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Why only a Trial:  Ease of seperating who is staff, and who is not.  There is a method to my madness.

Yes,  you are right, you must flag for pvp for that to take effect.

See, that's your choice not to put anything but the LWF on.  I'm putting as few rules and restrictions as possible, so the event is as I intended.  Just because it slows them down, I'm not going to tell them not to do it.


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wait no, think i added the "no Ewars" to the statment, but the "regular" comment should have been suffice, regardless, added for clarity too.


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In details part two, always said:   You must be in a regular Light Robot, no MK2's, no EWARs will be allowed for this race.  Again, ONLY M1 LIGHT ROBOTS

I have added the names of the robots now for clarity purposes.


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Basic Light Robots, no mk2 versions, no EWAR.

The bots you receive from the new player tutorial.  I don't care where you get them, but new players have easiest access to those.

So that's the Castel, Prometheus, and Yael only.

I'm aware of the speed differences of the Light Robots, but did not want to exclude trials that started "Thelodica" and just have a Promethes.  It is inentioinally structured to keep things as "fair' as possible, and base things on skill of driving, and not the speed of the robot.


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lol, nice Cappy


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Edited to add:  Navigation Nexus modules have been banned from the race.


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Howdy Perpetuum,

Just writing up a little explanation for what I had done here.  Before I left gaming last year, I had come up with idea of having some true "player driven content" quests.  I love holidays, and holiday presents when I play online games.  I think it's great when games have things like that.  I originally wanted to do a Halloween one, because one of my favorite games earlier in my mmo career involved Earth and Beyond.  They gave out the best holiday "presents," rewards, and quest lines.  I miss Westwood Studios a lot to be honest.

Peanuts got tagged into it, all for the plain reason, Charlie Brown's Halloween Special was playing on television.  I brought in Jack the Pumpkin King for some flare and to bridge the ideas I have for a Christmas Event, and so I had a concept.  Read on if you'd like a synopsis of Lucy, Linus, and Rerun van Pelt and their adventures with The Great Pumpkin and the Pumpkin King.

Linus and Rerun have decided they wanted to play Perpetuum Online.  Rerun is Linus' little brother, so was Impatient at having to wait for Linus to log in, so started exploring.

Rerun: "uumm, what's titaral mean?  No, I don't wanna.  I wanna make bots go boom.  Titaral seems boooring."
Pumpkin King:  "Hello player on a Trial, I'm glad I found someone, who's been here a while."
Rerun:  "You talk funny."
Pumpkin King:  "That I do you observant kid, you see I'm brainless, this thing on top is just a lid."
Pumpkin King:  "You see there is a reason for me being here, The Great Pumpkin he who I fear."
Pumpkin King:  "I have this thing I wish to hide, this ICE Crown at my side."
Pumpkin King:  "Take it please and see you run, The Great Pumpkin will ruin our fun."
Rerun:  "Okay, so I just run?  Rerun can run, I'm fast."

A while later, Linus logs into the game.

Linus:  "Finally, left alone long enough to play, now to find out what Rerun's up to."
Linus:  "Hmm, not outside the station where I told him to wait, predictable.  Rerun!!!  Rerun!!!!
Linus:  "Dang, was hoping I'd get some time to wait for The Great Pumpkin.  One more year I"m going to miss."
Linus:  "Well, I guess I'll go take a nap then.  He doesn't seem to want to play anyhow."
Linus picks up his blanket, thumb in mouth, and goes to lay down for a while.

Later, Lucy logs in, and still can't find Rerun, and it was her job to watch him.  That is where we being our forums posts here:  http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … t-pumpkin/

After people came to the realization that someone was up to something, and not nucking futz, the story was able to continue.  Rerun did as the Pumpkin King told him, Lucy and Linus began looking for him.  After a while, when no one would help her, Lucy got aggravated and logged off.  Linus on the other hand, perseveered and finally Guneera gave him some information, that he saw him "Go South."  He was the first to unlock the Event, as he was the first to give Linus any help at all.

As time progressed, Rerun kept messaging garble in the various chats.  While running away, he had passed The Great Pumpkin near Asintec Alpha.  The Great Pumpkin demanded the crown, and was so mean, he damaged Rerun's robot.

That's where we moved on to bobo1994 finally spoke with Rerun enough,  so that his voice comms repaired themselves on its own.  We were well into the event by now, and Rerun and his little Arkhe had made it from ICS Alpha, all the way to Shinjalar.  All the way, he kept trying to message people for help.  So now bobo1994 had offered to help Rerun.

