kind of proves out the statement "never bring a knife to a gun fight").  Due to more recent going on's, they aren't even sure if he really died and was buried in Fort Sumner, NM as was thought.  DNA samples from of John Miller's remains were sent to a lab in Dallas, Texas, to be compared with traces of blood obtained from a bench that was believed to be the one upon which Billy's body was placed after he was shot to death. The two investigators had searched for his physical remains since 2003. They had started in Fort Sumner, New Mexico, and had eventually ended up in Arizona. To date, no results of the DNA tests have been made public. As of 2008, a lawsuit is pending against officials in Lincoln County that would, if successful, publicize the results of those tests along with other evidence collected by Sullivan and Sederwall.

All that said, and truly how closely I have read the history and notoriety surrounding William H. Bonney, in life as well as death, I have a close affinity to the "Regulators" name.  And thus, I would truly appreciate getting it back.

I have already sent in a support ticket, and I hope a Dev reads this, and feels a bit of sympathy for my plight.  Given the choice, I would have never stopped playing the game.  I also truly regret the actions of my wife, stopping my subscriptions.

Blah, enough ranting.  Thanks for reading all, and it's great to be back playing Perpetuum.  Here's hoping for some fun pew pew against you in the near future.

Also, this game is one in which says it tries the "player driven content" aspect of gaming.

Without the players, without the blob, that means you have no content at all...  food for thought.

seems to me this last year has made some major changes to the PvE content.  About every big patch has done so to add more to it.

The only change i see for the "pvp" content that comes close is the changes to intrusions.  And that was just a modification of an existing system.

Reading back on the changelogs and learning about the new stuff in the game, I really can't find anything at all that has added to the PvP content in the game.

Giving folks the ability in game to group up and become "the biggest and baddest blob" out there seems like an option to add some flavor to the game.

PvP games need wars.  They need the "blob" to keep on competing with each other.  Now, many argu "CIR"s blob, did more to hurt the game then help.  I disagree.  I think the fact that others couldn't make a better blob then theirs hurt the game.

If you give players the ability to fit under the same banner, working together, not just in an unofficial capacity, it breeds a competitive spirit.  One required for a game with PvP.  Yes, i understand, it's a production themed game, not pvp centric.  The point behind that production though is to feed PvP players with bots and equipment ot go out and blow up someone else's, or get theirs blown up.

I  hate the blob vs. blob style fights.  Hated it in Eve, and truly didn't care for the taste of it I had when we friended CIR.  Though, I understand that PvP games need them.  It helps to make it success.  Just look at Eve.  Within two years of the game, we had some large scale wars, nearly 200k subs, and the game was figuring out just exactly what it could be.

We're now close to 2 years with Perp, and we're not even close.  And now on my return, I don't see a blob at all that exists in the game.  Even the alphas are ghost towns.  This saddens me.

Goblin wrote:
Khader Khan wrote:

Oh look its the CIR/Nova signing the head count thread. looks like we now know your true active strength. First its stop shooting so I can be the killer now its log on the forums and sign a thread to waste the dev's time on a mechanic that is A. Not needed at this time and B. irrelevant to all Alpha corps who BTW are the small corps your claiming this will help. Whats next Spin Doctors?

I would be willing to say this is a good idea in a year from now, if and when the server population is either increasing or holding steady. As it is right now this wouldn't bring anyone to the game. PVE is whats driving them out fix that then worry about other things.

Novablob would rather reign supreme on a game with no players than to have healthy competition on a thriving server.

Honestly working on *** like INSTEAD of what really matters (pve content) will be the death of perpetuum. I don't know who is in charge here, but they got gift wrapped a *** of subs courtesy of Eve and they're just pissing it all away.

I know I'm necro'ing, and I truly apologize for it.  Shortly after posting this, I was however re-activated by the U.S. Navy, and just got back in August, was married Sept. 1, and just returned to the game last week.