During the course of tracking down Rerun, The Great Pumpkin came online here and there, warning that he was the true king, and Jack was a fake.  He wanted the ICE crown for himself.  This was a "fork" in the story, in which bobo1994 was more interested in helping Rerun, and lying to The Great Pumpkin.  If bobo1994 would have chosen to bring Rerun back to the Great Pumpkin, for his reward, The Great Pumpkin would have taken the ICE Crown and opened fire on bobo1994.  (He would have flagged for PvP, but he was just in an Arkhe, not that scary.)  Since The Great Pumpkin would have had the ICE Crown in his cargo, anyone that killed him and looted his cargo now had a "chance" to receive the ICE, not guaranteed based on the destruction chances of being destroyed, as well as someone else could have looted it.

But bobo1994 was a helpful sort, and decided he'd rather help Rerun get back to his brother.  We didn't crawl our way back, I wasn't mean enough to bobo to do that to him, as he had finished the branch of the story he was on, and I had been performing this roleplay for 4 hours, and was getting rather tired of it, lol.  So we stopped there on Hershfield, it took that long of a time before someone found Rerun, another player who messaged bobo1994 where he was, Capital Punishment in a Kain Mk2.  Now, if Capital would have also decided to help Rerun, instead of just messaging and leaving, he too would have earned the reward.  He however chose to carry on with what he was doing.  Moral of the story:  It's good to help out new players, and Rerun was a trial account.

Day 2:
Now that one of the two forks had been completed, I had to modify my story a little so as someone could try and complete the other branch.  This is where we come to the forum posts:  http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … s-go-bots/

As you can see, Lucy has now got a bit of a crush on bobo1994, for helping her brother.  As she was meandering about in a daze, she happened upon something, an ICE ring.  She knew it must have been something from the day before.

At the same time, the Pumpkin King logged in, searching for his ICE ring.  Rhyming as he does to try to find it.

After a short time, Captain Spaceguy figured out stage one of the story, to tell Lucy that the Pumpkin King was looking for his ring.  This then led to a pretty roleplay discussion, where he figured out Lucy wanted to return the ring to the Pumpkin King herself, rather than give it to him, because she didn't trust Captain Spaceguy, she knew he'd just steal it.  This was a crucial part of the storyline.  If Captain Spaceguy had been rude to her in any way, she would have put him on /block and continued to ignore him.  Luckily however, Captain Spaceguy stayed very friendly to her, even so much as to give her a present, a LWF to help speed her up.

So now Captain Spaceguy and Lucy made their way to the Pumpkin King, from ICS Alpha to Asintec Alpha.  I gave "Spacey" a few more tips and hints than I would have another, because he had told me he was a true new player, had only been playing Perpetuum a few days, and thus still a Trial account.

Well, they made their way to Asintec Alpha, and came into range of seeing the Pumpkin King outside the station.  As they got closer however, The Great Pumpkin logged in.  Just as Lucy was trying to give the Pumpkin King the ICE ring, The Great Pumpkin stole it and began opening fire (flagged for PvP).  So bravely in his Arkhe Mk2, Captain Spaceguy defeated The Great Pumpkin, with help from another player outside the station.

The Great Pumpkin exploded in a ball of fire, regrettably so did the ICE ring. 

Since Captain Spaceguy was such a great sport, and was a new player to the game, I decided to go ahead and give him the reward anyhow.

So Congratulations bobo1994 and Captain Spaceguy for completing my "Peanuts! Go Bots" in game Player Driven event.  I hope you had as great a time with it, as I did writing and performing it.

Stay tuned for future events, and don't forget about my "RIDE the Ring" event, Sunday Nov. 4th. 



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Captain Spacegy Has completed Stage 1 and has moved onto to Stage 2.  Good Job Captain.


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Hmm, a "training" island in the center of the ring?  That could be very interesting.  But I don't know if the game's mechanic would allow for a character to be created without having chosen their faction prior to entering game.

Hmm, a new "neutral" faction would have to be made, and once the beginning tutorial completed, then maybe that player would have to go to the Alpha station he chose?  That could be the last step of the tutorial, and be how the player gets "hired" by that congomerate.  Interesting, there's a lot I could expand on with this idea, good one Arjha.


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hah!  Just trying to add a bit different and rewarding "player driven content" into the game.  These types of quests are a lot more interactive.  When I was a kid, I used to read a lot of those books that gave you "choices" when  you read them, affecting which ending of the book you would reach.  I think it's something that, if done properly, can be a lot of fun.  Now that I have more experience writing I thought I would give a go at trying some of the same ideas into the games I play.  I like adding to a game's content, I spend so much time with them.

So stay tuned, more to come.


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Edited to clarify, I had meant Sunday the 4th, not the 5th.  I'm terrible with time, and I apologize for it.


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The seperation of the factions I agree with.  But it should not seperate new players, especially families and friends who want to start the game together, from traveling from Alpha Terminal to Alpha Terminal.  It takes too long, you end up spending your first few hours doing the tutorial some, and then "getting lost."   It is easier to read the map now, but still just as hard to figure out.

You make a new character, and Run from one Alpha to another, it takes forever, even know the in game mechanics.  For someone who doesn't know, they have both the learning curve of getting lost, and the fact they just want to group up.

It can be done to keep factions "more seperate" without overdoing it so Alpha-1's are so far away, time wise.


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Congratz to bobo1994.  He helped Rerun get back to Linus, and kept the "Ice Crown" from getting into the hands of the Great Pumpkin.  The true Pumpkin King was so glad the Land of Christmas was saved, he let bobo keep the crown.

Congrats again bud.

I will open this event back up tomorrow.  bobo1994 completed the path that took him to the guaranteed I.C.E.   All that is left is the one that depends on an in-game mechanice.  We'll see what happens tomorrow, if anyone gets far enough to test it.


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bobo1994 has just uncovered the prize!!!!!

Each branch of the story is different.  One branch guarantees you I.C.E.  an in game item to extend your play time by 30 days.  One brajnch in stage three, guarantees you ICE, the other branch depends on an in game mechanic.  Once one branch is complete, I will let folks know.


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bobo1994 has just completed stage two.  Luckily for him, Rerun's comms were fixed by itself in the conversation, but he can't message Linus for some reason.


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bobo1994 has completed stage 1 of the event, and has moved on to stage 2.

NOTE:  I gave him a small hint, so I will give it to you all here.  All my previous forum posts this week "may" have had something to do involving with the Event.  Good luck and have fun.


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Rabbiscuit now has also completed stage one of the Event.  Great job.


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Aye anni, from last year.  I'm making an attempt at bringing those more "up to date" as well as writing new ones.  Last July to be exact.  They were a bit rushed, and I didn't get everything done.  Like the all of the PvE, is why I skpped ahead to PvP.


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There will be "staff" or guards/monitors of the race, that will be tracking for me, yes.  Some really great folks, and when I have a couple more, will  post on here who all has agreed to help make the event great.  I am giving a few a little while to make up their minds.  Some folks told me maybe, we'll see, so wanted to give them 24 hours.

There wll be guards, there will be other players watching to make sure the event goes as intended.

And I'm still taking volunteers 8-)

I think that would probably imbalance the Reactor Usage for the Mech sized bots.  That it was you are not able to use the big guns, on little bots, even wit the lack of the bonuses.  It has to do with the reactor/cpu usuage, so what you are "overall" allowed to equip on them.

I'm personally fine with it really.  You'd probably only get 1 or 2 medium guns on a bot built to have 3 or 4.  As long as things were balanced on the Mech sized as well.  To subtract from one, add to another, or reduce maximum's.


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Yeah, the Britt accent he's got is easier on the ears.


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Greetings all,

Last year before I had my sabbatical from Perpetuum, I had begun an amatuer review series and posted them on mmorpg.com and a few other gaming websites.  I know they are a year old, so wanted to ask some of the players to help me update them.  I was unable to really promote them as I normally like doing, so I am planning on "bringing them up to speed" on the game mechanics now.

I have already been giving a lot of interviews with other players, privately and publicly in General Chat, to begin a brand new review cycle.  I have 3 more in the works, to cover the new systems like Incursions, Gamma islands with the terraforming and station building, as the rest (mining changes, beacons).

So, if I could please borrow some time:

http://www.mmorpg.com/discussion2.cfm/p … 03#4336403

http://www.mmorpg.com/discussion2.cfm/p … 11#4340311

Part three is an interview with Smokeyii and Syndic I performed, which all things considerred, I find ironic.  So enjoy:  http://www.mmorpg.com/discussion2.cfm/p … 73#4352473


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Here is a scenario that I have come up with to explain the current situation a bit better.  This scenario is fictional, I have made it up, however is based off of what I have commonly seen in today's "gaming families."

Adam and Brad are brothers.  They enjoy playing video games together, Adam just got a new PC for xmas, and Brad plays on his mother's laptop.  Adam sees this game, Perpetuum Online, and it has a free trial and offers an "in game item" to pay for his subscription, which means mom doesn't need to get charged on her credit card.  So, he hits the insall link, and goes to watch TV while it downloads.

Brad walks over, and he see what his big brother  Adam is doing, getting a new game.  He threatens to tell mom, until Adam tells him it's free.  So now Brad is interested too, and so they set up the laptop, and hit install.