That being said and all, upon returning to game, I'm a bit disappointed really that I haven't read anything at all about incoorporating an alliance feature into the game.

As it looks to me, population wise, this person is obviously no proffit.  The game seems to be on a steady decline, and is losing a lot of it's veteran members due to boredom, even with so many PvE changes.

Hardcore players don't truly give a damn about PvE, we want to go "pew pew" with other players, and if we aren't given the oppurtunity, we don't even give the game much of a  chance (referencing both Asheron's Call and Horizons to make a point here).

I"m hoping by "bumping" this post back up, the current player base will begin the discussion anew.  I have no affiliation now with any corp, sadly not even my own since I was auto kicked when the "new wife" cancelled my subs.  Alas, I'm back, and I'd still like to see alliance features.


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Well, have had to modify my original stance on "Regulators is not currently, nor ever will be affiliated with any Alliance while William Bonney is the leader of the Posse."  This was the initial intent, but seeing the huge vaccuum out on the Beta islands, my members have decided they want a piece of the Beta Pie.

So, cuz I know we are neither big enough, nor EP heavy enough, to do it on our own, we are currently reaching out to some of the big boys to see if we can't make friends.  I prefer a "shoot 'em all" mentality, rough though if everyone shoots back, lol.

So, I guess I should live by the rule of "never say never" here though.  Eh, made a mistake, I admit it.  Have np's doing so yarr


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Still lookin' for more wet behind the ears gun slingers.  If you're just starting out, and want a friendly atmosphere while you're figurin' out how to get goin, give us a holler.


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Greetings all.

I've been conducting interviews with many of Perpetuums players, finding out who they are as well as what they like about Perpetuum.

The first two I've posted are up on mmorg.com now, Syndic and SmokeyIndustries were the objects of that one.

I will be posting up next interviews I performed with two of the game's GM's, and one I performed with Dev Calvin, in the next couple of days.

Here's the one at mmorpg:  http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm/game … 42#4352473

I could copy/paste things over, but even just two interviews are seeming a "wall of text" and the formatting to read these looks better over there.  Hope ya'll enjoy.

I've performed a lot more others, still working on the editing stuff though on them.


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I love folks that take private conversations public.

And thanks for putting me in a video, makes me feel important.  Please quit trying to derail the topic, as I really don't want to get into a flame fest.  This sort of stuff erks me more then any kill stealing or anything else.  Shows your character though, so doesn't surprise me, nice timing of when you cut the video off, took me 20 minutes to even notice that you had posted anything in General chat.


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Heh, as I stated before DaOpa, wasn't mad at you, was mad at the situation really.  For how much work I had put in, and you making me look a tad foolish, and mad at myself really.  Though, your taking a private conversation public ticked me off pretty good.  Is disrespectful, I didn't flame you, yes, I was peeved, who cares.

As for EnB, stuff I loved from it was "Valentine's Day Shields," items that were semi-usefull but normally upgraded quickly, and would give you a "heart" around you ship.  "Pumpkin Chunkers" at halloween, a weapon that did no damage at all, but could be fired at another player and throw pumpkins at him.

But more to this point, the "1 year anniversary" of EnB's launch day, they hosted it, I still have my t-shirt from it, and is one of my favorite MMO memories.  Have truly been waiting on another game to do something similar, but alas, no one has really cared about their playerbase as much as Westwood did.  I see a lot of that here with Perp, with the Staff seeming to actually care, so is why the thought came to mind.

As for rewards, have to keep things fair and balanced.  So, let's say a "birthday" mission in game, that if/when completed gave you EP, or a cool in game toy to play with, something along those lines, perfect.  Could only be performed once per account.

I like in game, and out of game events honestly.  With a sandbox, things are more "left out there in the open" for that stuff, because you can almost go anywhere with it, true bonuses to the players, or just "cosmetic" and fun stuff, matters not to me personally.  I just like seeing 'em.