After about an hour of installations, and patches, they are both ready to roaring to go.  They look through all the character specializations, and Adam tries to explain to Brad what he understands.  Adam see the missile stuff though, and he choooses Truhold-Marskon.  Brad though, he sees the "Lazors, cool" factor, and he chooses Asintec.  They both create their avatars, and are raring to go.

Now, one is spawned in outside Asintec Alpha on Doaden, and the other on Truhold-Markson Alpha on New Virginia.  They ask some questions in the help channel, and begin figuring out movement.  They then figure out to start the tutorial.  Uh oh, Brad's robot has just gone "BOOM" and they both laugh histerically.  Brad sees no big deal, I get a free one, and goes to try again.  BOOM, now it's personal.  Third time, and the same result.  Adam, being older, had a much easier time figuring out the first few minutes of the game, and so has decided to wait a bit on his stuff, to go and help his brother out.

He asks around more, and figures out the Teleport system,  He opens the map, and figures ou the route he has to take.  So, off he sets to TMA.  So he's skittering down the road in his Arkhe Mark 2, and he gets to his first gate.  He jumps through to the other side, thinks to himself, that was easy, and looks at the map again.  He sees now he's gotta travel over to Belicha.  While he's traveling, he notices he goes a little faster on the highways, then the rought terrain, so he decides to stick to the terrain.

Already, just figuring out the movement, the traveling, teleporters, and highways, Adam has probably spent close to 2 hours playing the game.

Brad is getting bored, so he tells his brother he's gonna go do something else, and tell him when he's ready.  So Brad goes to watch tv, and Adam continues his journey to Asintec.

He gets to Shinjalar, no problem, he gets to Daoden, almost done, he finally (if he hasn't gotten lost or taken the wrong option at the teleporters too often, which we all have done let alone new players) has spent a good 3, maybe 4 hours.  If he would have gotten run into by the Red mobs in Shinjalar, game over, he'd more then likely call it quits right then.  Most young men are "stubborn" enough, that I think Adam would have eventually made it to Asintec, however now it's time for dinner, and then he's got to do his homework.  Both Adam and Brad go to bed their first night not really doing anything in the game, all because it was too difficult for them to grouip up and play together.

Now, I've ready the forums, I know the posts, and things were changed to this becuase the "vets" wanted to be rid of the triangle.  You NEVER do that, appease the vets at the expense of new players.  A game grows based upon player retention.  The veteran has already drunk the kool-aid, or is addicted to his new version of crack.  You put stuff in to make the "new player experience" as enjoyable as possible, so that new player sticks around to become the opinionated vet. 

So,  please, I beg you, for the game and all new players you are going to get with Steam, re-connect the Alpha-1 starting zones.  You don't have to do them the same, so we get the "triangle."  That's not necessary.  Please however, do this for the new player who wants to play with his friends, and not by himself.


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Ido believe it Hunter.  It's why one of his Xsyon videos were so successfull, and he loves doing 'em.  He doesn't spend hours upon days upon weeks, because he doesn't enjoy it.  He does it because some people out there, do watch them, and do appreciate them.  They are called fans, just because you aren't one, doesn't mean you have to degrade his accompllishments.

Quit being a bitter vet bud.

Oh, and we're all "regular subs" here.  We can't change what they code in the game ourselves.  We can make YouTube videos, guides, and in game events.  It's that term "Player Driven Content" they sell on the box.


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By now if you've been paying attention to the forums, you should know I'm a "returning veteran."  When I first logged in, I noticed one thing over others that stood out, as being dangerous to the game.

Precisely, how the map was changed with the placement of the islands, and the Teleporter connections between them.  I've been talking to many other players in game, and often I hear a lot of people quit, because there's just not enough people playing.

Well, I tend to disagree with there not being enough people, it's just now we're even more spread out.  Yes, I know the drive is to get folks "off the alphas", some either never will, or feel they are too new to do so.

Tell you what, if you're a vet and disagree with me, go start a new trial, and test it.  Do not send nic from your main, don't talk to your corp, pretend you're a true "new player".  I have, and it's not the same as I remember it.

Yes, the "triangle" hurt the game, sure.  But at least while it was going on, people saw others in the game doing the same stuff they were.  This is an MMO, people might not like to always group up, but they do want to feel they are both in a populated game, and play with others.  We'd all be playing single players that don't have an "end" if that weren't the case.

Well, respect to the Devs, but I hope this gets fixes, even if it hurts my future racing events.  I'd rather see the game be more convenient to the new player, than a almost 2 hour walk it is to get from ICS alpha to Asintec.